Sainz crashes & Max steals back place from Ricciardo | Analysing the start of the Russian Grand Prix

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2 miesięcy temu

Karun Chankhok takes a look at the eventful start of the Russian Grand Prix, which saw the safety car deployed following Carlos Sainz and Lance Stroll crashing on the first lap.
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Bumhead Miesiąc temu
Have to wet myself laughing at how all the petrolheads will be watching Scalextric next year and they will still shout down those 'conspiracy nuts'. The phonyvirus has been a cover for an agenda to change EVERYTHING, including all those sports you love. Empty football stadiums with dubbed-on cheering is hilarious to watch, whilst you listen to the fans whinging about how 'it's crap now.' After this will come virtual sports, with CGI football teams playing each other or computer-generated racing cars and cartoon drivers, though Lewis looks a cartoon at the best of times. Pat yourselves on the back as you lose your freedoms and your lives...
Joël Nahuis
Joël Nahuis 2 miesięcy temu
0:38 Carlos Sainz taking notes
Freddie Evans
Freddie Evans 2 miesięcy temu
How is that Leclerc and Stroll Crash any different to Hamilton and Albon
Akoni Washington
Akoni Washington 2 miesięcy temu
FIA need to look at themselves hard this weekend. Hamilton penalties or not.
Rob G
Rob G 2 miesięcy temu
These steward need a serious kick up the backside, that crash was *ENGINEERED* by the design of bollards and the threat of penalties forcing you to attempt to go between them. Instead of making it safer they have made it more dangerous.
Eamonn Leahy
Eamonn Leahy 2 miesięcy temu
Sainz with three mistakes in 30 seconds
Pierre-Andre Mbala
Pierre-Andre Mbala 2 miesięcy temu
Masi's version of safety is the late Whiting's version of extremely dangerous!!!
Saman Khaledian
Saman Khaledian 2 miesięcy temu
Sainz you're bloody idiot with that crash.
lee plays bass
lee plays bass 2 miesięcy temu
When will this different set of rules be written for Hamilton? You know to stop him moaning about everyone having it in for him.
ab8jeh 2 miesięcy temu
Stop moaning.
eyob mesfin
eyob mesfin 2 miesięcy temu
The Leclerc/Stroll incident was exactly the same as lewis/albon contact. lewis was given 5 second penalty. no penalty for Charles. The f1 stewarts are harsh on lewis.
LOLZ LOLZ 2 miesięcy temu
It is a well known fact that lap one incidents are given more benefit of the doubt than other times during the race.
Popolou 2 miesięcy temu
Why didn't Hamilton swap to mediums after the first safety car?
Milo Lurot
Milo Lurot 2 miesięcy temu
@Popolou I believe so. As he would have been able to follow the other two off the restart. But he hadn’t been given the penalty yet. So at his pit for the hards later on in the race (at the same time as Bottas and Verstappen) he would have had to serve his 10 second penalty. So he would have to make up ten seconds. But yes I think he would have been closer if they did.
Popolou 2 miesięcy temu
@Milo Lurot I suppose however that in retrospect, swapping to mediums would have given him a better chance of engaging the pack upfront. He was always on the back foot as a consequence.
Milo Lurot
Milo Lurot 2 miesięcy temu
@Popolou not quite. You can’t lose track position on track but if you pit you can however. Pitting under SC or VSC means you lose less time as cars on track are moving at a slower speed (closer to pit speed limit) But Lewis didn’t have the pace to make the gap big enough to keep his position on track as Bottas Max and probably the Renaults would have been in front at the restart. I hope I said that eloquently enough
Popolou 2 miesięcy temu
@Milo Lurot I thought pitting under the SC meant you can recover your position in the same order for the SC restart?
Milo Lurot
Milo Lurot 2 miesięcy temu
@Popolou I believe he would have lost track position. The gal was only about 1.5 seconds to bottas. Russia is really hard to overtake in. In fact it’s just a terrible track in general. Pole sitter being at a disadvantage is silly I think.
DRCAZ BASS 2 miesięcy temu
Can someone explain why Max didn't even bother to try and make the first corner?
Epicguy456 2 miesięcy temu
If he fought Ricciardo into the corner, he probably would've lost more time and maybe a position or two.
Carlos Schrader
Carlos Schrader 2 miesięcy temu
Karun is doing an incredible Anthony Davidson impression here
Martin Day
Martin Day 2 miesięcy temu
Good recovery from Verstappen at the beginning, Sainz no real excuse, he blamed the angle but two cars trailing him both missed the corner. In the past I have been critical of Verstappen's reluctance to give Hamilton the full credit he deserves but recently and in certainly in the post-race press briefing he showed more support for Hamilton than Bottas did. If rules are rules then according to the letter of the rules Hamilton did nothing wrong, if the rules are unclear and need to be made clearer that is the fault of the FIA, not Mercedes. The incidents were before the race so why did the stewards apply a penalty in the race? If a penalty was justified it should have probably been a grid penalty at the next race, if Mercedes were to appeal they would probably win in a court of law, but they probably won't bother. Without Hamilton's penalty Bottas might still have won the race but he missed his chance at the beginning to overtake and Hamilton's soft tyres did not seem that much of a disadvantage with Hamilton wanting to go longer before he served his penalty. A win is a win so Bottas can be satisfied but when the opportunity is gifted it never counts as much as when it is down to pure merit, Hamilton got pole, and maintained his lead at the start, that was true measure between them. Verstappen's second, he did what he could, it might have been interesting if Mercedes had allowed Hamilton to go further on the softs, by pitting so early he then had to hold station behind Verstappen so as to preserve his tyres to the end of the race.
PhoeniX-J-five 2 miesięcy temu
No idea how Le Clerk got away with that. Half arsed move and took out Stroll, wrecking his race. Hamilton would have (and has before) got a penalty for that stroll crash 😆
Boxing Technique Videos
Boxing Technique Videos 2 miesięcy temu
PhoeniX-J-five Exactly that's the FIA (Ferrari International Assistance) for you.
Caffers 2 miesięcy temu
Lewis got licence points for basically the same incident as leclerc when he hit albon in Austria 🤔
Caffers Miesiąc temu
@Boxing Technique Videos the issue is that that isn't sporting at all. I know F1 is a business but they really shouldn't mess with the sporting side of things by being unfair.
Boxing Technique Videos
Boxing Technique Videos 2 miesięcy temu
@John Roberts I think they know most fans don't like Hamilton cos he's always winning so that would make F1 more exciting
Darrell77 Loves
Darrell77 Loves 2 miesięcy temu
Agree...just like Lewis Albon in Austria but no penalty. Wish they'd be consistent
John Roberts
John Roberts 2 miesięcy temu
Boxing Technique Videos because they was very harsh
John Roberts
John Roberts 2 miesięcy temu
Keke Hilo Lewis got no points on his license from the weekend
Brad Sivse
Brad Sivse 2 miesięcy temu
I think sky sports have got the description wrong haha
Jovial Gent
Jovial Gent 2 miesięcy temu
Can't decide what was more impressive.... Max's speed through the scene of Sainz's crash or LeClerc's coolness letting everyone trip over themselves before ruthlessly disposing of Daddy's boy!? 🤔
Jovial Gent
Jovial Gent 2 miesięcy temu
@Duncan Kennon fair enuf! ✌️
Duncan Kennon
Duncan Kennon 2 miesięcy temu
@Jovial Gent Genuine thought it was serious like, I couldn't tell over text
Jovial Gent
Jovial Gent 2 miesięcy temu
@dbackh sure was! 🤣
Jovial Gent
Jovial Gent 2 miesięcy temu
@Duncan Kennon how he managed to get away with such an obvious take out was impressive. Sarcasm not your thing I take it! 😉
Duncan Kennon
Duncan Kennon 2 miesięcy temu
Trying to work out how crashing into Stroll was impressive. Clear penalty in my opinion...