'Hamilton is an all-time great' 🏆 | Nico Rosberg congratulates his ex-Mercedes team-mate

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15 dni temu

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Former F1 world champion Nico Rosberg says ex-Mercedes team-mate Lewis Hamilton is now an all-time great after winning a record-equalling seventh world title.
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Rufus Williamson
Rufus Williamson 2 dni temu
I watched you and Lewis battle it out for several years and it was always wonderful to see you two take the victories, modestly. Thanks for the memories, Nico.
Davi Fernandes
Davi Fernandes 2 dni temu
you two dudes need to repair that friendship...
Tejas Sharma
Tejas Sharma 5 dni temu
Anybody noticed that it was a screenshot from Google with the resolution and" 6 days ago" 😂
Jason Riley
Jason Riley 6 dni temu
Have to respect this man. Nico left on top of his game...giving genuine credit to a rival and teammate isn’t easy. Nico is classy (and honest). I like him as a commentator as well. Relevant skills and experience with an unbiased dialogue. Respect to Nico.
Wheel power
Wheel power 7 dni temu
I was so glad when Nico quit F1. He finally looked happy and relaxed and could smile. I'm tempted to think it saved his life.
CRA_55 7 dni temu
Did Nico get that image from Google? HOW DOES HE NOT HAVE A PICTURE OF HIS OWN CAR?
Muntakim Khan
Muntakim Khan 7 dni temu
The fact that he mentioned Schumacher, Fangio, Senna but not Vettel! I'm not happy Nico!
CRA_55 7 dni temu
Nico giving us a sneak peak of the next time he'll be going head-to-head with Lewis
Hatim Salim
Hatim Salim 8 dni temu
Lewis Driving Matter Movement 👍
Hatim Salim
Hatim Salim 8 dni temu
if you’re naturally born very talented in what you do then you’re magnificently a powerful champion, but if you aren’t born talented enough then you can only be just a winner,… not anyone can tame wild horses time and time again repeatedly but only those who are born with that special talent can easily do, and this explains the huge difference between Hamilton and Bottas in the same racing car Just like a powerful horse needs a special rider, the best car needs an outstanding driver, and obviously that driver is Lewis Hamilton not Valtteri Bottas 👍👌🤗
loadsamoney80 9 dni temu
I think had lewis not had so many car issues that season nico would still be racing for a championship
Nick Clark
Nick Clark 9 dni temu
Not an all-time great, but certainly the most successful
Rick Rude
Rick Rude 9 dni temu
When the pinnacle of your success in a sport is only discussed as a footnote in the story of another person's greatness.
gary stubbington
gary stubbington 9 dni temu
Boring boring boring Mansell was the best
Black Girls Rock
Black Girls Rock 10 dni temu
Oh look, riding on Lewis’s coattails to stay relevant! How original Nico!🙄 Lewis once said on his IG ‘in order to keep their failing careers alive they will try to use the name of others who are successful. Those people are truly sad and lost and you can feel for them....’ This statement applies here...
Richard Rivera
Richard Rivera 10 dni temu
This is a tale of sadness. Two Karting kids, dreaming one day to be F1 world champion. Both achieve their goal of reaching the best F1 team of the current era, and Competition drove their long time friendship apart to the point that they don’t even speak to one another. It’s Sad.
Richard Rivera
Richard Rivera 10 dni temu
@ Black Girls Rock, you are right, I saw a documentary of their early years karting and Nico was most of the times number two behind Lewis. I guess all those years at number two, must have pushed him to do any and all tricks in the book to win. And that destroyed their relationship, it’s still sad do. On the other hand , Lewis has always been a respectful driver. No drama .
Black Girls Rock
Black Girls Rock 10 dni temu
Nico destroyed their friendship and used illegal car modes, stole Lewis’s mechanics and pushed Lewis off the track! Why is it Lewis and Sebastian could be competitive from even in their junior categories years but yet keep their mutual respect but Nico always had to push the envelope and be nasty? Competition doesn’t create enemies, nasty attitude and pettiness does!
Porto Fellaz Records
Porto Fellaz Records 10 dni temu
Greatt interview Nico!!!! you are a grate champion
Bilal Mehdi
Bilal Mehdi 10 dni temu
Greatest Sporting Achievement ever is done by Jahangir Khan in Squash.. The most gruelling of sport and to win 550+ matches with out loosing... that is called consistency... But Lewis is up there the greats of the sport certainly...
Bentley Mobius
Bentley Mobius 10 dni temu
Who is the other teammate who beat Hamilton
rotrohan 11 dni temu
Nico has thick skin, I mean to come back after running away like a chicken. Saved an embarrassment of lucky championship lucked into though. Typical trash.
Black Girls Rock
Black Girls Rock 10 dni temu
Ren 10 dni temu
Hamilton benefited from Rosberg’s reliability issues in 2014 and Massa’s reliability issues in 2008. It’s just a part of racing. It’s not “luck”, it just is what it is.
ferney mayorga becerra
ferney mayorga becerra 11 dni temu
Nico is a gentleman!!!
rubenn_rl 11 dni temu
6 days ago
Yevgeny Chmykhun
Yevgeny Chmykhun 11 dni temu
we're not glad to see that guy
Sailing Miss Daisy
Sailing Miss Daisy 11 dni temu
Good to see. Adrenaline and competitive natures are difficult to manage when racing. Old friendships are so worth saving.
Kedallroysucession 2020
Kedallroysucession 2020 11 dni temu
Nice to hear Nico say this,,as he and Lewis weren't on good terms at the time, glad he has said this , makes him even more likeable. He can always say I'm a world champion, which is a great accomplishment in itself.
Themba Nqum
Themba Nqum 11 dni temu
I love both of you mun, especially your relationship
John Smith
John Smith 11 dni temu
Rosberg was so lucky in his championship win.
Ren 10 dni temu
Reliability issues happen in racing. Had Hamilton’s Mercedes been the car that experienced the technical issues during the 2014 Abu Dhabi GP instead of Rosberg’s car, then Rosberg would’ve been champion. In 2008, had Massa’s engine not expired in Hungary while he was leading, the championship result might have been different. Had Hamilton not retired in Malaysia, he would’ve still been behind Rosberg in points. And those last few races of the season wouldn’t have gone the same way, since Nico knew that he could comfortably and safely win the championship by finishing second at every race, so that’s what he did.
carra calla
carra calla 11 dni temu
Don't start all that again nico your racing for change not just to beat the greatest 💯 British driver of all time 😀 👍 👌
ignacio vidal
ignacio vidal 11 dni temu
Si se dan cuenta está diciendo que le ganó al mejor del mundo. Es por eso que dice que es el mejor para aumentar su ego que sigue siendo más grande que el
Colby's Coldsore
Colby's Coldsore 11 dni temu
Too bad he ran. Could have been up there with Lewis competing to beat records. What a waste of talent.
Patrick Manzumbu
Patrick Manzumbu 11 dni temu
Everytime you put Hamilton and rosberg in the same sentence, rosberg IS happy cause he get free advertising. And he desesperatly needs it.
Black Girls Rock
Black Girls Rock 10 dni temu
Truth! Riding on Lewis’s coattails like the coward he is! 🤡
jealva 11 dni temu
Lewis he earned his place in the pantheon with Michael, Fangio and Senna but ’ll just roll out this thought for discussion: if Alonso had gone to Mercedes, he would likely have won his 8th or 9th title this year. Would anyone else have gotten 6 of 7 in that Merc? Verstappen was too young so he wouldn’t have been there from the start. I’m not sure that Vettel could have maximized the Merc since he is quick in the right car but he still lacks the race craft of Hamilton or Alonso. Still, Vettel would likely have won at least two or three more titles since in 2014-2016 and 2019-2020, only the Mercs could win the WDC. It’s a hypothetical discussion and Hamilton’s achievements are to be applauded but who else could have been at that level in the Merc for 2014-2020? It would make for a great discussion over a nice pour of scotch.
jealva 10 dni temu
@Ren I think Alonso had a good relationship with Renault and Ferrari for the first 4 years (turmoil with management and a horrible 2014 car made for a bad final year). I think most of his rep comes from the blowup at McLaren. I respect his desire to win. I can’t imagine any F1 driver is any different other than maybe Ricciardo who seems like the most unique driver personality, but he’s still an absolute killer when the visor is down. Remember that Hamilton and Rosberg were toxic together at Mercedes as were Vettel and Webber.
Ren 10 dni temu
Would Alonso have been the right driver for the job, though? He’s undoubtedly fast, but he’s never had a good relationship with his teams.
A A 11 dni temu
Not an, the
Matty 12 dni temu
Least Nico don’t hold onto grudges unlike someone else.
Adam Khan
Adam Khan 12 dni temu
Yet nico beat them both do doesnt that make him the greatest? Lol
Alioune James SENGHOR
Alioune James SENGHOR 12 dni temu
Nico will spend the rest of his life talking about Lewis Hamilton
Black Girls Rock
Black Girls Rock 10 dni temu
And riding his coattails to try to stay relevant! So pathetic...🤮
Maurice Motors
Maurice Motors 12 dni temu
Ros was just bashing Him a race or 3 ago -_-
Raja Ilman Daniel
Raja Ilman Daniel 12 dni temu
Man do i hate Nico because I'm Lewis fan? Yes Do i love him that he competing for Championship with Lewis given that they are teammates? i LOVE it! I always think Nico retired when he won the Championship because of the pressure of the whole thing to do it and for the sake of his family. Its immense for both of them. Remember both Lewis and Nico were the best friends, they are quite close and so happy to drive together in one team. Remembering back the radio during Abu Dhabi Nico just mentioning his wife that they finally they did it. Its taking a toll on both driver really. i remember from 2014-2016 season the media and social media will just bombard them with questions and whatnot. Would i want to see Nico still driving now? yeah i always think Nico and Lewis bring the best of each other and the only one who really challenged Lewis consistently. Its not easy to grab a pole, Win and even a Championship from Lewis and doing it in the same car in a same team.
Peter King
Peter King 12 dni temu
If Nico was still Hamilton's team mate he wouldn't have won so many races and Bottas is not strong enough.
Black Girls Rock
Black Girls Rock 10 dni temu
Lewis beat him in 2014 and 2015 what are you talking about? Lewis use to SMASH him in karting!
Kronos Sheldon
Kronos Sheldon 12 dni temu
Very classy Nico - your comments will elevate your stature in many peoples eyes from now on.
Grit Schniske
Grit Schniske 12 dni temu
Nico, du spielst ein falsches Spiel....
James Gulland
James Gulland 12 dni temu
Love Nico and I am a Hamilton fan.
Rehan Naeem
Rehan Naeem 12 dni temu
to beat him, you have to cheat by crashing intentionally as in monaco
Black Girls Rock
Black Girls Rock 10 dni temu
Cousin Billy
Cousin Billy 12 dni temu
I think if Rosberg had kept racing we wouldn’t be celebrating Hamilton as one of the greats, clearly Nico is a much greater talent but sadly for us he has a life too and doesn’t need to prove himself, he’s comfortable just knowing he is much better.
Black Girls Rock
Black Girls Rock 10 dni temu
Yes Nico is MUCH better that’s why he had to use illegal car modes, switch out Lewis’s mechanics, crash into him, demand his car setup data and had to capitalize on Lewis’s DNFs to win! Yup! CLEARLY better! Plus obviously Nico won the 2014 and 2015 championships...oh wait....🤡
David Deshpande
David Deshpande 12 dni temu
0:13 Omg this superbike, must see this plpost.info/chat/qq3apZnTrWlumn4/wideo.html
hostoouu 12 dni temu
Michael : I have 7 world champ Lewis : I have 7 now Nico : I beat both of them in the same car.
Nitin Singh
Nitin Singh 12 dni temu
Nico beat both Michael and Louis in the same Car...and always better n fair Driver than Louis
HonoraryGreek 12 dni temu
Nice to hear this, because it seemed that there was a bad blood between such good friends when Nico won the championship. Hopefully they're now back to being 'thick as thieves' as they always were.
Karl Stevens
Karl Stevens 12 dni temu
Anyone else think Lewis needs a stronger team mate ??
Drew James
Drew James 12 dni temu
I respect Nico’s humbleness towards Hamilton. He shows a lot of respect for him, but let’s be honest, if Lewis didn’t have the number of retirements he had in 2016 he would of clearly won the world championship that year. All credit to Nico tho. Still has a better record than Bottas.
Black Girls Rock
Black Girls Rock 10 dni temu
Nico is just riding Lewis’s coattails for publicity! Anyone realize that Lewis lobbies for sustainability and now Nico does too! Lewis started his own Extreme race team and now Nico has his own team too? What next? Nico braids his hair?🙄
mickb1971b 12 dni temu
Respect to nico🇬🇧😁♥️👍
Steev 12 dni temu
Nico has still F1 left in him, bottas is just awful whilst having the same car
SugoiRyan 12 dni temu
If Rosberg competed with Hamilton in 2017-2018 I wonder what happened lol
Jonteh Hel
Jonteh Hel 12 dni temu
Mad respect Nico! I would also be proud if I beat Lewis. Job well done!
Hima Nukathoti
Hima Nukathoti 12 dni temu
Just here for the comments...😂❤️
KETAN KUMAR 12 dni temu
No doubt he is one of the best ever..but people overrate him ..he is top 5 at max
Black Girls Rock
Black Girls Rock 10 dni temu
Berdugo Socials
Berdugo Socials 12 dni temu
Could have been 8 title if not because of that guy they’re interviewing 😄
jimmy jones
jimmy jones 12 dni temu
Loool yeah no kidding he’s an all time great 😂
Omar Ali
Omar Ali 12 dni temu
He put his car in the back HAHAHAHAHA
Bob Obo
Bob Obo 12 dni temu
its the 1800 x 1013 for me
Cerne Uffington
Cerne Uffington 12 dni temu
There is no doubt that Lewis is one of the best, Second only to the great Nigel Hill. Who would have won twice as many championships as Lewis, but unfortunately, he became too fat to fit in the car.
Nicolas Wéwé
Nicolas Wéwé 12 dni temu
No he just have the best car ever made. Stop eating balls nico
Sharon 13 dni temu
I love the fact that Lewis is getting the recognition he deserves, people say its the car but it still has to be driven flatout with pin point accuracy race after race. I've been a big F1 and motorsport fan for about 40 years and what Lewis has achieved through out his racing career is just astonishing.
Ebenezer 13 dni temu
He has the potential. Would have been awesome for F1 had he stayed with Mercedes till date. Would have been an epic battle till today.
afe nijmeijer
afe nijmeijer 13 dni temu
Can't argue with Rosberg's summary. Johnny Rea has won more races than Lewis Hamilton in his chosen sport, WSBK. Close though.
Russ Serpico
Russ Serpico 13 dni temu
Sergio almost beat him, with half the car Lewis had. Max? Max hasn't accomplished a thing.
Dimitris 13 dni temu
"what does it take to beat him Nico?" "It took a lot of effort and commitment. I agreed that i wanted nothing more or nothing less than just once to be World Champion like my dad was and then i would retire. I understand what followed was completely an unethical practice, but the humiliation of being a Rosberg without a world title was unbearable. Besides Lewis as i was sure of and you all now witnessed would go ahead and win a lot more. Yet, because there was no way I would achieve that on equal terms as Hamilton has been whooping my ass since karting days, thankfully the connections of my father inside the team and few million dollars did the trick and Lewi's engine eventually failed more times than all the other Mercedes powered cars together in that season." As you have noticed prior 2016 and after, Mercedes power units have rarely failed if ever. I did the best job i could and took the victories on those races, tried to force him off the track on some occasions and yet he was that good that the title had to be decided on the last race.
Black Girls Rock
Black Girls Rock 10 dni temu
Cheating, illegal car modes, switching our Lewis mechanics, crashing into him and Lewis ‘mysterious mechanical issues’....
Quin CG
Quin CG 13 dni temu
Like we need him to tell us.🙄
Black Girls Rock
Black Girls Rock 10 dni temu
Exactly! Only riding on Lewis’s coattails to be relevant!🤮
meownow21 13 dni temu
Nico is the greatest!
Igehay Nation
Igehay Nation 13 dni temu
Nico is only relevant because he beaten Lewis if he won the title against any other driver he wouldn’t have got this recognition
Black Girls Rock
Black Girls Rock 10 dni temu
IlConteSky - SimRacing Content
IlConteSky - SimRacing Content 13 dni temu
Damn that Google Images background tho 🔥
avarmauk 13 dni temu
Lewis potentially has 10 championships in him. But all depends if he wants to or not.
Chasing Adventures
Chasing Adventures 13 dni temu
Lewis Hamilton even was Faster than the Stig, which Stig time was on Dry in the Reasonably Priced Car in Top Gear, and Lewis broke Stig time in the Wet. I actually think Nico could still race and still be competitive. Saw his confidence on the LMP-Prototype electric vehicle
Lernaean 13 dni temu
If Hamilton is like Schumacher, Senna and Fangio, does that make Rosberg like Barrichello, Prost and Ascari?
Lernaean 10 dni temu
@eoe123321 My apologies, Rubens never beat Schumacher in a WDC, unlike Rosberg, Prost and Ascari and their respective rivals.
eoe123321 10 dni temu
C'mon I am brazilian but Runs is not in the same level as those .... thats just reaching lol
Paul 11 dni temu
Nico had the luck on his side that season for sure, but you can easily contrast that to the bad luck he had the seasons before that. Still a well deserved champion. Looking at Bottas this year, I dont think you could say, given the same opportunity and luck, that he too would beat Hamilton.
OmarMcKing89 12 dni temu
Nico Rosberg is maybe not at same level of Prost, but better than Barrichello and similar to Ascari, as well Alonso, Räikkönen, etc. Nico is a good deserved Champion. Said by an huge Hamilton-fan
Velizar Stephanoff
Velizar Stephanoff 12 dni temu
Prost is the same level as Senna, Schumacher and Hamilton. My opinion about Rosberg is that he is midiocre champion he beat Lewis but those who watched the season know that Lewis was better.
Jerry Socmed
Jerry Socmed 13 dni temu
false notification at 5:15 hahahaa
danmar007 13 dni temu
You can't do better than winning the championship by winning the race.
Les Hardley
Les Hardley 13 dni temu
"What does it take Nico to beat Hamilton?" Nico: "Just make sure he has an unprecedented amount of mechanical issues that year"😉😉🤣🤣
Black Girls Rock
Black Girls Rock 10 dni temu
And crashing into him, using illegal car modes, switching out his mechanics and demanding his car setup data....🤣 simple old cheating too...
king kwasi
king kwasi 12 dni temu
Perfect response
ሓንቲ ኤርትራ
ሓንቲ ኤርትራ 13 dni temu
Nico's "Heated" congratulations to LH44!
hellomadet 13 dni temu
Hybrid era f1 is the best of all time too? Don't get me wrong i have witnessed two legends that have won 7 world champion titles each.Drivers are measured by their rivals and last season's Levis didn't have any really.
J M 13 dni temu
He cannot be classed as a great until he has had some proper competition.
J M 10 dni temu
@Black Girls Rock im not comparing lewis to micheal, there is no point. Alonso is very good but implodes mentally, Jenson was lucky and God know how Nico managed his, he could barely compete with Mark Webber! Please read my previous comments. I think Lewis is brilliant, I really do, but through circumstances not of his own making he has had the best car for the past 7 years. In his first 6 years at mclaren he won 21 races, at mercdes he has won 73. Surely that tells you all you need to know? Oh and why the hell are you bringing race into it, thats discusting! You should he ashamed you mentioned the colour of his skin. This isn't an argument about race perception if a racing driver. Its about his perceived ability when all is NOT equal.
Black Girls Rock
Black Girls Rock 10 dni temu
So Alonso, Jenson and Nico are not ‘proper competition’? Excuse you but all 3 were WDC! How much ‘proper competition’ do you need? By the way, Lewis didn’t have to crash into people to win races and championships, demand team orders or he didn’t have written into his contract that his teammates couldn’t race him! Schumacher did all of that! It’s interesting that you salty Lewis haters consider Kimi, Sebastian and Alonso as ‘greats’ in the sport but they all have less WDC than Lewis and they won their championships with ONE TEAM! Lewis won at Mclaren and Mercedes yet Lewis isn’t ‘one of the greats’! Utter double standards! Why does the black champion have to do ‘extra’ in order to be considered great? Kimi has ONE WDC and is a legend while Lewis has SEVEN and isn’t? 🙄
Niro shan
Niro shan 12 dni temu
@J M everyone has the right to agree to disagree and iam not pushing you to think Hamilton is greatest ever and if you think he is not it’s perfectly fine and I respect your opinion but the reason I said Senna was best ever is that evernthough practically the greatest of all time never work but deep down in everyone heart there might be a special person whom you think probably possess the best of best talent it’s like battle between your Brain and Heart as your Brain says that GOAT argument is flawed and pointless but your heart says when a F1 driver who outclassed other legends and made them look amateur and fought against the politics of F1 and his legacy and his driving style that influenced many including Hamilton and the way he tamed those monstrous cars which are physically demanding which makes me think the long good days of pure racing in F1 are gone man who revolutionised the sport before Schumacher was the reason I hold him high and yes he is a flawed hero and yes he is not clean driver like Hamilton and Senna did some dirty tactics but somehow the raw talent and personality he brought to the F1 is unparalleled until Schumacher came and you might dislike Senna but he is still loved by millions of F1 fans across the globe its absolutely fine if you don’t think Hamilton is great but as I repeatedly said it not about winning title but having coming from not so wealthy background and worked hard with passion to get there in Racing Dominated the Karting and GP2 in equal cars and as a rookie in McLaren who most of them thought including Ron Dennis that Hamilton’s probably half a second slower than Two time defending champion Alonso who thought to be the next big thing in F1 back then and in the end outclassed Alonso overall (though shared same points) fair and square itself a huge achievement and it’s totally unprecedented in the sports itself and talent alone he is something unique and special
J M 12 dni temu
@Niro shan Niro! You cannot argue with me about my opinion that Hammilton is not the greatest ever and agree that it youn cannot compare then proclaim Senna as the greatest ever. Over the 2 drivers you can say that Senna and Schumacher were more unfair than Lewis is.
Niro shan
Niro shan 12 dni temu
@J M I won’t call Hamilton best ever but yes Hamilton has car advantage but Racepace is the thing you cannot teach it’s something an ultra instinct. The main reason Nico Rosberg struggled against Hamilton barring 2016 is that despite having the best car he was only great at one lap pace and his qualifying is amazing almost as good as Hamilton but he struggled in every other areas like tyre management Racecraft and his pace is not on the level of Hamilton and finally he is bad at wet weather racing and the reason he won the title is that once he gets the pole he is so good at driving in clean air while there were so much times when he dropped down he could not pass the car in a dirty air and struggled in traffic while there are more times Hamilton proved he is extremely good at overtaking and wheel to wheel racing something Rosberg lacks and Rain is the great neutraliser and it negates the car advantage and Hamilton proved so many times he is really a master and consistently finds the grip in those tough circumstances where other drivers struggled. On the whole with the exception of Ayrton Senna almost all of them had virtually had no competition that includes both Prost( great Racecraft he had but was a shrewd politician inside F1 and also has the ability to win championship only in best car) and Schumacher. and I don’t believe in Greatest of all time because you cannot compare differently era and differences machineries but if I have to pick one who is the best ever is definitely AYRTON SENNA
hahaha hahahaha
hahaha hahahaha 13 dni temu
I think some people kinda already predict that he would equal Micheal achievement in number of championships. Idk but to me it's not a surprise. He's got the fastest car and he's really fast.
Suzuki Hayabusa
Suzuki Hayabusa 13 dni temu
Amazing driver. In my opinion if Nico was still on that second Merc things would be harder for Lewis. Love them both!!!!
Abu Tahir
Abu Tahir 13 dni temu
Difference between nico and button Nico gives his honest opinion and praises lewis without praising himself
Black Girls Rock
Black Girls Rock 10 dni temu
Elliott Wardle
Elliott Wardle 13 dni temu
Nico was teammates with both Schumi and Lewis and at one point beat them both! 👏
Craig Heslop
Craig Heslop 13 dni temu
Say's the petulant little man who threw his cap at Lewis 😆
Black Girls Rock
Black Girls Rock 10 dni temu
PRIS 13 dni temu
I hope Nico was able to pick up the phone and call him personally
Black Girls Rock
Black Girls Rock 10 dni temu
Hope Lewis told him to F off!
dingdong 13 dni temu
Man, Nico and Lewis are both so amazing. Such a shame that their fans believe that need to antagonize the other driver in order to elevate their own.
david Ingvaldsen
david Ingvaldsen 13 dni temu
Reporter: "You are one of the only two team mates to beat him, what does it take to beat him then Nico?" *Valteri takes notes*
Matt Tarrant
Matt Tarrant 13 dni temu
I beg Hamilton and Rosberg actually race one time in the Extreme E series
Matt Tarrant
Matt Tarrant 13 dni temu
What do you need to beat Lewis? Have his engine blow up when he’s leading
Matt Tarrant
Matt Tarrant 13 dni temu
Nico could have been a multiple time world champion if Hamilton didn’t overshadow him. He deserves more respect from the fans
Matt Tarrant
Matt Tarrant 10 dni temu
@Black Girls Rock I completely agree, Lewis is the GOAT
Black Girls Rock
Black Girls Rock 10 dni temu
Could of would of should of........Lewis kicked his ass from their karting days....
Blaise 13 dni temu
Woman: "Nico, you know HIM well. What drives HIM?" Nico: "We are ultra competitive." Me: It's not about you Nico 📢
Hand Solo
Hand Solo 13 dni temu
Well, how the hell would anybody other than Lewis know what drives Lewis? A person can only speak from their own perspective, so maybe they shouldn't ask such stupid questions. Nico should have gone all Kimi and said "I don't know, ask him."
Quick To Reason
Quick To Reason 13 dni temu
nico said it best.
Tony Haven
Tony Haven 13 dni temu
"I don't like coming second" yes I met his girlfriend once and she confirmed
Tony Haven
Tony Haven 13 dni temu
If Vettel got the Mercedes seat 5 years ago I reckon Seb could also have 7 titles, so many variables in this sport
Black Girls Rock
Black Girls Rock 10 dni temu
Not with Lewis as a teammate he wouldn’t! Sebastian’s Ferrari was almost equal to the Mercedes in 2017 & 2018 and he still couldn’t beat Lewis! Hell Sebastian can’t even outperform Daniel or now Charles!🤣
jitender kumar
jitender kumar 13 dni temu
senna is a real 🐐
アシュラフ【ashyboii】 13 dni temu
Everyone in the comments be arguing how Lewis is better than Rosberg. Isn’t that obvious? That someone with 7x WDC is better than one? Also you all need to grow up saying Rosberg stole the title and such. Reliability plays a massive part in this sport so deal with it. And don’t forget that Rosberg had engine troubles in 2014 Abu Dhabi so it’s even stevens in my eyes.
999 Ali
999 Ali 13 dni temu
Who. is the other beat lewis hamilton. Lolzz
danguee1 13 dni temu
We all know why Nico talks Lewis up: it's so that - without spelling it out, all obvious like - he can imply that he, Nico, must be amazing also to run him so close and even beat him one year.....
Black Girls Rock
Black Girls Rock 10 dni temu
His pathetic narcissism is so repulsive...
Gábor Miklay
Gábor Miklay 13 dni temu
01:42 Nico beating Lewis is very different from someone beating up somebody, isn't it? 👍 Insightful English 😀
Origins of The Silver War (COMPLETE)
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MAGAZYN FORTUNA 1. LIGI - 14. kolejka (2020/21)
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