Ted reacts to Lewis Hamilton equalling Schumacher's record & speaks to Ricciardo | The Notebook

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Miesiąc temu

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In the latest episode of The Notebook, Ted Kravitz takes a look back at the Eifel Grand Prix where Lewis Hamilton equalled Michael Schumacher's Formula 1 wins record.
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CWATTYESOGamingForFun 28 dni temu
Okay is Ted nicking Lando’s jokes now in the Notebook? I noticed he couldn’t help but say Ferrari as he walked past two red forklifts.
Malcolm Middleton
Malcolm Middleton Miesiąc temu
Why has Lando Norris had to apologise for saying the truth about Hamilton i.e. He's in a car that should win every race. Let's get something straight... the two times Hamilton has a serious competitor in the same machinery Rosberg took a title and Button outpointed him over two years. He's a very good driver who had the luckiest break of any driver in F1 history by gambling on Mercedes. The flip side was that Button chose Maclaren and that wasn't even considered a gamble. Talk about sliding doors!
Donny Leong
Donny Leong Miesiąc temu
Ted is the best part of the race weekend!
Awesimo Miesiąc temu
Hamilton needs 2 more wins with Mercedes to equal Michael's win total with Ferrari (72). If anyone is interested.
Bally Sohal
Bally Sohal Miesiąc temu
Hamilton is the best of his generation same way mayweather is the best of his gen but not better then sugar ray and how Tyson was a beats but not greater then Ali and how pele was great every 4 years but isn’t better then messi. Lewis will go down as the greatest of his gen but not greater them Micheal as Micheal won 2 of his titles with Benetton a lesser team (McLaren wasn’t a lesser team) and also helped develop Ferrari and Mercedes F1(Ross brawn asked Micheal to Come back and help develop Merc F1). Also he developed the 430 scud which is the greatest v8 Ferrari (ask Chris Harris lol) Lewis is the geatest of his gen but like jordon, Ali Messi/Ronaldo, GSP... Micheal is the goat of F1!!!
Bally Sohal
Bally Sohal Miesiąc temu
Ferrari helmet, the greatest?? What a clown!!!
Phill Pidgeon
Phill Pidgeon Miesiąc temu
I hope the LH Do gooding lefty’s put that dog in quarantine
tasty rabbit
tasty rabbit Miesiąc temu
Ozzy flag shouldn't have this thing on the corner, Hamilton's obviously says the pimp
Jon Hollins
Jon Hollins Miesiąc temu
Sky commentators always sound salty about Lewis' achievements, reluctantly giving him plaudits and not recognising that Lewis also develops the car.
donepearce Miesiąc temu
Wow, a commentator who knows how to pronounce Kvyat! I get pissed off hearing Kivvyat.
jord hil
jord hil Miesiąc temu
charles leclerc a load of points, a handful of points and a modest amount😂😂😂not good enough ferrari
Paul Roberts
Paul Roberts Miesiąc temu
You sound so bitter. I guess you are a failed racing driver. If not go get another job
The Quadrasaurus
The Quadrasaurus Miesiąc temu
Oi Sky!!! NO!!! It’s teds notebook not just the notebook.
Neil Ferries
Neil Ferries Miesiąc temu
Schuey was also a cheat, fact.
Mcloving McMuffin
Mcloving McMuffin Miesiąc temu
Ted saying at the start it’s the car that’s aloud him to do it what a fool teds a complete idiot do your research ted Schumacher didn’t drive a tractor he drive a lot better car than everyone people like this need to leave the sport of f1 they are just brain dead or jellous
PunchDrunk_Critic Miesiąc temu
I'm not being funny but how can you not say this man is the GOAT? Records and achievements speak for themselves! He can still win titles for anther 3-4 years yet! Even if everyone on the grid had the Mercedes Lewis would still win a majority of those races! People say it's his car, bullsh¡t! Vettel only won his championships coz he had the best car you could say the same for Schumacher coz bennaton had the best car when he won his first 2 titles and firrari had the best car when he won his other 6 titles coz the year mclaren made a better car hakkenen won the title? But Lewis would come out on top 90% of the time if they all ran same car his ability and will to win is like nothing else this man is undoubtedly the greatest of all time!
Jackobite Miesiąc temu
To all the Hamilton haters dont sweat it, one day even Lewis records will be beaten. I hope Hes there to pass on one of his own helmets.
Thomas Campbell
Thomas Campbell Miesiąc temu
At least Lewis earns his wins. He races his team mates for wins unlike Michael who was gifted wins when his team mates were ordered to let him through to win.
Charles Leclerc Fan 16
Charles Leclerc Fan 16 Miesiąc temu
And crashed into others
Alexander Muchechetere
Alexander Muchechetere Miesiąc temu
The bias against Hamilton by Ted is actually appalling. He wasn't gifted all these wins by the car he worked for it even if the car is the best and its not Michael's day. Its HAMILTON'S
oakleaman Miesiąc temu
The bias against Hamilton by Ted Kravitz has been evident for years.
Nadine Hall
Nadine Hall Miesiąc temu
4:58 for doggy action
Twarken Miesiąc temu
“It’s the car that’s allowed Lewis Hamilton to rack up these records....” “Hamilton was gifted the win....” Ted, & Sky F1 team; what is your problem with LH? Every race you speak like you have a vendetta against him whilst failing to recognize the genius that he is, and the history that he is creating. Unbelievable.
Tyrone Harris
Tyrone Harris Miesiąc temu
@Twarken...The haters ALWAYS mention the car ??? funny how Alonso had the same car, Rosberg had the same car, now Bottas has the same car... just need someone to drive a good car in a good way, seems like Lewis to me.
George Carlier
George Carlier Miesiąc temu
No they don’t really, I think they just do it to appease the Hamilton haters. Cos we all know how angry they get when they see a man like lewis who came from a council estate in Stevenage beat an upper class german man
Betty Kamara
Betty Kamara Miesiąc temu
Stephen Gibb
Stephen Gibb Miesiąc temu
Hamilton stated when he saw bottas tyres were graining he decided to pressure him. Bottas was then forced to respond with tyres that were not upto the task and locked up into the corner. Hamilton pounced on bottas and beat him fair and square. Yet Ted Kravitz says it was a gift. Vettel was pressured into mistakes by Hamilton a couple of years ago and now they are regarded as vettle mistakes/gifts. You know what an unforced error is ? Crashing on driving to the grid on race day. locking up when your under immense pressure when your tyres are graining is not an unforced Error/Gift. Maybe give credit where due when your being chased by Hamilton relentlessly you could very well make forced errors trying to stay out of DRS range.
F1 #44
F1 #44 Miesiąc temu
Ted you are wrong it is not a Ferrari 2012 helmet it is a Mercedes helmet.
Zac Miesiąc temu
Anyone else see Kvyat run up to Daniel and tug him or something haha 20:11
Mj Razer
Mj Razer Miesiąc temu
Are you sure Ted that was a ferrari helmet schumacher wore thought it was a helmet he wore for mercedes even so congrats lewis
philip baker
philip baker Miesiąc temu
What a mealy mouthed appreciation of Lewis Hamiliton's achievement in equalling Michael Shumachers incredible record of 91 F1 wins. Hamilton showed great humility when he accepted, the surprise gift of a Michael Schumacher's helmet from Schumacher's son. Hamilton then gave the helmet its pride of place on the winners rostrum, alongside the equalising champion and winner of the day LEWIS HAMILTON in a show of great respect and humiliation My mother always told us, "If you cant say anything nice, then say nothing at all" Ted Kravitz needs to wake up and accept - (by all past judgement) - winning the most races and race championships makes you a great champion. Winning the most in both categories, must make you the WORLDS GREATEST CHAMPION.
Mini Mead3
Mini Mead3 Miesiąc temu
Isn’t a shoei supposed to be done only when you win?
Greg Mayled
Greg Mayled Miesiąc temu
You forgot Daniels naughty overtake around the outside of Leclerc. That was crucial to his podium.
TheMatheww94 Miesiąc temu
2:07 in his 2012 season where?
A m
A m Miesiąc temu
First Michel Schumacher set the bar high now Lewis Hamilton he going to make it even higher and harder to be break probably we may not see it in our life time for century to come
Lord Inter
Lord Inter Miesiąc temu
you need to start titling these "Teds Note Book:............" I nearly missed this one!
Ash Jilka
Ash Jilka Miesiąc temu
Doing a Kevin magnussen on Kevin magnussen haha
Steven A
Steven A Miesiąc temu
Ted Kravitz doing his best to play down what is an incredible achievement by Hamilton. He just can't give Lewis any form of kudos without his pathetic little caveats. I used to hear people say Ted didn't like Lewis and I thought it was just Lewis's fans being over-the-top, but the first eight minutes of this video clearly shows he has some kinda problem with Lewis winning.
Twarken Miesiąc temu
It’s unbelievable and difficult to watch. Ted & the Sky F1 team have a vendetta against Hamilton and it makes for uncomfortable viewing. Very disappointing to see.
V8Hilux Miesiąc temu
"Exactly the same car." Something which could never be said of Schueys Ferrari team mates... "EXACTLY the same car..."
tubehows4life Miesiąc temu
@Steven A Rubens dominated Button in 2008 and second half of 2009 and he was old and fat by then. Alonso and Hamilton didn't do better than Rubens.
Steven A
Steven A Miesiąc temu
@tubehows4life Barrichello as good as Alonso and Hamilton? At what exactly? Because it obviously wasn't racing. The more you write, the more ridiculous you show yourself to be. Stop embarrassing yourself.
tubehows4life Miesiąc temu
@Steven A Wrong on all counts. Ferrari only favour the leading driver, that's all. If Rubens was faster, they would favour him. Yes Schumacher did get a top quality teammate - Rubens was just as good as Alonso and Hamilton, but Schumacher dominated him. Hamilton couldn't even beat Button. Schumacher is more talented than Hamilton.
Steven A
Steven A Miesiąc temu
@tubehows4life you sound stupid. Ferrari have maintained a #1/#2 policy throughout the majority of their history. Did Schumacher ever have a teammate capable of competing at Ferrari? Lewis is a more gifted driver than Schumacher, even though Schumacher was an incredible driver
tubehows4life Miesiąc temu
@Steven A Schumacher's superiority made him number 1, not team policy. Lewis would have been like Rubens as Schumacher's teammate.
V8Hilux Miesiąc temu
It's TED's fkn Notebook baby!!! Best F1 show out there thats not the actual racing etc.
marc foskett
marc foskett Miesiąc temu
There is a mercedes logo on the helmet how did he get it wrong 🤣🤣🤣
Jazz Zsm
Jazz Zsm Miesiąc temu
Lewis didn't want to disrespect Michael or contradict the interviewer when he said Michael was Lewis's hero, so he went along with it as any sensible person would
Jazz Zsm
Jazz Zsm Miesiąc temu
Ted I'm dissapointed it's not Michael's day , its Lewis's and valteri made the mistake due to Lewis putting him under pressure as he was getting closer. And most importantly the car doesn't drive itself you need someone to get the best out of it and that person is Lewis. If it was anybody but Lewis, they would get all the praise. You will know what you miss when he's gone from the sport, like Michael didn't get his respect until he was gone, why wait till they are gone to show love
Daniel Thorneley
Daniel Thorneley Miesiąc temu
Lewis has been causing headlines ever since I got into this sport. In no way tho have I ever supported him. McLaren or Mercedes hes been a thorn in my teams side.... well done lad
Andy Laws
Andy Laws Miesiąc temu
well done lewis
mick martino
mick martino Miesiąc temu
Good driver,its the car that's gets the recognition
Sam M
Sam M Miesiąc temu
Action: Charles/Max overtakes Norris Ted and Brundle: Charles/Max has exceptional skills. Action: Lewis overtakes Ted and Brundle: That mercedes is the best car ever. The unconscious bias against Lewis is unprecedented from TV commentators. Their bias however gives the stewards and F1 fans a green light to make Hamilton an easy target.
Joe Fairbairn
Joe Fairbairn Miesiąc temu
Check out the channel 4 coverage, guys, they make up for any bias you see, trust me
Betty Kamara
Betty Kamara Miesiąc temu
yep they are the worst
SavP Miesiąc temu
Steven A yep me too!
Steven A
Steven A Miesiąc temu
Not just me who noticed it then
Peter Lee
Peter Lee Miesiąc temu
Ham Not Once has he had 2 Fight 4 anything all on a Plate .If its Not .He Tells Them .Same Old Same . Till Some Team Can Beat Them ?
Tom Wood
Tom Wood Miesiąc temu
I thought Micheal was with Mercedes in 2012 not Farrai
C. T
C. T Miesiąc temu
Did no1 else notice the cars behaviour when bottas leaving his pit stop?and then again when he hit the speed limit line at the end of the pitlane? Little details like that win you big on live betting
torbinzix1 Miesiąc temu
I saw the lock up on the formation lap and they do say once there's a slight flat spot, the tyre will always find it when braking and lock up.
wolfe1970 Miesiąc temu
No different to the 'gift' Lewis gave Bottas in the last race, only difference is the last race's gift wasnt Lewis's fault whereas this one was Bottas's fault
Eddie Adams
Eddie Adams Miesiąc temu
Ted is an ultimate legend..such a great guy..I wish had a chance to have a beer with him once..
rockartistet Miesiąc temu
The Schumacher helmet was race worn in a Mercedes not Ferrari
Simon Robinson
Simon Robinson Miesiąc temu
Still waiting to see if the f.i.a are giving Lewis a penalty for some silly reason maybe when he drove into the 1st metal board and drag it along 6 inches max did it but he does not get a penalty for because he only drag it 5 inches so he get away with no penalty for max of course not so a 5 second penalty for him, also using the das system in the wrong place afther the safely car so may 10 second let's say just to be safe.
Nel New
Nel New Miesiąc temu
It's crazy how they just don't want him to be great even by being the best of this Era.....this guy is just dominant that's pretty impressive Ferrari had many chances but missed them..redbull kept saying at every season's starts that they have the best car. Consistency is key he barely makes mistake or crash and has a team that follows. Why can't they just be happy... this is a crazy record
BELA GURUNG Miesiąc temu
Lewis Hamilton is the greatest Driver, Clean Driver,Don't play dirty game and a humble guy who never missed thanking his father and his Mercedes team. At the end you are the one ,who has to drive that car. But Lewis never takes credit for himself, which itself tells you he is grounded. Well done Lewis. Congrats. You deserve every win. Who ever tries to bring you down you answer them back,with your talent( WIN). Keep showing your talent. Bless you.👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏🤞🤞🤞🤞🙏🙏🙏💛🧡💚🤎💜
Tyrone Harris
Tyrone Harris Miesiąc temu
@Regenmeister...perhaps you could drink some Demestos if it's tasting that bad..."Kills Or Known Germs"
Bass Thomas
Bass Thomas Miesiąc temu
@Regenmeister Hamilton has yet received/taken 2 Michael Schumacher 's helmets, and you are still whining
Victor Williams
Victor Williams Miesiąc temu
@Regenmeister you can call it bulshit Michael's with a great driver he knew and did we had to do to win and Ferrari back them all the way when needed on curtains occasion they told massa to let Michael's through so that he could have the race wins this helped him to win many titles and that's not taking anything away from his wins or his titles, the differences at Mercedes although once or twice I have done give team orders they let their drivers race and Lewis is come out on top on many many occasions that is why you saying that it is ballshit is untrue am I personal belief Lewis is a better driver there Michael
Regenmeister Miesiąc temu
Bullshit. Hamilton isn't fit to clean Michael's racing boots.
Mark Isaac
Mark Isaac Miesiąc temu
I loved Nico's pre-race analysis of how you compete with Lewis and Bottas's chances. Lewis is a master of his race craft applying pressure enough to break Bottas and force the error compounded by pushing his car too much and breaking it. Stick a folk in it Bottas, you're championship hopes are done. Lewis haters can't accept the clear truth, he's peerless good or bad cars he deserves all the credit.
Stephen Tomlinson
Stephen Tomlinson Miesiąc temu
If you took Lewis out of the Mercedes and put verstappen in , Verstappen would probably win every race. If you put Lewis in a red bull beside verstappen then I think you would still get Lewis pipping him. Not on all the races but over the whole season Lewis would probably have a couple more wins then him or better placing. Even if Lewis was in a red bull or Renault and Verstappen was in a Mercedes I still think Lewis would break up the merc dominance. Bottas is a very good driver but doesn’t have the hunger of Lewis and Verstappen. For him to be the most dominant in that team he would have to get down and dirty like Rosberg did. The only trouble with that is it takes a lot more out of you hence why Rosberg quit. At some point Lewis will knock it on the head then the tide will sway. Will it be Red bull with Verstappen or could a new merc driver be there or even McLaren are looking reasonably consistent and with Norris and Riccardo they could be the team. One thing I’ve noticed is that none of the teams have managed to harvest and deploy there energy as well as Mercedes have .Ferrari looked like they had done it but they had a cheat on there car but because they basically run F1 that evidence has been swept under the carpet. With all the new rule changes coming up then things could all change again but Ferrari have been the biggest disappointment in the fact they couldn’t create a car to match merc . Well not without cheating.
Steven A
Steven A Miesiąc temu
People forget that Lewis is battle-hardened. He's raced with three world champions as teammates and has a better record than all of them. He would beat Max in the same setup, even if Max runs him close
KurdishZombie Miesiąc temu
8:20 😂😅 this guy is a walking meme
Rolston Holas
Rolston Holas Miesiąc temu
With two weeks between races, do the teams take all their equipment and motorhomes etc back to their country of origin and then go to Portugal or will they go straight to Portugal, from Germany, and store their equipment somewhere local?
David Copson
David Copson 29 dni temu
That question is from the gentleman at the back with the pink shirt.
Rolston Holas
Rolston Holas Miesiąc temu
Did Albon have to serve his 5sec penalty before the team could retire the car? They didn't seem to be in any hurry to get the car into the garage.
Gryph Lane
Gryph Lane Miesiąc temu
10:03 Charles Leclerc being downgraded from "a load of points" to "a modest amount of points" in three seconds flat. And if that's not a metaphor :D
JChimos 14747
JChimos 14747 Miesiąc temu
Ted's so so so cringey. But he's so knowledgable and nerdy with all the content that we love that i'm happy to tolerate it.
robin dowse
robin dowse Miesiąc temu
For all the Lewis haters out there including Ted Kravitz who couldn't have looked more pissed off having to talk about the possibility of Lewis being even a bit good. The reason Lewis is about to become the undisputed greatest driver of all time is that he is almost always capitalises on his team mates errors, whereas his team mates more often than not failed to capitalise on Lewis' rare mistakes. Pair that with his consistent points finishes (Did I mention rare mistakes) with 2 finishing streaks that are both longer than the best finishing streak of any other driver, great or otherwise including team mates in the SAME car. Its a bit like the Flat Earth brigade refusing to accept the Earth is round, Its just noise.
John Burfield
John Burfield Miesiąc temu
LH on a Sunday drive no compition once they shut down VB car what a farce roll on the day when lh is history so we can enjoy proper unspoilt men again
Phil Martin
Phil Martin Miesiąc temu
Shut up.
Simon Pedley
Simon Pedley Miesiąc temu
I love it when they say its the car that's allowed him to rack up all these wins, did Schumacher not have the best car in all his world championships? So are you saying Lewis is just some average Joe with a good car then lol? Thumbs up to Lewis, Thumbs down to Ted
Prince Miesiąc temu
Michael Dack
Michael Dack Miesiąc temu
Lewis Hamilton number one!
Robbie Morris
Robbie Morris Miesiąc temu
Isn't that coco not Roscoe?🤔😅
Krizz Bootz
Krizz Bootz Miesiąc temu
@Robbie Morris sorry about the bad news man.
Robbie Morris
Robbie Morris Miesiąc temu
@Krizz Bootz ahhh man really 😥
Krizz Bootz
Krizz Bootz Miesiąc temu
Nah man. Coco passed away.
Dogzy1980 Miesiąc temu
Jon Cook
Jon Cook Miesiąc temu
Congrats Lewis, keep proving the haters as the small minded morons that they are.
David Bell
David Bell Miesiąc temu
If Red Bull want to challenge Mercedes they need to sign Hulkenberg or Perez.
Ayanda Mabhena
Ayanda Mabhena Miesiąc temu
I think the Hulk deserves another shot. I think Perez should have a sit with one of the teams. I'm not too sure about Albon
Cristian Sandu
Cristian Sandu Miesiąc temu
was that Angela Cullen taking either Roscoe or Coco for a little spin 11 min and 5 secs into the video... :)
Cristian Sandu
Cristian Sandu Miesiąc temu
@Krizz Bootz I honestly was unaware of this... may it be that Coco rests in pace! Also, thank you for imparting your knowledge on me, it is very much appreciated. I shall do my homework next time.
Krizz Bootz
Krizz Bootz Miesiąc temu
Sorry to inform you but coco has padded away. That's Roscoe.
Greg Carpenter
Greg Carpenter Miesiąc temu
Schumacher helmet presented from 2012 with Ferrari is Ted just testing us. 🤪
Driving school Enjoy2drive
Driving school Enjoy2drive Miesiąc temu
Well done Lewis Hamilton.
TLACE01 Miesiąc temu
Muntu Blackson
Muntu Blackson Miesiąc temu
its the car Ted? Seriously? did Michael not have a race winning car? Your bias is showing
Skipping Baboon
Skipping Baboon Miesiąc temu
How can Kimi still enjoy racing F1? Its pretty easy. Most drivers on the grid would rather be dead last driving in F1 than not driving F1 at all. Like Grojean said last week, when you come to realise how amazing these cars are, with the aero package and the speeds these cars do, he would rather be at the back in F1 than winning in a lesser series, there is nothing like driving F1. Like also, I'm sure every F1 event they commentate, Martin Brundle, David Couthard and Johnny Herbert are wishing inside they could participate in that one last F1 race!
PhilsBlogs Miesiąc temu
2012 season with *Mercedes
Tatenda Mudzviti
Tatenda Mudzviti Miesiąc temu
Ferrari doors not working either.
ABR DubZ Miesiąc temu
Seeing Lewis play with rosko is so adorable
mrnovotny72 Miesiąc temu
I'd never imagined Ted as a fat TIE pilot before
Luqmaan Shakoor
Luqmaan Shakoor Miesiąc temu
Congratulations to Ricardo on your podium
TheHarfOfJarr Miesiąc temu
2:10 Mercedes*
Sheila Milne
Sheila Milne Miesiąc temu
You make it sound as if it’s just the car that made him win everything . Well if that’s the case you could say the same about Micheal .Well done Lewis .
Niftified Miesiąc temu
Ted's Notebook
eoin murphy
eoin murphy Miesiąc temu
as a real dog lover,I see here lh has little interest in this dog,like a lot of other things ,it seams to me its all about attention.
Tom Davies
Tom Davies Miesiąc temu
Valtteri's Engine... it's James ...
eoin murphy
eoin murphy Miesiąc temu
LH has only driven the very best cars,so no comparisans,I was told he was a real fast monkinoid,I dont know what that means,but I would say he is one of the best,if not the best of his generation.
1pr007 Miesiąc temu
Hey Ted, Schumacher had the best car too or did you forget lol
Matt Grant
Matt Grant Miesiąc temu
A gift?
Demonic FPV
Demonic FPV Miesiąc temu
Sky have been getting worse. More and more bias.
Muntu Blackson
Muntu Blackson Miesiąc temu
this was a shameful show by ted, the constant invalidation of lewis and mercedes by ted. first its "the car' then its das das das (cant blame merc for being more innovative than the other teams) then its a gift, but forgetting lewis had to put himself there to capitalise. pretty disaapointed with ted. Even Brundle quipped " he feels conflicted at lewis matching 91, when people talk about subtle bias, this is exactly what they mean. shameful of sky.
Matt Grant
Matt Grant Miesiąc temu
"It's the car" ted, seriously?
Matt Grant
Matt Grant Miesiąc temu
Ted you would make a great undertaker.
Matt Grant
Matt Grant Miesiąc temu
Chill down the spine and lackluster appear to be the same.
Matt Grant
Matt Grant Miesiąc temu
Sky F1 my subscription is finished. I will do everything I can to make sure my friends and family do the same.
Gamimg with Nath
Gamimg with Nath Miesiąc temu
13:45 "a stone punctured a hole in a radiator which punctured a hole in a radiator and punctured a hole in the radiator." Ah yes the news blooper "a fire killed 10 people in a fire which was so hot it killed 10 people last night in a fire which officials say killed 10 people." All over again. 🤣
Robert Bridge
Robert Bridge Miesiąc temu
ted needs his own PLpost channel
jastallion45 Miesiąc temu
He's got such amazing history of the sport would love to hear him speak.
Matt James
Matt James Miesiąc temu
its the helmet from schumachers 2012 mercedes not ferrari lol
V8Hilux Miesiąc temu
Glad someone else noted that... I mean, the big Merc badge front and centre was a bit of a give away Ted 🤣🤣
David Hamilton
David Hamilton Miesiąc temu
Bottas bad luck? Hamilton has been penalised twice that had cost him victories. If he didn't have bad luck, he'd have no luck.
KurdishZombie Miesiąc temu
@JChimos 14747 boring 😴
JChimos 14747
JChimos 14747 Miesiąc temu
Well... Lewis actually deserved those penalties. A power unit failure is not Bottas' fault. Lewis has a record of not noticing red lights so his entry into a closed pit lane is his fault. The practice starts were also his fault as he made the decision to go further up. Don't get me wrong, Lewis has had his fair share of bad luck. Probably more than anyone, especially in the earlier years of his career. But to not acknowledge Valtteri's bad luck in lieu of Lewis' deserved penalties is just bias. And I am a Lewis fan, more than anyone. Not just as a racer but as a person, the guy's a class act. I just think Valtteri Bottas is too and he deserves better.
Hobgoblin Miesiąc temu
Congratulations Lewis from a Stevenage guy.
John Glynn
John Glynn Miesiąc temu
mark pass
mark pass Miesiąc temu
It’s the car that has allowed him to rack up this record?...while Schumacher did it how exactly?..in a Ferrari that was the donkey of the field..in A Benetton that didn’t have illegal driver aids that he didn’t use..they just happened to be in the car..but Briatore said they couldn’t prove they were used in the races?..
The Grey Ham Channel
The Grey Ham Channel Miesiąc temu
@mark pass it was the car for Schumacher too. Plus unlimited testing. Plus compliant team mates. Plus running others off the track. Something Hamilton has never had to resort to.
mark pass
mark pass Miesiąc temu
Paul Wood Compete?..in a race?....no..after you...and sorry for being in your way 👋👋
Paul Wood
Paul Wood Miesiąc temu
Under a contract that didn't allow the second driver to compete ...
Victor Williams
Victor Williams Miesiąc temu
I don't know but does anyone else think that bottas broken under tthe pressure of have Lewis on his ass that made him have that lock up don't get me wrong I do like bottas and I think he's a great racing driver just not as good as Lewis .
Victor Williams
Victor Williams Miesiąc temu
@V8Hilux once more your reply is on the ball. one day Lewis will walk away it will be a sad day in the life of Mercedes but they have to look at the future from now and that future has Russells name written all over it, I may be as this is just my opinion but what we see in what he is doing in the under performing Williams car (which is so sad to as they play a big part in f1 history ) he has been outstanding in my eyes as his racing craft is coming in to play and we know he is quick, so with all the new rules on the engine come into play is time for Mercedes to put him in that seat.
Betty Kamara
Betty Kamara Miesiąc temu
V8Hilux Miesiąc temu
@Victor Williams Russell could be the man, seems the consummate professional both in and out of the car and has done some impressive things in that dog of a Williams.
Victor Williams
Victor Williams Miesiąc temu
@V8Hilux you are correct in what you're saying Bottas can be quick but without the race craft as you so rightly pointed out I personally believe that you would never be as good as Lewis and this is the reason why Mercedes do not seem as a replacement follows when Lewis leaves this is what I believe that they should replace him with Russell at the end of his current contract the correct thing to do.
V8Hilux Miesiąc temu
Bottas can be just as quick as Lewis if not quicker on his day... but in doing so he kills his tyres. Hamilton sees it and just waits... kind of like Rossi use to in MotoGp. Remember, the given norm is if you are behind you're eating up your tyres more... yet Lewis seems to do an alright job there. The racecraft of the man is undeniable n the haters hate comes from envy/jealousy or possible more nefarious places, but the proof is there for all to see. Just look at his restarts alone... no one can get close.
J D Miesiąc temu
They said the same about Schumacher at Ferrari, his car was better than everyone else’s? When Williams was winning all the time, It was the same. Hamilton is the best of his era, he’s proven that from the start. He won F2, second in his first F1 year and then won it the next year. He’s been better than all his team mates just like Schumacher. Give him his dues
nknight1000 Miesiąc temu
It was same with vettel had a brilliant red bull car, especially in 2013, winning 13 races including 9 in a row, the year after he didn’t win anything, every champion has a good car, really don’t get Hamilton haters.
Erel H L
Erel H L Miesiąc temu
@ENMW2011 relax mate, it's not that serious. We all know Hamilton is a better driver
ENMW2011 Miesiąc temu
@Erel H L such a bs stat, 1st time it was raised was with media darling Button vs Hamilton. Its like a football team winning 2 titles then placing 10th and a team finishing 2nd 3 years on the trot being applauded more, which wouldn't ever happen..but somehow it works for button and cognitive bias.
Mcloving McMuffin
Mcloving McMuffin Miesiąc temu
@Erel H L true on points but Hamilton was loads better than button he out qualified button 44 to 14 lol and %65 of the time in the race Lewis has never been beating on pace
Mcloving McMuffin
Mcloving McMuffin Miesiąc temu
@xex rosberg would of never beat Lewis without luck look at the stats Lewis wasn’t just better than nico but a lot better
Sat Nav
Sat Nav Miesiąc temu
markiej__ Miesiąc temu
Not even Ferrari’s doors work.
Marie Muckle
Marie Muckle Miesiąc temu
Kimi wants to keep on racing because nobody has told him how bad he is. They’re afraid 😂. Staff: Kimi Kimi: Whaaat! Staff: nothing Kimi.
cat stevens
cat stevens Miesiąc temu
Love to read the odd Hamilton haters comments. They still can’t stand his success. Even ted can’t understand what pressure can do in F1 when you show the driver in front your much faster than them. Channel 4 even missed the whole build up to forcing the error from Botas.