Bottas beats Hamilton to Emilia Romagna Grand Prix pole! | Bottas, Hamilton & Verstappen reactions

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Miesiąc temu

Valtteri Bottas will star the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix in pole position after a fantastic qualifying session saw him pip teammate Lewis Hamilton and Red Bull's Max Verstappen.
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Rakibu Ibn Swaibu
Rakibu Ibn Swaibu Miesiąc temu
Congratulations #Lewis_hamilton. It's great honour for Britain. Keep Winning....🏆🎖
Patrick Dwyer
Patrick Dwyer Miesiąc temu
MAX HAVE THE BEST THIRD PLACE CAR.EVERY DRIVER COULD GET THIRD IN THAT CAR.NEED to change the law so other driver can come third.
Awesome Sauce27
Awesome Sauce27 Miesiąc temu
Why is it when Hamilton gets pole your title is “Hamilton claims pole” or “Hamilton seizes pole” but when Botha’s gets pole it is “Bottas beats Hamilton”?
Smithy of 98
Smithy of 98 25 dni temu
Because Hamilton has the record? He is literally the person to beat when it comes to pole position laps.
J D D Miesiąc temu
Love you Bottas . You are so human 💞
Si Dog Ducati
Si Dog Ducati Miesiąc temu
Hamilton following his usual script if hes not on pole. Team mate on pole: My lap was terrible Other team on pole: I got the absolute maximum out of the car but we're not as fast as them. Also get in excuses how you cant overtake, then proceed to overtake teammate the next day
Dez Myson
Dez Myson Miesiąc temu
Where is Ted's wrap/ teds quail notebook ?
Ted Perez
Ted Perez Miesiąc temu
merc 1-2! constructor's in the bag!!
Alasdair Duncan
Alasdair Duncan Miesiąc temu
Rafiki Miesiąc temu
Hamilton is about to break his own record tomorrow
santeri viljanen
santeri viljanen Miesiąc temu
This Emilia Romagna Grand Prix makes me always think some woman is driving and is doing super good as a replacement for some 1 whit corona lol .
Jaziri Mongi
Jaziri Mongi Miesiąc temu
James Hillier
James Hillier Miesiąc temu
Hamilton always says he did a poor lap when he gets beaten fair and square. You can tell by his embarrassed laugh he is lying. He went green, yellow, purple. Yeah mate 'piss poor' #stayhumble
James Hillier
James Hillier Miesiąc temu
It does mean slower but what's the betting in was only fractionally slower than his best for that sector. It was his best lap of the weekend and everyone was in the same boat.
Hidden Ace
Hidden Ace Miesiąc temu
Yellow means its a slower sector, right? [edit] even Bottas said nobody put in a perfect lap, probably due to the lack of practice on this track
Rick Miesiąc temu
Shut up.
Jay Wigley
Jay Wigley Miesiąc temu
How did Hamilton get away with saying “piss poor lap” 😂😂
Lourdes Guevarra
Lourdes Guevarra Miesiąc temu
Bottas took the qualifying, so why Lewis still gets the final and better interview?
Rafiki Miesiąc temu
Haha... Maybe you wan a timer on the answers so everyone has an equal amount of time to speak
Rick Miesiąc temu
Better interview? Making something out of nothing.
Furaha Ruhiu
Furaha Ruhiu Miesiąc temu
Maybe cause he talked longer?😂😂 remember Finn's are people of few words
Roaring Lion
Roaring Lion Miesiąc temu
Max”not a lot of grip” verstappen Lewis”my tyres are gone”Hamilton Valterri “ close the gap to Lewis”bottas
G T Miesiąc temu
YES! YES! Thank you guys
Roy Szweda
Roy Szweda Miesiąc temu
Same old front trio... what a shame someone else cannot get a look in. F1 is now a distant second or third after Indy and MotoGP... Maybe I am getting old but the commentary team sounds tired and over-cliched. Truly have no idea what Brundy is on about most of the time... "carrying too much speed"? The car under him... where else would it be? They should remember that their commentary is part of a subscription only service.... it is getting less and less value for money.
XTbum333 Miesiąc temu
We all know how it's going to end.
Kathan Gor
Kathan Gor Miesiąc temu
Lewis said it is going to be boring so what can WE expect
Steven Samuel
Steven Samuel Miesiąc temu
If there's no crashes, it's gonna be madly boring
Rafiki Miesiąc temu
Not sure but you can expect Antonio to make some good overtakes at the start, Stroll too. A lock up from Albon and Seb to spin or make contact in the first few corners
billandyeng Miesiąc temu
Some RED flags and a bit of rain!!
Filipe Futre Sá
Filipe Futre Sá Miesiąc temu
DeWeberis Miesiąc temu
Senna liked this lap 😜
Donal Geaney
Donal Geaney Miesiąc temu
Say what you want about Bottas but he does everything Mercedes need from a teamate to Lewis. You got to appreciate him especially when you see Albon, Ocon, latifi, Kvyat and Vettel getting wiped by their teamates in qualifying and he’s up against the possible goat in F1.
Jamin 3 dni temu
@Blufferfish089 When you have the second best car, you must finish at least 3...
Blufferfish089 3 dni temu
@Jamin you mean when he was at Mclaren? You mean when he was teammates with, and beat, back to back championship winner and incredibly in form Alonso? You mean when despite having maybe not the best car, he’s never failed to finish top 5 in the Drivers championship, even in his rookie season? Idk about you but winning the F2 and then getting top5 on your debut season is incredibly far from “nowhere” imo
Donal Geaney
Donal Geaney Miesiąc temu
@Car Focused y’a unfortunately it makes more sense to keep Bottas as long as Lewis is giving the business for them rather than bring in Russell. It would be amazing to see what George could do. It’s amazing how close Bottas gets in qualifying but is never able to match Lewis in the races on a consistent basis.
Jamin Miesiąc temu
@Car Focused Cowards
Sard Engineering
Sard Engineering Miesiąc temu
It’s not often you get to see Lewis partake in mind game, but when it’s this transparent it makes you think. Good on Bottas for taking care of business and dishing it out as good as he gets it, two can play the sand-bag game; no worries 🍻
Mark BPH
Mark BPH Miesiąc temu
i cant understand red bull not bringing piere gasley back to red bull next year. he has been sensational. absolutely sensational....! if you think of who has been driving really well this year.... youd say hamilton... ricardo... perez... verstappen.... and youd have to throw gasley in there....!
Donal Geaney
Donal Geaney Miesiąc temu
@senne17 amm he has 80 points in that Renault including a podium ? Ocon who’s a decent driver has 40 ?
senne17 Miesiąc temu
Gasly!!! not gasley and Ricciardo!! not ricardo
Tango Miesiąc temu
Red Bull builds the car around Max. Albon and Gasly has shown they are unable to match Verstappen pace in the same car. It seems like Alpha’s car is easier to drive or built around Gasly. I believe Gasly staying at Alpha is the right move and will be beneficial to all parties involved.
Donal Geaney
Donal Geaney Miesiąc temu
I don’t think Perez has been amazing tbh ? Bottas has been right on Lewis in qualifying every week. They must have one of the smallest time deficits in qualifying.
dtoften Miesiąc temu
Hamilton has a history of passing Bottas. He can't hold P1.
fckingkim Miesiąc temu
Damnit! You were right.
Veres Andrei
Veres Andrei Miesiąc temu
Renault should learn 😂
Shimeih Miesiąc temu
@Jaziri Mongi trust me Lewis hasn't killed the sport in any way. I actually commend him for pushing himself to his full potential even though he has the best team behind him. That's what a sportsman does. Blame Formula 1 and FIA for killing the sport.
quattrors5 Miesiąc temu
@Patrick Speight-Guzman F Bottas and the rest LH for 100+ race wins and 7+++ Championships, get it all in ya ass
Patrick Speight-Guzman
Patrick Speight-Guzman Miesiąc temu
He should crash and give bottas the win
Mekrabb Miesiąc temu
Hamilton comes off very likeable in this interview.
Dieter Games
Dieter Games Miesiąc temu
That’s a first in a long time
Patrick Speight-Guzman
Patrick Speight-Guzman Miesiąc temu
He is sound
Jamin Miesiąc temu
@Roaring Lion He plays a game, it's just a fact
Jamin Miesiąc temu
@Roaring Lion You didn't tell me your problem
Roaring Lion
Roaring Lion Miesiąc temu
@Jamin “Hamilton plays a game” wtf is ur problem
Rahul Ganesh
Rahul Ganesh Miesiąc temu
Gasly gone a win again 🤟
Lee Illman
Lee Illman Miesiąc temu
I only listen to max
Rick Miesiąc temu
Listen to your mum.
Roaring Lion
Roaring Lion Miesiąc temu
@Prashik Jadhav u love someone that takes the mick out of people with Down syndrome and someone that calls drivers retards ??
Lee Illman
Lee Illman Miesiąc temu
Because the cars the star
Prashik Jadhav
Prashik Jadhav Miesiąc temu
Fanboying, I know because I do it as well, Love Max !!
Roaring Lion
Roaring Lion Miesiąc temu
Cricket England
Cricket England Miesiąc temu
Means nothing, let see what happens race day,
Mark Johnson
Mark Johnson Miesiąc temu
Bottas has a chance here I think ✊🏼
billandyeng Miesiąc temu
Chance to lose the race you mean?
Awesimo Miesiąc temu
I imagine he'll get mauled by Hamilton once his tires go off though. Imola should be a bit of a tire buster.
Chandra Shekar
Chandra Shekar Miesiąc temu
Red bull again pulling off a miracle by fixing Max's car under 10 min
Valery Sehbai
Valery Sehbai Miesiąc temu
it was 3 min .... i checked when they started fixing the car and then again when they finished. Unbelievable...
Roaring Lion
Roaring Lion Miesiąc temu
They have got red bull tho so it’s kinda cheating 😉
Trance 9
Trance 9 Miesiąc temu
Go Bottas!!!
Chandra Shekar
Chandra Shekar Miesiąc temu
Finish first in FP3-> second in Quali
Andy Lloyd
Andy Lloyd Miesiąc temu
Don't make a big deal of it he will just wave Lewis past at the start anyways like he always does. When will Mercedes put a reel racer in that car to challenge Lewis....oh thats right they don't want anyone to challenge Lewis
Donald Mackenzie
Donald Mackenzie Miesiąc temu
@DCFC 23 Glad he got lucky and give us a change.
DCFC 23 Miesiąc temu
Ever heard of Nico Rosberg?
Tanvir Hussain
Tanvir Hussain Miesiąc temu
Bottas is the third best driver on the grid dumbass
s s
s s Miesiąc temu
Like every top team in f1 ever
oliver crisp
oliver crisp Miesiąc temu
You clearly dont watch f1
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