Lewis Hamilton gives inspiring speech after clinching record-equalling seventh F1 title

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17 dni temu

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Lewis Hamilton spoke after clinching the 2020 F1 championship with a stupendous drive to victory in a wet and unpredictable Turkish GP to equal Michael Schumacher's illustrious record of seven drivers' world titles.
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jasee gee
jasee gee 7 dni temu
Lewis Hamilton won a 7th world title! I'm really upset because it doesn't suit me ! He doesn't pay tax in the uk! His car is the fastest! Anyone could win in a merc! It's beginning to sound all too familiar! For christ's sake get a grip there's far worse things going on in the world at the moment!!😃👍
Hatim Salim
Hatim Salim 9 dni temu
Lewis Driving Matter Movement 👍
Hatim Salim
Hatim Salim 9 dni temu
if you’re naturally born very talented in what you do then you’re magnificently a powerful champion, but if you aren’t born talented enough then you can only be just a winner,… not anyone can tame wild horses time and time again repeatedly but only those who are born with that special talent can easily do, and this explains the huge difference between Hamilton and Bottas in the same racing car Just like a powerful horse needs a special rider, the best car needs an outstanding driver, and obviously that driver is Lewis Hamilton not Valtteri Bottas 👍👌🤗
Josef Cvaniga
Josef Cvaniga 10 dni temu
Josef Cvaniga
Josef Cvaniga 13 dni temu
☸✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝ ☸✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝ ☸✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝ ❗❗❗
hdw 14 dni temu
Great job Lewis..true champ.
Josef Cvaniga
Josef Cvaniga 14 dni temu
Josef Cvaniga
Josef Cvaniga 14 dni temu
✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝ ✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝ ✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝
Carpe diem
Carpe diem 14 dni temu
Glock on the team radio at the 2008 Brazilian GP : 'My tyres are gone'. Hamilton on the team radio in 2020: 'My tyres are gone'.
Brandon Whiteside
Brandon Whiteside 14 dni temu
Who cut the onions
Sumatra March
Sumatra March 14 dni temu
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Hugh Nique
Hugh Nique 15 dni temu
Hamilton definitely had an influence on me; I stopped watching Formula 1.
Alex G.
Alex G. 15 dni temu
8:13 - how to transform intermediate in sleek tyres :D congrats to all the 3 podium guys but congrats to the world champion. another nice race to watch
Emanual M
Emanual M 15 dni temu
Perez congratulations! to you One of ur followers since you were in the team Force India🇳🇪
WhatYouMissed 15 dni temu
Blacks are also harassed in South Africa by whites check out this video. plpost.info/chat/1LXKamjZ1YmTaqQ/wideo.html
Mark Wesley
Mark Wesley 15 dni temu
I’m a Hamilton fan but sadly can’t mark him down as one of the greatest as he’s only been in a two car world championship for the last seven years or so..if he was in any other car he wouldn’t of won anything sadly
2-4-5 TRIOXIN 15 dni temu
www.redbull.com/gb-en/fangio-the-greatest-formula-1-driver-ever Lets not forget that the best drivers in the world are WRC drivers, not F1 drivers. Modern F1 is boring. Glass flat tracks and super safe cars that are glued to the track. Very dull. The real drivers are gone now. Legends who really had to drive, to survive. WRC drivers are the ones with the biggest balls of steel. Modern F1is super safe and boring.
Andrew H
Andrew H 15 dni temu
Lewis Hamilton, says he will Carry on the fight for equality, yet not one of his brothers are in his back team.
Erlind Haxhiaj
Erlind Haxhiaj 16 dni temu
i am really sad for perez he deserve better in this year he show their talent and the next year we not see him in race
Ciaron Smith
Ciaron Smith 16 dni temu
Lewis does NOT deserve a knighthood. Getting knighthood incorporates several factors. First, Lewis pretends he's American. Second, he doesn't pay UK taxes. Third, he simply doesn't act in a manner becoming of upper royalty or British values, and was apparently quite rude when he met her majesty at Buckingham Palace.
Paper Book
Paper Book 16 dni temu
How many times did Lewis Hamilton overrule his team's strategy or advice to win which tells you it's not just about the car or the team that's the differential factor in a championship race.
05Rudey 16 dni temu
Put this fud in another car and see how well he does then.
Chris Simms
Chris Simms 16 dni temu
Everytime always thanks he's team at track and back at home, that's the mark of a true champion! I don't understand the hate he still has to drive as perfect as possible and bring that car home! He's focus to the details is unparalleled and that's what made him a 7x World Champion, he makes that car what it is! Well done Champ!
manan dedhia
manan dedhia 16 dni temu
King Lewis the legend! Whatta man!
Spy Convention
Spy Convention 16 dni temu
Overruled his pit crew who would have CLEARLY LOST THE RACE FOR LEWIS. Makes you wonder about their best interests.
Spy Convention
Spy Convention 16 dni temu
7:30 PROOF that he is the BEST of all time. NO DOUBTS, NO QUESTIONS. Same tires for what, 50 laps? Amazing. Let's not be stupid and continue this debate.
silverace08 16 dni temu
@5:30 "it's so important for kids out there to hopefully see this, and know that...don't listen to anybody that tells you can't achieve something, dream the impossible, and speak it into existence, and you've got to work for it, you've gotta chase it, and you've gotta never give up, and never doubt yourself" words i'd wished i'd heard as a kid, 15 yrs ago or more, before giving in to societal beliefs
silverace08 16 dni temu
lewis words today touched my heart and so many others out there i am sure who would like to continue to believe in their dreams
Kdogg g
Kdogg g 16 dni temu
Why don’t he get in a crap car an win it if he so good lol only good teams phaaa senna way better person an driver
Tom Weber
Tom Weber 16 dni temu
Next year no 8 then folks can't say anymore Schumacher is the best,haha
Red Blue
Red Blue 16 dni temu
1:18 I stopped my 9-5 with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
David Brown
David Brown 16 dni temu
SIR LEWIS HAMILTON. To whom it may concern, just watch Lewis in the GP2 race in Turkey in 2006 and the 2008 F1 race at Silverstone.
jacques gaiqui
jacques gaiqui 16 dni temu
And still he rises 🐐
cool thought
cool thought 16 dni temu
it is amazing for Hamilton to look so back when it is unimaginable when he was young at home watching a F1 race. It is admirable to just keep thanking all the people around him and remember, grateful and thankful for especially his dad when he was just boy. Congrats!
LEWIS, LEWIS, LEWIS, what a man!! Congratulations on your seventh title, i had tears in my eyes sir, you are something else, not only an amazing racer, but an amazing human being that see`s the world is bigger than himself. Keep up the great work Lewis with bringing equality not only to the sport, but to us all as human beings, we all cry the same, laugh the same and all bleed the same and in the 21st century, it`s about time we all realised it, god bless you sir and well done again :)
andy georgiou
andy georgiou 16 dni temu
Arise Sir Lewis Hamilton
V O 16 dni temu
The fastest woke/Uber driver on the planet!
Harold Kane
Harold Kane 16 dni temu
Lewis so proud from the UK, god bless and thank you
Trevor Gibbs
Trevor Gibbs 16 dni temu
Most overrated driver on the planet! You cannot compare him to past legends. F1 is just a parade and the team with the most money wins.
harry99 12 dni temu
Yusuf Chopdat
Yusuf Chopdat 16 dni temu
Edward Chiang
Edward Chiang 16 dni temu
Though i am not a fan of Lewis but hands down to the superb consistency and performance. One of the greatest driver of all time i can say.
cool thought
cool thought 16 dni temu
Perez who is the only driver who is consistent in both qualifying and a podium finish. Congrats!
Trev S
Trev S 16 dni temu
Lewis for a knighthood !!!!!!!!!
Luca Badoer
Luca Badoer 16 dni temu
I am the goat! Sorry Lewis
Al Leitch
Al Leitch 16 dni temu
Seb. Legend.
Adlai Murray
Adlai Murray 16 dni temu
Congratulations to Mr Lewis Hamilton .That was a Master class drive to become 7 times world champion ,what an achievement .You are the greatest driver of aii time .
Mitch Rapp
Mitch Rapp 16 dni temu
Hopefully he gets number 8 next year. Well done to him on becoming the GOAT
Yeis 16 dni temu
Your a great spy thanks for all the work you do for the American Government. Respect from a Brit 🇬🇧
The Annoying Orange
The Annoying Orange 16 dni temu
Greatest of all times.
Henry Discipline
Henry Discipline 16 dni temu
Well done Lewis!!!
PhilipGiger1 16 dni temu
Congrats, Lewis!
Mx Panter.
Mx Panter. 16 dni temu
Lewis Hamilton for President in Greatbritain 🇬🇧🏎️ the World Champion 🌎. We love you Champion 💖🍾
Acena 2020
Acena 2020 16 dni temu
Hamilton is the boss of formula 1 no doubt
Jack Stevenson
Jack Stevenson 16 dni temu
So, you reckon we should keep our eye on this guy from Stevenage?
Sulty Cheung
Sulty Cheung 16 dni temu
All should thank Nicole Scherzinger, Hamilton would not have done it with her.
Bryan 16 dni temu
Congratulations Lewis!
Robert Stefanyszyn
Robert Stefanyszyn 16 dni temu
Perez in a red bull next year after his podium
Ambassador Scorpio
Ambassador Scorpio 16 dni temu
Oh my goodness! What a Driver! I am out of words!
Claude Symister
Claude Symister 16 dni temu
Awrl de haters in de world tek dat .G O A T 🇦🇬🇦🇬🇦🇬🇦🇬🇦🇬🇦🇬
tony Wyatt
tony Wyatt 16 dni temu
my first look at F1 this year
Chinama Mpingwa
Chinama Mpingwa 16 dni temu
Congratulations Lewis Hamilton we are very proud of you 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆👏👏👏👏👏😃
sahajasam 16 dni temu
Fantastic for Lewis and so well deserved after so much work, dedication and such a good human being. Y para mis amigos Mexicanos, pues que chingon lo de Checo hoy !
steven forrest
steven forrest 16 dni temu
Well done Lewis, Best F1 driver EVER.
Acke 16 dni temu
GET IN THERE LEWIS !!!!!! As a motorsport fan I'm overwhelmed and thankful to witness a one in a lifetime talent like Hamilton. What a racer!!! Too secure his 7th title in the way he did here in Turkey is another proof what an exceptional driver he is. Congratulations Lewis!!!! /a Riccardo fan
CalvinMOfficial 16 dni temu
The best, ever!
Out There Nth Wst. IE.
Out There Nth Wst. IE. 16 dni temu
Lewis Hamilton - RESPECT MY MAN ♥♥♥
tristman 84
tristman 84 16 dni temu
No bad for an oppressed black man
schiedda 16 dni temu
Dewi Roberts
Dewi Roberts 16 dni temu
You can turn the impossible into possible concrats lewis 7 times world champion🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏎living the dream
Patrick Paul
Patrick Paul 16 dni temu
Lewis Hamilton...greatest F1 driver of all time bar none
ken masters
ken masters 16 dni temu
The only thing missing from F1 has been Alonso in a viable car challenging Lewis. Apart from that i'm super happy.
Northern_Lights 16 dni temu
Hamilton is now in the pantheon of the greatest of all time. Up there alongside Fangio, Clark & Senna. Better than Schumacher, fairer, cleaner racer.
Moze jaguar
Moze jaguar 16 dni temu
Congratulations to the GOAT of the sport Lewis Hamilton, 7 titles just pure talent, dedication and discipline.
Cos7a 16 dni temu
What an achievement ... Great and awesome sportsman inside and outside the cockpit !! 🥇🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆
Ahjin Guild
Ahjin Guild 16 dni temu
Quote Dont listen to anybody that tells you cant achieve something. Dream the impossible, and speak it into existence. You gotta work for it, chase it and you gotta never give up! Never ever doubt yourself. - Lewis Hamilton, a true GOAT in F1
Ahjin Guild
Ahjin Guild 16 dni temu
I wish people would stop arguing over whether Schumacher or Hamilton is the better driver. Both are legends who have achieved great things and both are probably considered the top 2 drivers in history does it really matter who is 1 and who is 2. It’s like the Messi Ronaldo debate or the LeBron Jordan debate instead of trying to argue who’s best just appreciate them both. credit to channel
MuhamkrishArum Arum
MuhamkrishArum Arum 16 dni temu
Lewis Hamilton Congratulation. Best F1 Racer , All Time . Bravo.
Felix Lievano
Felix Lievano 16 dni temu
Important information: Lewis Hamilton achieves his 7th F1 tittle aged 35. Michael Schumacher in 2004 achieved his 7th also aged 35. Lewis Hamilton was born a 4th january and Michael was born a 7th of January. Then Lewis beat Schumacher in achieving a 7th F1 titlle being 4 days younger than Michael at the time Michael reached this prowess
Negassi Tesfay Mekonenn
Negassi Tesfay Mekonenn 16 dni temu
McLaren wasted 6 years of his career. He could have overtaken Schumacher much earlier.
Vlad 16 dni temu
Congratulations Lewis Hamilton ❤️
Malcolm Middleton
Malcolm Middleton 16 dni temu
Will somoene now PLEASE set a race weekend with the 8 top drivers driving 8 of the world's best sportscars over 8 15 lap races so we can get a true idea of how good they really are because the Mercedes dominance is distorting the game. facebook.com/RaceOptimisedQualifying
Pascale Loiseau Joachim
Pascale Loiseau Joachim 16 dni temu
Congrats Lewis ... you are not good in your job, YOU OWN IT AND ARE THE BEST
Julie Xoxo
Julie Xoxo 16 dni temu
Congratulations 🎉 LEWIS, SEB.& PEREZ
David Brian Reihana
David Brian Reihana 16 dni temu
Sir Hamilton you legend 🙌
Tuesdays Child
Tuesdays Child 17 dni temu
Why do people have to say ",I'm not a Ham fan but....", Just say he is one of the best and well done. Why do people have to say they don't like him but he did great. Just give praise where it is due and move on, there is nothing wrong with that. No need to justify your appreciation.
MS 17 dni temu
Red Bull should give Perez Albon seat.
Voncid 17 dni temu
Good to see Vetal back on the podium. Good job Sergio. Hamiliton gets a record way to go gentalmen.
chrisohyeah 17 dni temu
You can leave now Lewis. You don't need to compete next year and majority people don't want you to.
DrBreezeAir 17 dni temu
Lewis is an exceptional driver and no doubt the best of this generation. What bothers me is that I can't help but feel he's a little out of touch with reality. Sure, if you believe in yourself and your goals while working hard, chances are pretty good you'll succeed. However, a lot of things need to be there from the very beginning of your life for you to pursue a career in F1. I mean, look at Ocon and the sacrifices his family had to go for just to grant him a seat in the sport. I wish he'd remain a talented racing driver and not turn into an "inspirational speaker" every time he gets the stage. Still. An amazing achievement on his part, a feat we will not see beaten any time soon.
Nilton AlvesDeMiranda
Nilton AlvesDeMiranda 16 dni temu
why do you feel that He has to be what you wished for and not who He wants to be? - Do you, be you. let me be free to be me, thats how it should be.
mud larking
mud larking 17 dni temu
HE is number 44.. kill = 44 so he will be dead KILLED OFF IN THE NEAR future. scripted in the numbers game..
Suba Subramaniam
Suba Subramaniam 17 dni temu
Simply the best Lewis. You’re a legend. Great message, I share it to my kids. Thanks Hamilton Sr.
a faik
a faik 17 dni temu
We can ALL AGREE that amongst current MERCEDES drivers LEWIS is the GREATEST.
Rick Ashton
Rick Ashton 17 dni temu
Yeah he’s definitely more then just a car.
Rick Ashton
Rick Ashton 17 dni temu
b&srbck teamwork makes the dream work
Greatest Of All Time
Greatest Of All Time 17 dni temu
Congrats Lewis Hamilton Seven-Time F1 World Champion!!!!!!! You kept your head when most around you were losing theirs, today and many times before. Long may You continue to set an excellent example to all those that you inspire and know that you have saved many that needed it....
Ian Canty
Ian Canty 17 dni temu
Hamilton already equalled Schumacher’s championships record when he won his 6th championship, for the simple reason that Schumacher stole at least one championship from Damon Hill by forcing him off the track. Damon Hill really won two, and Schumacher should’ve been disqualified and that championship given to Hill.
Richard Taylor
Richard Taylor 17 dni temu
Just tremendous! Master class of driving and exceptional achievement from best race car driver of his generation.
Full English
Full English 17 dni temu
Well done Lewis, yawn 🥱 now what time does I’m a celebrity start?
Paolo Capone
Paolo Capone 17 dni temu
Balls to lewis, Schumacher is my boy
ike onwude
ike onwude 17 dni temu
Numero 8 l'anno prossimo🤣🤣 Yaaaaaaayyyy!
glenn mosupye
glenn mosupye 17 dni temu
When he said I lost "My" championship in the pitlane, that is a mark of a champion..! Even after so many years he says "I lost" not blaming anyone but went and corrected it, what a Man, what a champion..!
Kjell Bergh
Kjell Bergh 17 dni temu
Unquestionably the best F1 pilot in history. He will easily surpass the 100-victory mark, most likely within 12 months. Given his age, he also has a realistic shot at 10 world championships - if he does not retire before then. Kudos to a remarkable athlete.
Richard Scott
Richard Scott 17 dni temu
F1 getting supremely boring. I may stop following until we get some real competition.
Andy Glastonbury
Andy Glastonbury 11 dni temu
@harry99 then you need to tell the other teams/drivers to get their fingers out.
harry99 12 dni temu
@Andy Glastonbury I said similar cars, F1 is just to predictable. I mean do you honestly find F1 exiting? Mercedes are too far ahead of red bull who are to far away from everyone else.
Andy Glastonbury
Andy Glastonbury 12 dni temu
@harry99 Why, if you want everything the be the same, then why not simply replace F1 with GP2. At no time in the history of F1 have all the drivers had the same cars,
harry99 12 dni temu
Get Max, Charles, lando, George etc in similarly matched cars!
Richard Scott
Richard Scott 16 dni temu
@Andy Glastonbury you may be overreacting, this is just an opinion. Would the sentence “ I may stop following until I get some real competition” make sense? And I am not alone in my criticisms of the sport. Perhaps the FIA and F1 can figure it out.
ma ta
ma ta 17 dni temu
Istanbul Park is the best Track in the World, turn 8 is superb, this city is so exotic and unique, hello from the race track
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