Daniel Ricciardo reacts to his first Renault podium & his tattoo bet with Cyril Abiteboul💉

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Miesiąc temu

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An emotional Daniel Ricciardo reacted to his first podium finish with Renault.
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atchaley its a Bentley. tiff
atchaley its a Bentley. tiff Miesiąc temu
Top drive top driver
Olivia Lambert
Olivia Lambert Miesiąc temu
I love Ricciardo, not only is he an incredible driver but hes just an amazing guy. Seems both fun to hang out with and genuinely nice. I really hope things work out for him, he absolutely deserves it.
Frank Nicholas Dale
Frank Nicholas Dale Miesiąc temu
Well well deserved, a true sportsman
Ryangers Miesiąc temu
Everyone’s gotta love Daniel, doesn’t have a bad bone in his body
Jamie Henderson
Jamie Henderson Miesiąc temu
Such a good guy. Love him.
Prithvi Sindhar
Prithvi Sindhar Miesiąc temu
Mother's milk 🤣
r4y83 Miesiąc temu
Regardless of which driver or team you support, everyone has a soft spot of Dan .. Happy for you.
Dan_Ecosse Miesiąc temu
Good for him and Renault. I just hope he doesn't regret leaving the team.
Will Wilson
Will Wilson Miesiąc temu
Good Job Daniel Avocado 🥑
DCPlays Miesiąc temu
Ricciardo and Renault showing Ferrari it is possible for a driver and team to get on well when the driver is leaving
GieoReview Miesiąc temu
I honestly think Daniel is making the wrong move to McLaren! He needs to stay with Renault! Well see how things play out. Is Lewis now the best ever? See the arguments here: plpost.info/chat/l9mqpmGsypuhl6g/wideo.html
Isaac Hale
Isaac Hale Miesiąc temu
I love how Ricciardo is not just giving up on Renault just because he is moving on to another team which is more than can be said to a certain 4 time world champion maybe if Vettel showed some interest like Dan is he would be able to achieve something half decent.
Isaac Hale
Isaac Hale Miesiąc temu
So why has Leclerc got two podiums then? Can’t just be chance of luck that he’s been outperformed left right and centre for nearly two seasons now. Just highlighted more in a bad car.
Connor McLean
Connor McLean Miesiąc temu
Don't talk about things you clearly have no clue about. Ferrari threw Seb under the bus and have given him a shitbox to drive. Seb is doing incredibly well considering the circumstances.
TimoStudios Miesiąc temu
He didn’t give up on the team. The team built a car that is completely unsuited for Vettel and then dumped him without prior discussion. If anything, today showed Vettel is still fighting.
leeb0 Miesiąc temu
So glad that this has finally happened. Mainly so that Crofty can stop mentioning the tattoo! Congrats to Danny Ric 👊🏻
tco1256 Miesiąc temu
congrats DAN RIC!!!!!!
Danny Casserly
Danny Casserly Miesiąc temu
Dani Ric, kimi and max seem to be the only drivers who listen to the questions they’re asked and give some of their personality
Geth Prime
Geth Prime Miesiąc temu
Daniel Riccardo more like Daniel Redemption :D
morkd07 Miesiąc temu
Still made time to look into the camera lens and say 'Thank you' to all for the support. Well done fella.
Eston Maigurira
Eston Maigurira Miesiąc temu
Loose Goosey...
Christian Neale
Christian Neale Miesiąc temu
Cyril knowing hes gonna get a tattoo be like:😳
Nicola Fox
Nicola Fox Miesiąc temu
Congratulations Daniel 👏👏🎉want to know what Cyrils tattoo is asap 😂I have some suggestions love you man Ricky Bobby lol
Peter McCarthy
Peter McCarthy Miesiąc temu
Made my day. Sorry I couldn't give you my vote for driver off the day but the Hulk deserved that one too
Harry Chalcraft
Harry Chalcraft Miesiąc temu
Greatest bloke in F1, and with an actual personality unlike 80-90% of the robots.
fablewalls Miesiąc temu
@Harry Chalcraft - all sports fans are tribal but there's no real need to guttersnipe about drivers you have never met and whose private lives you have absolutely no idea about.
TT101 Miesiąc temu
Kimi: ok
Harry Chalcraft
Harry Chalcraft Miesiąc temu
@Southern Realist Spot the snowflake fanny.
Southern Realist
Southern Realist Miesiąc temu
If they don't sound or act like you, they're not normal is bigotry
HNT Miesiąc temu
Sky sports make this available to all countries!
Everton Scheffer
Everton Scheffer Miesiąc temu
I don't think they can because of other TV's brodcasting rights. Just use a VPN like I do.
Aaron Coke
Aaron Coke Miesiąc temu
Couldn’t be more pleased for Riccicardo, well deserved...👏👏😁
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