Grosjean & Magnussen discuss Haas exit | Welcome to the Weekend | Portuguese Grand Prix

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F1 is back after a week off and what better way to start a weekend at the Algarve International Circuit than with a look ahead to the Portuguese Grand Prix action with Welcome to the Weekend! Romain Grosjean & Kevin Magnussen discuss their exit from the Haas team for 2021 whilst Lewis Hamilton talks beating Michael Schumacher's record and if it is on his mind.
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The Heartless Nobody
The Heartless Nobody Miesiąc temu
I love Gunter, he's so fun. Serious but a good laugh.
Saw64 Miesiąc temu
What’s makes this year so great is the different tracks !!! We can’t go bk to the same old every year !! They need to mix it up every year ! Not just the same old format
Pip Miesiąc temu
I don't for one minute believe that Lewis hasn't thought about the world record being within his grasp.
The White Wolf
The White Wolf Miesiąc temu
Played on this track a lot in Assetto Corsa Competizione and Project Cars 2 it's a really fun drivers track with 3 good overtaking corners and with DRS the long straight could be a 4th overtake spot. Dubai Autodrome is very similar and almost as fun to drive on. I wish FOM/Liberty would strike deals with hosts who own the better race tracks like Algarve International Circuit and Dubai instead of going to mediocre tracks whose owners just flash the cash to grab a slot on the calendar. The Portimao track was designed by Ricardo Pina and not Herman Tilke, I think the FIA should involve Pina in new circuit design more because i'm bored of Tilke's copy and paste approach to designing new tracks. I wonder how different Hanoi circuit would look with Pina behind the pencil probably wouldn't design something which copies elements from Baku, Suzuka, COTA and Shanghai.
Plymouth Rock
Plymouth Rock Miesiąc temu
No brainer for Haas, hulk and serg all day. Two drivers who could heal Haas climb the table
Plymouth Rock
Plymouth Rock Miesiąc temu
@bsrlbck2013 Haas doesn't need the money, didn't you know they almost collapsed as a business at the end of last year and again in March.I know in America Haas are a good and big team but there f1 side of the business is more like a franchise and struggle every year. You said yourself there not much money put towards there f1 arm of the business, not sure in the current climate if an f2 driver can bring the £30m or so Perez brings.
Plymouth Rock
Plymouth Rock Miesiąc temu
@bsrlbck2013 fair point, but one big thing you left out is the fact cheko brings decent investment with him and one thing Haas needs is money
Plymouth Rock
Plymouth Rock Miesiąc temu
@bsrlbck2013 why not checko
Danny Murray
Danny Murray Miesiąc temu
9:56 for the Haas interviews
Kevin Chua
Kevin Chua Miesiąc temu
LMAO... Lando's track comment was brilliant, "you go left, you go right sometimes, it's not difficult"... He's starting to sound like Kimi.
#sv5 Miesiąc temu
In a way
Mogster Kupo
Mogster Kupo Miesiąc temu
Why wouldn't one aspire to be like Kimi? 😂
Mountain Man
Mountain Man Miesiąc temu
Marty McFLY 1985
Marty McFLY 1985 Miesiąc temu
Americans fleeing F1 as fast as Meghan quit UK Chase Carey stepped back a free races ago and now Haas can't get their Ass out of F1 fast enough So let's settle down for yet another boring race Hamilton race's off never to be seen again Bottas holds 2nd position all race Max will give it Everything but finish 3rd While Seb and Charles wreck themselves fighting for 12th place
Tony Carroll
Tony Carroll Miesiąc temu
Hass I think Being Honest Have Been More that Paitent Wit Them I Thought They Should Have GONE YEARS ago intreasting To see How They Now Progrss At Hass!!! Tc Uk
Dan on bass
Dan on bass Miesiąc temu
Its lights out, and away we go!!
Dan on bass
Dan on bass Miesiąc temu
@S W and Mercedes win the constructors championship, completely shocking everyone throughout the paddock!!
S W Miesiąc temu
And it’s a Mercedes 1-2!
S W Miesiąc temu
Get in there Lewis!
mdark14 Miesiąc temu
What is go in on at the beginning of this video
Ed P
Ed P Miesiąc temu
Another week where they've cocked up the editing!
Ed P
Ed P Miesiąc temu
@bsrlbck2013 did you miss all the rehearsals at the start?
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