Verstappen & Stroll crash in dramatic practice! | The Story So Far | Portuguese Grand Prix

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All the latest news and analysis following the opening day of action from the practice sessions of the Portuguese Grand Prix.
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Calvin Chann
Calvin Chann Miesiąc temu
You might pick Portimão but Portugal can’t afford those hosting fees.
Peter Fowke
Peter Fowke Miesiąc temu
P1 & P2 good for Charles numbers four in Portuguese Grand Prix.
Peter Fowke
Peter Fowke Miesiąc temu
I did not know what Paul said about Portuguese Grand Prix track was build in 1999 it was not used for f1 racing.
Matt Tarrant
Matt Tarrant Miesiąc temu
It wasn’t 50/50 it’a more 75/25, the fact that it’s practice mean you never stick your nose up the inside during practice. Btw I hate $troll so don’t @ me
Arun Haines
Arun Haines Miesiąc temu
Steven Redmond
Steven Redmond Miesiąc temu
100% Max V fault. If Lance was going to back out, he would have done earlier so that Max would be on the racing line “but” Lance didn’t so Max has enough experience to realise & back out of it. Max is a arrogant piece of 💩. Yes he is & will be a great of the sport but the way he’s going, he will be marmite unless he grows up.
ItsDiz Productions
ItsDiz Productions Miesiąc temu
Imagine that was Lewis Hamilton he would be getting it and then told he’s attitude max gets away with this crap every time. Max could of backed off earlier to give himself some space and still use the tow off stroll
MADSKULL Miesiąc temu
It all started when max locked up Lance passed him, then red-mist-max thinks ok I'll show you and plays chicken with stroll no one is going to back out and the inevitable happens.
jastallion45 Miesiąc temu
Love max passion but he needs to balance it out with common sense. Its only practice... Red mist
Adrian Osler
Adrian Osler Miesiąc temu
they need bin off 3 or 4 regular season tracks and introduce randoms start with coa and monaco
M Adam
M Adam Miesiąc temu
Its practice and Max lets Lance through and then tries to take the tow on the main straight. This is not a race and Max shouldn't have been doing that clearly. Max bemused at the crash is just silly. It was his fault as Lance cannot be expected to be thinking about Max racing him into the corner. Its practice. Max's fault 100%
Jackobite Miesiąc temu
Dont overtake Max or else!
john main
john main Miesiąc temu
Bottas the "champ" is here .....👏👏😇❤
Dj Burp
Dj Burp Miesiąc temu
Di Resta couldn't have his tongue down Max's Y-fronts anymore if possible.
Dj Burp
Dj Burp Miesiąc temu
Max has to be at fault. I agree with Mr Herbert 100% 😎👍
Harry Chalcraft
Harry Chalcraft Miesiąc temu
22:14 Listen; Perez was the right choice for Racing Point and no favouritism was also the right choice for Racing Point. They fucked up on both points. Because of new management, i.e. Daddy Stroll.
Harry Chalcraft
Harry Chalcraft Miesiąc temu
Every time Bottas goes quickest these lot like to make out that Hamilton is on the back foot and he's not and never has been. Bottas ALWAYS makes at least one mistake in the race and that's all Hamilton needs because he doesn't make any mistakes so stop creating this absolute fake competition because there is none.
Harry Chalcraft
Harry Chalcraft Miesiąc temu
They're both a couple of bellends.
Harry Chalcraft
Harry Chalcraft Miesiąc temu
And when Crofty buys a shirt 1 size too small.
Harry Chalcraft
Harry Chalcraft Miesiąc temu
This is what happens when you have children driving F1 cars.
Sean Kirk
Sean Kirk Miesiąc temu
100% max fault,..lance went over the start finish line at full throttle n kept full throttle, surely any novice would think he's going again,?....? Not letting off the throttle,?...max you don't own the track, wake up smell some coffee,...that's for you as well Christian
Oliver Court
Oliver Court Miesiąc temu
Stroll is a personality vacuum. 😴
Geoff Macey
Geoff Macey Miesiąc temu
well said Johnny Max wasn't ahead Lance was on the racing line
FactChecker UK
FactChecker UK Miesiąc temu
Sky Sports F1 trying to do a Fox News on their viewers and convince them that what they've seen with their own eyes isn't what happened. 100% MVs fault.
FactChecker UK
FactChecker UK Miesiąc temu
Paul Di Resta is so far up MV's Ahole it's becoming embarrassing. Everyone can clearly see that the incident in 100% Max Verstappen's fault. There was no point in that incident where max had his front wheel besides lances front wheel. The onus was on max to yield. And assumptions should not be valid excuses.
moosebiff Miesiąc temu
It was 50/50
laura gilmore
laura gilmore Miesiąc temu
oh common it was Max's fault his attitude of get out of my way causes an accident yet again.
laura gilmore
laura gilmore Miesiąc temu
@iain mcIntosh i love his fearlessness it gives to great races to watch. you to hope you enjoy the race. 😁
iain mcIntosh
iain mcIntosh Miesiąc temu
@laura gilmore he is fearless & very stubborn , this is how he got where he is added to the raw talent , wound want him another way , enjoy the race tmoro , track seems a challenge to the teams & drivers , can't wait
laura gilmore
laura gilmore Miesiąc temu
@iain mcIntosh dont get me wrong i like his to be ruthless on tge track but then theres mistakes he makes that will cost him a championship as hus moves have a 50/50 chance of success.
iain mcIntosh
iain mcIntosh Miesiąc temu
@laura gilmore most champions have been this way throughout history with the odd exception like button so it's quite normal , I actually quite like a fiery driver , I find them to be exciting & give you lots to talk about & which is good for F1
laura gilmore
laura gilmore Miesiąc temu
@iain mcIntosh just wish max could see his mistakes would make him a better driver.
jim smith
jim smith Miesiąc temu
If a female racing driver like Jamie Chadwick identified as male, could she race in F1?
Tj930 Miesiąc temu
Girls are not banned from entering "boys' races"; boys are banned from entering girls' races.
Southern Realist
Southern Realist Miesiąc temu
If it were the other way round and stroll did that to max....
Roaring Lion
Roaring Lion Miesiąc temu
And if Hamilton called another driver a retard and a mongol(Down syndrome) the comments would break........
MrSappergav Miesiąc temu
Max’s fault!! Expecting everyone to move out the way as usual!! Paul talking poop coz you need half the car which max didnt!!!
audiguypaul Miesiąc temu
Red mist max at it again, did anyone hear Horner trying to defend him, it was cringworthy
Jermaine C
Jermaine C Miesiąc temu
Anyone else excited for this race :) This one is going to be a challenge for the drivers
Arnold Clarke
Arnold Clarke Miesiąc temu
Think with lots of knobs and two handles turns the big go kart.
Jermaine C
Jermaine C Miesiąc temu
Even better :)
James Sleet
James Sleet Miesiąc temu
a bit of rain forecast too 😉
Arnold Clarke
Arnold Clarke Miesiąc temu
Pedal on right go. Pedal on left does the opposite.
liban jama
liban jama Miesiąc temu
This brat thinks everyone should give him a way.
Mike Adamson
Mike Adamson Miesiąc temu
If anyone's not yet heard Max's uncensored radio message. He called Stroll a 'Retard' and a 'Mong'. Unacceptable behaviour in a championship battle nevermind an FP2 session. Max is a great talent, but much like his dad is turning into a thug.
Marcus Miesiąc temu
Not very impressive when he's not behind a wheel
Lewis Whitehead
Lewis Whitehead Miesiąc temu
F1 one is a joke absolutely disgusting hamilton does practice start down pitlane get two five second penalties and penalty points but verstappen take stroll clean out dosent get anything yhear f1 dodgy really is some of their decision are a joke. End of the day stroll doing fast laps he should off backed off few corners before the straight to get a gap simple. Then it wouldn't have happened.
Alex Seb
Alex Seb Miesiąc temu
Crashstappen strikes again
Alex Dizz
Alex Dizz Miesiąc temu
max’s fault . end of !!!! duuuuuuurr
Bang Bang
Bang Bang Miesiąc temu
Sebastian looks tired man. I’m feelin it for him right now
Lewis Whitehead
Lewis Whitehead Miesiąc temu
Verstappen need a penalty if that was hamilton he'd get his race ban absolute joke if he dosent get a penalty. max thinks he can do what he wants coz he's in, a redbull.
Lewis Whitehead
Lewis Whitehead Miesiąc temu
@Dj Burp thanks pal glad it's not just me f1 is a joke.
Dj Burp
Dj Burp Miesiąc temu
@Jamy what planet are you on m8. That was Max fault 100%.
Lewis Whitehead
Lewis Whitehead Miesiąc temu
@Jamy so what it's practise he should off slowed down before last corner then it wouldn't have happened.
Lewis Whitehead
Lewis Whitehead Miesiąc temu
@Jamy not really it's a fact verstappen fan boy.
Jamy Miesiąc temu
oooh Hamilton fanboy plus stroll went turned straight into verstappen
Tj930 Miesiąc temu
I think it's young Maximum's fault on this occasion... He was only about 10+% alongside
Tash7 Madziya
Tash7 Madziya Miesiąc temu
Jeez! Hectic I love verse apps as well!
harrycg95 Miesiąc temu
She’s fit
unsunggg Miesiąc temu
Cryptic Alibi
Cryptic Alibi Miesiąc temu
7:04 Stroll and Max incident They trimmed the video :/
Arnold Clarke
Arnold Clarke Miesiąc temu
Good to talk.
Marc Goodman
Marc Goodman Miesiąc temu
Why are you wearing masks sitting outside? You muppets... I switch off immediately.
Marc Goodman
Marc Goodman Miesiąc temu
@bsrlbck2013 Ok snowflake, Your village called, they want their idiot back.
Dj Burp
Dj Burp Miesiąc temu
@bsrlbck2013 🤣🤣🤣🤣👍
Jay Dobson
Jay Dobson Miesiąc temu
Bye bye
Tim Staniland
Tim Staniland Miesiąc temu
Roger Rabbit
Roger Rabbit Miesiąc temu
Max always thinks he's in the right, but red bull is going to be your down fall and attitude. You keep going on like that no team will take u in the future
Matthew Cockrell
Matthew Cockrell Miesiąc temu
11:17 for start
The Professional Idiot
The Professional Idiot Miesiąc temu
Not all hero’s wear capes
Jason Garfitt
Jason Garfitt Miesiąc temu
2nd half at 29:03
Lucy Cooper
Lucy Cooper Miesiąc temu
Thank you!
Stephen Miesiąc temu
Silly Max. And silly Anthony with his biased commentary. 😁