Lewis Hamilton's emotional radio message to Mercedes & his fans! ❤️

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Sky Sports F1

16 dni temu

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Lewis Hamilton delivered an emotional message to his team and his fans after securing a record-equalling seventh world title.

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Ian Hughes
Ian Hughes 15 dni temu
That was one of the best drives I’ve ever saw, did not look like anywhere near winning the race. It’s got to have proved even more why he is probably the GOAT. Unbelievable
James Truth
James Truth 15 dni temu
I remember the likes of Martin Brundle, Ted Kravits, Damon Hill and Johnny Herbert all deriding, chastising and ridiculing Lewis for months on end when he announced he was leaving McLaren for Merc. The abuse was non-stop as they questioned if he had what it takes to be a multiple world champion when he makes crazy decisions like that. I remember Brundle in particular with his disgusting predictions that Lewis would be impossible to manage and would struggle at Merc. Surely this historic day means that finally Brundle and the rest of the Sky team should now properly apologise for getting it so wrong and for months criticising Lewis and his judgement. I won't hold my breath for that apology, it'll be the usual change of subject and sweeping of their past comments under the carpet.
Sean Sutton
Sean Sutton 15 dni temu
As penance for their sins, they should return the rights to the BBC and praise Eddie Jordan for calling it.
Tarvu Tarvooti
Tarvu Tarvooti 15 dni temu
Lewis should be judged by his actions; like when he waved an apology for overtaking Charles Leclerc in his failing Ferrari or giving Bottas his position back as they agreed. When it comes to good sportsmanship and honour the man is unbeatable. What a champion too! Very proud of him.
jam talawah
jam talawah 15 dni temu
Yes, I remember that too it was the 2017 race in Hungary. Nikki was angry he gave place back to Bottas because he and Vettel were fighting for the champs that year and close on points.
Rizzo Ryan
Rizzo Ryan 15 dni temu
god bles him the perfect example of hard work dedication
WCADS 15 dni temu
Funny how all the so called Hot Shoe Young Guns couldn't keep it on the road long enough to catch him. Lewis's problem is that he makes it look too easy even when Merc were not favourite to win in 'the best car'.
Dr ones and more
Dr ones and more 15 dni temu
Angela screaming in the back ground was so funny, We saw her run over and do that on the tv hahaha.
Charlie 15 dni temu
Can't think of any Brit who has raised the flag & national anthem more globally than Lewis. How he doesn't have a knighthood when other non UK residents & non-retired athletes do for much less is baffling. Lad is a legend & global superstar, hats off to him.
Des 15 dni temu
I am glad you said this...it does make it look like there is more to it than just achieving something that gets you knighted...something odd about it
Neil Williams
Neil Williams 15 dni temu
Not just that... The whole of the British press has been rather quiet about his achievements in the recent past; he's now statistically the greatest driver of all time but there's not much fan fare in the British press Just imagine if Jenson but had been doing as much winning as Lewis; we'd never hear the end of it!
Peter Fowke
Peter Fowke 15 dni temu
Lewis you are the best person in the world 🌎 in f1 it like me very happy 😊 in everyone and the people in that team well done to Toto and very large workers at the to factories.
Smithy of 98
Smithy of 98 15 dni temu
Couldn't be prouder of what he's done in and for the sport. Been his fan since I was a kid in 2006. Brilliant stuff
Twisted Pixel Plays
Twisted Pixel Plays 15 dni temu
Same here. Had the privilege of seeing him win in gp2 at silverstone in 2006. Been a fan ever since
PunchDrunk_Critic 15 dni temu
Just wow I've have followed Lewis his whole career when he missed out on the title by 1 point in his first season to kimi riakonen thanks to some dodgy decision by stewards and then taking the title from massa in Brazil needing to finish 5th he overtakes timo glock on the second to last corner to clinch his first world title in only his second season and knew then, I said this man will equal or better Schumachers record and here we are, what a journey! And the amazing thing he's still got a good few seasons in him to win more championships every time he steps into a car now history is being made its amazing and it's people like Lewis that make me proud to be British!
Neil Williams
Neil Williams 15 dni temu
Hopefully all the Lewis haters will just crawl back into their little holes now.
Funds 1
Funds 1 15 dni temu
@Alan Partridge Human rights issue, not political.
SHADOWNINE79 15 dni temu
@Neil Williams Well said 👍🏾
Neil Williams
Neil Williams 15 dni temu
@Alan Partridge If you'd watched his post-race interviews, you will see that he said he doesn't see it as a political issue but a human rights issue - he rightly said that those who call it a political issue are just trying to use that to bury their heads in the sand. It's right that those who have a platform should use it for the betterment of humanity and those who are bored of it should go bury their heads somewhere else. He's doing the right thing.
TInashe Dennis Immanuel
TInashe Dennis Immanuel 15 dni temu
Colin Thorogood
Colin Thorogood 15 dni temu
CHAMP 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
Different Perspective
Different Perspective 15 dni temu
As a Brit I felt very proud watching him yesterday, simply a great guy.
PunchDrunk_Critic 15 dni temu
Same actually got choked up watching the race yesterday what a drive!
Jimmy Greaves
Jimmy Greaves 15 dni temu
🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆 history in the making
Paul Cuthill
Paul Cuthill 15 dni temu
The best driver past present an the future well dun Lewis Hamilton 7 is the magic number
Paul Cuthill
Paul Cuthill 15 dni temu
@Amaan Malik sorry don't understand
Amaan Malik
Amaan Malik 15 dni temu
tf are you on about
Jimmies4eva! 15 dni temu
Absolute legend Lewis!!!
Simon Aldred
Simon Aldred 15 dni temu
A true self made champion, changing F1 for the better. Just a working class kid living his dream. Good on you man🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
Peter Fowke
Peter Fowke 15 dni temu
I agree with you.
Xen 15 dni temu
How long will Lewis still be rising? 50 years?
Sean Sutton
Sean Sutton 15 dni temu
I think he'll carry on in F1 for a few more years and call it quits after 2022, so he can go and do his Extreme E.
Ethan Clarke
Ethan Clarke 15 dni temu
Get in there Lewis
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