Toto Wolff heaps praise on Lewis Hamilton after equalling Michael Schumacher's F1 title record

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17 dni temu

Mercedes Team Principle Toto Wolff was full of praise for his driver Lewis Hamilton after his win at the Turkish Grand Prix saw him clinch a record-equalling seventh Formula One title.
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Hatim Salim
Hatim Salim 8 dni temu
Lewis Driving Matter Movement 👍
Hatim Salim
Hatim Salim 8 dni temu
if you’re naturally born very talented in what you do then you’re magnificently a powerful champion, but if you aren’t born talented enough then you can only be just a winner,… not anyone can tame wild horses time and time again repeatedly but only those who are born with that special talent can easily do, and this explains the huge difference between Hamilton and Bottas in the same racing car Just like a powerful horse needs a special rider, the best car needs an outstanding driver, and obviously that driver is Lewis Hamilton not Valtteri Bottas 👍👌🤗
Kannan Chakravarthy
Kannan Chakravarthy 11 dni temu
MichaelSchumacher is F1 God facts & figures Schumi secured his 7th world title by his race entry no 207 Lewis 7th world title by his race entry no 264 , Schumi's 91st win came in his race entry no 248 Lewis's 91st win came by his race entry no 260 , Schumi's 154 podiums came by his race entry no 248 , Lewis's 154 podiums came by his race entry no 258, Schumi's 77 fastest laps came by his race entry no 248 Lewis till date by his 264th race entry has 55 fastest laps , Schumi's 1st retirement came by his race entry no 249 by which time he had 91 race wins & 7 world titles if you compare this with Lewis's wins till his most recent race entry no 264 Schumi has a higher victory % (most important Schumi joined Ferrari when they were not even finishing races though he won few races came 2nd & 3rd in 2 seasons he wasted at least 45 race entries from 1996 to 99 not winning a world title & later created history by winning 5 consecutive world titles no driver has left a winning car after winning 2 world titles & had the guts,courage,determination & self confidence like him to join a car that was not even finishing races MichaelSchumacher's mental strength lost his mother & was ready to drive the next day & went on to win ,his incomparable driving skills came 2nd in a grand prix despite his car being stuck in 5th gear any other would have not even have finished the race his drive in the Brazil G.P. 2006 possibly is the greatest drive of the past 2 decades came 4th despite restarting last 3 or 4 times due to tyre puncture & other technical glitches Schumi demonstrated his driving skill by driving an F1 car on 2 wheels for a brief moment of some seconds his driving in wet weather is a dream + he missed 2 world titles narrowly due to technical glitches in the last 2 laps in 2 seasons + 1 world title due to injury after leading the 1st half of the season ,he had to sit out for 4 races so imagine all these put together he would have had 10 world titles & at least a dozen more wins to his tally of 91race wins & if Ferrari had started performing well from say at least the 2nd or 3rd year of his joining Ferrari his achievements based on no of race entries would have come down even further which means his achievements would have been even more greater there is no adjective in the dictionary to describe this man hence it would be apt to call him the God of F1 & over all in any individual sport he is 2nd to none if at all there few others who equal him like Valentino Rosi -Moto GP, Roger Federer, Nadal - Tennis ( Novac Jokovic in the very near future) Muhammad Ali Mike Tyson - Boxing , Tiger Woods - Golf , Anataly Karpov -Garay Kasparov - Chess
Kannan Chakravarthy
Kannan Chakravarthy 11 dni temu
Lewis Hamilton no doubt an incredible driver & incredible achiever but the driver who captured the hearts of one & all after the finishing of the race in Turkey was Germany's 4 time world champion Sebastian Vettel with possibly the finest purest wonderful gesture a true hallmark of a German champion Sebastian as Lewis himself said possibly had the worst season of his career & if there is one person who has the same talent as Lewis it is Sebastian but he has been having real bad luck for the last two three seasons while it is indeed a great moment for celebrating Lewis Hamilton heart also goes out for Sebastian Vettel it can be said Lewis is 2nd to none if not the greatest in British history of all sports
Jennifer Maple
Jennifer Maple 12 dni temu
Its just the car - before being handed the best cars of all time at Mercedes for 7 years in a row his record wasnt good enough to claim all time top 15 - maybe top 20. So whatever happened at Merc after that doesnt change that fact at all - Bottass would have won the last 2WC if Ham wasnt there and Rosberg wouldve won 3 in a row before that. Merc has won 2 of 3 races for the past 7 years - only 2/3 of them to Ham and 1/3 to his teammates who are / were bums - means anyone can win at Merc. Merc have had 50 1-2s - twice as many as even Ferrari did in the Schuey era. It's all the car. Anyone who has watched F1 for 30-50 years knows this - the only people that think he is great are the noobs and shallow celebrity sychophants with no knowledge of the sport who have been swindled by the meaningless hollow stats and the marketing hype / propaganda behind Hamilton and jumped on the bandwagon without having a clue about the sport.
Josef Cvaniga
Josef Cvaniga 14 dni temu
Josef Cvaniga
Josef Cvaniga 14 dni temu
✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝. ✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝. ✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝. ❗❗❗
D F 14 dni temu
Absolute gentleman Toto 🤙
sphere 528
sphere 528 14 dni temu
love seeing Toto up on the podium
lejuaneoswald 14 dni temu
I wonder who has got the British national anthem played the most ? Does anyone knows as I am thinking it might be Lewis Hamilton with over 90 times
BLACK STAR 14 dni temu
Just the GOAT
marshallmarthes 14 dni temu
Louis the God of motor racing
Christopher Bland
Christopher Bland 14 dni temu
The Difference is how many races was Schumacher given by Ferrari i can remember 1 by Hamilton which he was embarrassed by there is a Difference
javon bailey
javon bailey 14 dni temu
Glyne Martin
Glyne Martin 15 dni temu
A fitting race to be crowned at the height of F1. No one can call this race a gift. It wasn't Lewis' race to win...yet he did, by a large margin too, genius.
Build Indian
Build Indian 15 dni temu
Praise is ok but Lewis needs a bigger pay package for the unsigned contract... Congratulations Lewis..🙏🏼
Carlo Mikhail Reid
Carlo Mikhail Reid 15 dni temu
He don't come close to schumi. Schumacher is the king and won againts some of the best drivers and teams we have ever seen
Carlo Mikhail Reid
Carlo Mikhail Reid 14 dni temu
@Kim Holder you a glory hunter lol. You don't even watch the sport
Kim Holder
Kim Holder 15 dni temu
Keep projecting your insecurities on Lewis! Wouldn’t change history! 7 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS! Trying to dim Lewis’s light wouldn’t make yours any brighter! 🤡
Carlo Mikhail Reid
Carlo Mikhail Reid 15 dni temu
@ambrose blay ewiah nope not at all. Shumi raced with senna, Mika, button etc etc etc etc
ambrose blay ewiah
ambrose blay ewiah 15 dni temu
You are jealous.
Sally Gardiner
Sally Gardiner 15 dni temu
This would be a good time to remember Nicki Lauda. He was responsible for persuading Lewis to go to Merc, and Mercedes to accept him. Lauda had a special relationship with Lewis, and was an inspiration to the conduct of the whole team. He was the glue who gelled these relationships together. Lauda, Wolff, Hamilton; what a team. RIP.
Deplorable1381greg 15 dni temu
No skills like schumacher had but.... still wins with a very hi tech car. He (hamilton) could of never acheved this 20 years ago....
Kim Holder
Kim Holder 15 dni temu
Skills like Schumacher? You mean pushing people off the track or crashing into people? Yeah I’m sure Lewis wished he had those ‘skills’!🤡🙄
Redzy Rezali
Redzy Rezali 15 dni temu
Love both Schumi & Lewis ❤
silverace08 15 dni temu
great interview by toto what a guy to have behind you believing in you supporting you delivering that team that keeps lewis going.
noble singh
noble singh 15 dni temu
Well done lewis respect🙏👍
thiago leao monteiro
thiago leao monteiro 15 dni temu
Hamilton absolutely smashed yesterday, incredible performance, it shows that it’s not just the car that is good.
Adom Henry
Adom Henry 15 dni temu
1:30 I can finally enjoy life with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Junkrat 15 dni temu
They gave them sprite instead of champagne.. 😂
Meme Raven
Meme Raven 15 dni temu
Hamilton is going to be here for at least 3 more years to bring more diversity and inclusiveness to the sport. The very fact that F1 is going to Saudi Arabia shows how F1 is changing and he needs to be there to guarantee diversity is maintained, rights are protected.
Dr ones and more
Dr ones and more 15 dni temu
Two mask Toto lol
Matt Chan
Matt Chan 15 dni temu
30 seconds behind and ending up winning by 30 seconds ....... Same weather conditions, same amount of laps, same amount of fuel, same amount of corners but wait........... He only won because he had the best car!!!..... Lol.. 🤣..... Well done Lewis Hamilton 🇬🇧 🏆👊
james kavanagh
james kavanagh 15 dni temu
What a team, what a boss, and what a driver!! And what a way to win your 7 th WDC. What a inspiration.
Opal Zed
Opal Zed 15 dni temu
People hating on Mercedes and Hamilton for their dominance... the onus is on the rest of the pack to "git gud".
Mr.T 15 dni temu
Marciano Demidof
Marciano Demidof 15 dni temu
Say what you want about Toto Wolf. Dude's a pretty cool and mellow guy. Congrats to the whole Mercedes team. What they accomplished is simply impressive.
Sumit Saurabh
Sumit Saurabh 15 dni temu
last 6 titles are irrelevant ....not amongst the greatest....sorry but thats the truth....sorry British people ....but he always had dominant car .....
Kimbo Cairns
Kimbo Cairns 15 dni temu
I am a very proud Australian fan of all sports... Lewis Hamilton phenomenal athlete... when Lewis chooses to end his F1 career! he would be the best sportsman to ever come out of Britain.
francowabongo 15 dni temu
Don’t u just wish Toto would say “Hasta la vista baby”
Goaltimer 15 dni temu
I’ll be back.
Andrew Wayne
Andrew Wayne 15 dni temu
Red Jeap
Red Jeap 15 dni temu
Şeriat ülkesi oluyoruz hay mına koyum
John M Rodgers
John M Rodgers 15 dni temu
Toto Nailed it. What an amazing job the entire Mercedes team has done. Today was probably one of the most entertaining races I have seen in F1 or any class and Lewis Hamilton proved, yet once again, that he is one of the greatest drivers the sport has ever witnessed. A man with class and grit and determination that he adds to his tremendous skill. I am sure, that regardless of the sport he chose, he would have been a success. Well done, Lewis, we are immensely proud! Thank you for all the years you have enthralled us with your talent.
Dezee Fresh
Dezee Fresh 16 dni temu
Toto Wolfman, Ur Boy Lewis Hamilton ncknme is Ballsman. U Hear. BALLSMAN. He seald dat ncknme w dis Win, d Turkey G. P. n his 7th Drvr Chmpshp. Yep Ballsman, cz he ain't no Turkey or Chicken. He gt Balls. Cpl Drvrs who gt Balls n d Wet, lk MadMax n Jettman Vettel n evn Strollman 4 d Pole. Ddnt Win. D Real Ballsman Won. At a Wet Turkey G. P 2. Strtd 2 cm up w a Ncknme 4 Stroll 4 hvng Balls n d Wet 2 gt Pole. Wz thinkg BallsLanceman or StrollBallsman or RollsBallsman. But nbdy gt Balls lk Ballsman Hamilton. Nbdy.
BELA GURUNG 16 dni temu
Toto ,you are a great boss for the Mercedes. Congratulations to you and your team too.👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Sky-view 16 dni temu
There isn’t a bigger Lewis Hamilton fan than Toto Wolfe anywhere.
Dan Bruno
Dan Bruno 14 dni temu
Lewis Hamilton dad Should have seen them after his 91st win
Glyne Martin
Glyne Martin 15 dni temu
wrong!...he's the most important fan however.
David F
David F 16 dni temu
Sergio is a beast as well!! Please get him in a top seat!
David F
David F 16 dni temu
🐐 talking about 🐐
Ck 16 dni temu
Highlights: Lewis his skills and shutting up all the haters, vettel podium without sbinella and the biased dutchies fans being put in their place xD
TheChongmaster 16 dni temu
But it's all the car, right Hamilton haters?
keita-mansare mady . d
keita-mansare mady . d 16 dni temu
Great Toto Wolf.
Filipe Cardozo
Filipe Cardozo 16 dni temu
0:42 Ouch, that hurt Bottas
peter alafe
peter alafe 16 dni temu
To those 22 people that disliked this video, you are in a class of your own.
Cem 16 dni temu
olum kimse fark etmemiş. siz de çok çaktırmayın. olaysız dağılalım bence.
Baran 15 dni temu
her gün ayrı bir rezalet international ortamlarda türk olduğunu söylemeye utanıyor insan artık çok aşağılıyorlar
Loðbrók 15 dni temu
Maalesef neyse lewis #s7illrising çaktırmayın
Caner Alkan
Caner Alkan 15 dni temu
@Loðbrók Geçiyor zaten. Bu kadar rezil olamazdık. çok yazık
KubiMulti 15 dni temu
i agree bro lewis hamilton is such a legend!... çaktırma ;)
Loðbrók 16 dni temu
Knk sanki dalga geçiyor gibi ya
JSinghSindhar 16 dni temu
What a sportsman.......what a team
David Copson
David Copson 16 dni temu
'Hungry as a lion'.
TheAgent4125 16 dni temu
kozanism 16 dni temu
If the sprite fiasco is not a joke, we, as secular turkish citizens, apologize in behalf of the idiots who are responsible for that. Believe me when I say that we're tired of being embarrased for the last 18 years because of these bigots...
Levent Öz
Levent Öz 16 dni temu
Lan geri zekalı, bizdeki sığırlardan başka bu konuya takılan yok. 18 yıldır içki yasağı mı var ülkede embesil...
Andrew Storm
Andrew Storm 16 dni temu
Toto sounds different - tired
Speed 16 dni temu
Bodhijit Biswas
Bodhijit Biswas 15 dni temu
Watch a spec series then dipshit. F1 has always been about great drivers in great cars.
Mike Rajen
Mike Rajen 16 dni temu
So what happen to Bottas. He also had a same car as Ham.
David Copson
David Copson 16 dni temu
It's easy to make a hate comment when you're stupid.
drew871105 Disciple
drew871105 Disciple 16 dni temu
Mercedes team are the cancer and toxicity of the sport
war hammer
war hammer 16 dni temu
Prove that something like spritr was given to you during the ceebration...
SHADOWNINE79 16 dni temu
Wayne Bynoe
Wayne Bynoe 16 dni temu
kieran 16 dni temu
Wiggins no, Mofarah no, Murray no. Just Hamilton is the greatest British sportsman in history whether y'all agree or not. He sings British anthem and raises British flag after he wins every races.
Nick Perry
Nick Perry 14 dni temu
Phil the power Taylor. A true world class athlete.
twicedTV 14 dni temu
@Jake Greenstreet Floyd Mayweather boxing
Jake Greenstreet
Jake Greenstreet 14 dni temu
It's hard to think of any sportsperson that's been so dominant in their sport for such an extended period. The closest comparisons would be Federer/Serena in tennis I guess.
Jason Wratten
Jason Wratten 15 dni temu
Yes simply the best ever
arif güngör
arif güngör 16 dni temu
Harbiden gazoz mu verdik la adamlara vay amk
Firat Menteş
Firat Menteş 16 dni temu
srinjoy bose
srinjoy bose 16 dni temu
Statistically G.O.A.T
ThisIsNotSparta 16 dni temu
They have given sprite to my drivers, who had helmet on head. eyyyyy f1. we have made roads and asphalts and duble starting grids
Busra Coskun
Busra Coskun 16 dni temu
Naresh Kumar
Naresh Kumar 16 dni temu
Get to the choppa - Toto Wolff
Melinda M
Melinda M 16 dni temu
Toto looks frozen in this interview
Frank Spencer
Frank Spencer 16 dni temu
Joe Biden Official
Joe Biden Official 16 dni temu
Is turkey a muslim country? I didn't understand why champagne is not allowed
Eric George
Eric George 16 dni temu
Toto and Lewis are a match made in heaven, both are superb at what they do and really in a class of their own so massive congratulations to the whole Mercedes team as everybody has contributed to their success.
rup pert
rup pert 16 dni temu
And don't forget the wonderful hammy BLM fans. Just imagine if he had lost !!!
rup pert
rup pert 16 dni temu
Hamilton fans celebrating .... so heartwarming these BLM people. Hamilton inspires them to act heartwarming MUST WATCH and NEVER EVER FORGET MERCEDES agrees
Tr U
Tr U 16 dni temu
3:10 here comes I am asshamed as a Turkish person because of our Islamist government again
Election 2020
Election 2020 16 dni temu
Utançtan yerin dibine girdim, allahtan yabancılar çok farketmemiş o noktayı
Kofi Asiedu Sr.
Kofi Asiedu Sr. 16 dni temu
LH won world championship and grand prix before joining Mercedes...He help design championship racing car....he design the steering wheel and help improve if you want downplay his hard work and success given all the credit to the Mercedes Racing Car...guess what that's Lewis Hamilton's baby...Hahaha...He gets the credit either way...He is a genius Racer!!!
vicenteshana 16 dni temu
All this contract talk and the obvious was missed by all.. Lewis wisely waited until he was more marketable to increase his figures on paper. He knew he has a fighting chance to make 7 by the end of the season, so smartly stalled signing until then.
Turgut Ceylan
Turgut Ceylan 16 dni temu
Turkey is a secular social democratic republic.
Turgut Ceylan
Turgut Ceylan 16 dni temu
@METAN0L He will lose in the first election. You can be sure of that.
METAN0L 16 dni temu
There's no country as" Turkey" anymore, whole state structure is Erdogan's family-corporation.
Turgut Ceylan
Turgut Ceylan 16 dni temu
@rup pert You are wrong I am an dissident, but I can live freely in my country. Just like you. I do not support the government, yes there are some problems in our country, but our people are democratic and secular. Yes, I am a Muslim, but like you, I can drink alcohol wherever I want, travel and have fun in my country. I hope you come to my country someday and your thoughts will change.
rup pert
rup pert 16 dni temu
@Turgut Ceylan Islam is the state and Erdogan is a islam fascist thug.
Turgut Ceylan
Turgut Ceylan 16 dni temu
@Election 2020 Governments should not be confused with the State.
pabbs 16 dni temu
True say bro I'm a big fan of him especially case he's british 😁
Balloaks 16 dni temu
6 and a half!
Manu14Smoke 16 dni temu
He didn't have the best car today, considering the qualifying struggling Mercedes had. Despite the conditions he made only a small mistake in the first. The second is 32 seconds behind! What a drive, what a champion. Extracting the maximum of his machine every times he jumped in.....
Greatest Of All Time
Greatest Of All Time 16 dni temu
Congrats Lewis Hamilton Seven-Time F1 World Champion!!!!!!! You kept your head when most around you were losing theirs, today and many times before. Long may You continue to set an excellent example to all those that you inspire and know that you have saved many that needed it....
bouf tv
bouf tv 16 dni temu huge protest at the white house 💣💣💣🔫🔫🔫 watch 🆙🆙🆙🆙🆙🆙🆙🆙🆙🆙🆙🆙🆙🆙
Oğuz AKAR 16 dni temu
Adamlara sprite mı verdik cidden amk
Election 2020
Election 2020 16 dni temu
Yapış yapış olmuştur o, iyi sövmüştürler sonra dkdl
Stephen Screaton
Stephen Screaton 16 dni temu
No with the masks! There is enough distance between them to not have to wear masks according to what we have been told! Come on we need to stop this bullshit and be human again. Celebrating our human achievements as human beings not as suppressed beings. Lewis has stood up against suppression of black racial injustices. Bring back the Joy in everyday life and let's stop being surpressed by this Pandemic before we all turn into Robots!
Lanre Oladejo
Lanre Oladejo 16 dni temu
Having such a cool Boss like Toto is important to any Sportman’s career.
sphere 528
sphere 528 14 dni temu
@rup pert says the sorry ass *LOSER* who's never won anything in his miserable ass life, go back to playing w/ your GF, what's her name again AR-15?😛😜🤪😁😂
Harold Kane
Harold Kane 15 dni temu
Dream team
yadadoo20 16 dni temu
@rup pert Piss off those are anarchists and antifa. They are losers. Nobody supports them in politics. Do you condemn proud boys? I know people on your side love far right groups.
C dirthanz
C dirthanz 16 dni temu
Not just sport, I say in any career
rup pert
rup pert 16 dni temu
What about the hamilton fans? They are SOOO heartwarming
Marie Rose
Marie Rose 16 dni temu
Work twice as hard compare to the "rest" you can achieve the impossible 😍💕
Philip Tran
Philip Tran 16 dni temu
There’s proof right there. All cars are equalized. All his nearest competitors are nowhere near him and he came from 6th to win !
Anshuman 11 dni temu
,@Jennifer Maple He is referring to the wet conditions, when there are wet conditions, it's all down to the driver's skill, yes Perez overtake was done with DRS but Lewis managed his tires so well. He managed the race with 1 pit stop and he gained pos but lost as well and at one time, it was looking Racing Points' day but then he really came out of nowhere into the picture to win.
Jennifer Maple
Jennifer Maple 12 dni temu
all cars equal? What kind of mental midget are you - the Mercedes is the best car ever
biocybernaut 16 dni temu
What a bunch of clowns with their stupid (and utterly useless) masks.
Acke 16 dni temu
GET IN THERE LEWIS !!!!!! As a motorsport fan I'm overwhelmed and thankful to witness a one in a lifetime talent like Hamilton. What a racer!!! Too secure his 7th title in the way he did here in Turkey is another proof what an exceptional driver he is. Congratulations Lewis!!!! /a Riccardo fan
Zara Fundi
Zara Fundi 16 dni temu
Great Job Lewis and congratulations!!!!!
Chris Hewson
Chris Hewson 16 dni temu
Fantastic to have a British(English) record equaling 7x champion! Well done Lewis.. Now for the eighth title next year!
KK Daze
KK Daze 16 dni temu
He's a British national treasure, he needs a race track and streets named after him
Jennifer Maple
Jennifer Maple 10 dni temu
@Evanna Express 1. I do call out all the others too. But this is a Hamilton sycophant thread so only hamilton is relevant here. 2. The only hypocrisy going on is Hamilton moaning about inequality while he gets paid $150,000 per day (and dodges tax on it) while the average person earns $150 per day (and pays $50 of that in tax)
Evanna Express
Evanna Express 10 dni temu
@Jennifer Maple call out the other celebs and billionaires who do his job allows him to live anywhere..The hypocrisy is nauseating
Jennifer Maple
Jennifer Maple 10 dni temu
@Evanna Express Hamilton is a patriot? Bailing out to dodge taxes?
Evanna Express
Evanna Express 10 dni temu
@Fxn4 well you are in the minority when it comes to this
Evanna Express
Evanna Express 10 dni temu
@Jennifer Maple you’re such a patriot
Sindhu Sojan
Sindhu Sojan 16 dni temu
Meanwhile Porridge boss doing donuts to celebrate my boi Lulu's 7th championship
Michael Dack
Michael Dack 16 dni temu
Brilliant, Lewis Hamilton number one!!!!
allan three
allan three 16 dni temu
👑Hamilton 44
Benjo 16 dni temu
Toto Wolf should at least stay one more season when money cuts are in effect to see if he is really the best manager and not only money that makes him tick!
Benjo 15 dni temu
@Meme Raven dumb comment but I’ll forgive you for being dumb lol
Meme Raven
Meme Raven 15 dni temu
Toto owns 30% of the team,.. He is earning enough so he would not have any problem.
atchaley its a Bentley. tiff
atchaley its a Bentley. tiff 16 dni temu
Only two other champs on grid..and one's in a sauber...more races per senna piquet prost mansell..on grid...last time he had a challenge on grid he world champion 2016..benz so easy to drive get ya dad to buy one and stick it on
Scorned 16 dni temu
@atchaley its a Bentley. tiff i completely agree with all you wrote now. i want hamilton to fight again, i dont want it to be a cruise, i hate watching these races. but.. others need to step up, hamilton and mercedes aren't just going to make a favour to others and slow down.
atchaley its a Bentley. tiff
atchaley its a Bentley. tiff 16 dni temu
@Scorned I been watching grand prix 40 years we have add teams dominated years now and again mac..wills ferrari..redbull...but its always been team mates mansell v piquet...prost v senna...seb v v ham...just got a bit of a benz road show with no battle..let max have 2nd seat at team orders. I don't have a fav...just want entertaining afternoon or got like this with Michael n Ruben s..we had flashes of montoya but after mika quit schumacher add a free hate.
Scorned 16 dni temu
@atchaley its a Bentley. tiff lol.. so '08, '14, '15, '18 weren't challenges by your standards, but you pick '16 where he lost by 5 points while having +1 DNF where he was actually leading, as a blatant loss.. seems like you just don't like this guy and that's it.
atchaley its a Bentley. tiff
atchaley its a Bentley. tiff 16 dni temu
I want to see racing not touring. Friday these cars we're 4 sec off lap record.
talltrini10 16 dni temu
Hope you got plenty of fries for all that salt
Deepak Bisht
Deepak Bisht 16 dni temu
Remember yesterday there were people who were saying that lewis can't do anything when the car is not there and look at versttapen how well he has performed blah blah it will be interesting to see what they have to say now
Brockside 15 dni temu
Not a lot!!!
Saksham Bansal
Saksham Bansal 16 dni temu
@Deepak Bisht Lewis just bided his time and improved his racing line behind Sen when he couldn’t pass him , and the moment he got some clean air he nailed it !!!
Saksham Bansal
Saksham Bansal 16 dni temu
@Deepak Bisht Max’s move on checo which effectively ruined his race, I was shouting that noooo don’t do it, don’t be hasty and the rest is history !!!
Deepak Bisht
Deepak Bisht 16 dni temu
@ZAKETO KIHO yup absolutely just like richiardo who is great driver and one of the very late breakers as well including his ability to lunge yet he wasn't able to perform accordingly
Deepak Bisht
Deepak Bisht 16 dni temu
@Saksham Bansal of course and no one is denying that max isn't a great driver but just stop bullshitting everywhere that it is the car that has won him so many championship which is not it yes it does play a part but rather it's his consistency which I bet other drivers can't maitain for so long and especially max because he is too hot head
Chris Pitrakkos
Chris Pitrakkos 16 dni temu
Well done Lewis, but only with Mercedes. Michael won champion ships with diffarent teams. You then still behind Lewis.
Mike Rajen
Mike Rajen 16 dni temu
Chris if you dont know anything about F1 dont write anything. Dont make urself a fool. Ham has won with Mclaren and now with Merc. Sch won with Benetton and Ferrari
David Copson
David Copson 16 dni temu
You're an idiot.
Scorned 16 dni temu
They both won with "only" two different teams. MSC with Benetton and HAM with Mclaren and Mercedes.
pokoknya 16 dni temu
Did you know that Lewis once won the WDC with McLaren?
Snob T.V.
Snob T.V. 16 dni temu
For all the engineering excellence that goes into F1, it's puzzling how they can't engineer a mask that they don't need to adjust 100 times in 5mins. 🤔
Mike Rajen
Mike Rajen 16 dni temu
your right
rup pert
rup pert 16 dni temu
And a mask that actually HELPS against covid like a GASMASK or HAZEMAT suit.
Mcedisi Nkomazana
Mcedisi Nkomazana 16 dni temu
And then some drivers say its because of the car... the same drivers who were doing ice skating maneuvers during the race...
sphere 528
sphere 528 11 dni temu
@Ermir P try harder next time clown you keep holding on & clutching to 1 WDC vs. 7 WDC's lol..... *PATHETIC!!!* I'll make sure to give your dumb ass the details of his brand new $50 Million contract as if your somehow accomplishing something. enjoy your single WDC that was never defended. BBBBBWWWAAAAAA Ha! Ha! Ha!
Ermir P
Ermir P 11 dni temu
@sphere 528 wish you all the best man. Don't get too rattled anymore when strangers disagree with you. I know it's difficult and makes you angry but you'll be fine. Just breathe in and out three times and move on. It will help :)
sphere 528
sphere 528 12 dni temu
@Ermir P wasn't the same back to playing w/ your Legos kid He! He! He! He! such a waste of a Trailer Park education
Ermir P
Ermir P 12 dni temu
What lies? Nico beat him using the same car lol
sphere 528
sphere 528 13 dni temu
what's the matter bud mom took away your more lies, made up stories 1 WDC vs. 7 WDC' more *LIES* to tell so you burrow back into your hole. need a tissue? bib or pacifier? 😷🤒😛🤪😭😭
TakeNote WithReason
TakeNote WithReason 16 dni temu
Knighthood to Lewis Hamilton
rup pert
rup pert 16 dni temu
Yes his wonderful fans say so. Are you also a wonderful hammy fan like these BLM people?
Andy Glastonbury
Andy Glastonbury 16 dni temu
Great job Lewis. Another win, another WDC yawn 😀, but let’s talk about why Max didn’t incur an in race penalty for exceeding the pit lane exit. His front right tyre clearly crossed the line, so why did the stewards (Mesi) decide to investigate it AFTER the race. I honestly think we deserve consistency .
MMK 16 dni temu
well done guys !
Byron G
Byron G 16 dni temu
Britain's greatest ever sportsman and still no knighthood. Go figure
rup pert
rup pert 16 dni temu
@MH0709 AGAINST the status quo? Really?
Joe Baker
Joe Baker 16 dni temu
He will get it one day I am sure. But when you pay zero tax into the Great British coffers and live abroad in a tax haven, the establishment doesn't like it. It can do you no good when it comes to those accolades. However the whole honors system is utter bs anyway. LH should have enough satisfaction for what he's achieved in his dazzling career. Simply the GOAT
SuperHaz007 16 dni temu
@Cricket England Sure he pays UK tax. He is listed as one of the top 5,000 UK tax payers. He pays UK tax on his UK winnings and sponsor income.
Zed cc
Zed cc 16 dni temu
Because i is it black!!!🤣🤣🤣😂😂😅
Byron G
Byron G 16 dni temu
@MH0709 That's true , but irrespective of political correctness, the the sheer talent we are witnessing with LH makes a knighthood inevitable sooner or later.
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