Valtteri Bottas talks social media, Hamilton, Toto Wolff & if his career panning out how he expected

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Miesiąc temu

Natalie Pinkham sat down with Valtteri Bottas at the Eifel Grand Prix to discuss just what goes on in the life of the Mercedes driver. Bottas talks about the social media hate he receives, and how he tries to channel it into motivation, what it's like being teammates with Lewis Hamilton, what influence Toto Wolff has & is his career panning out how he expected?
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Kell BC
Kell BC 3 dni temu
Nice thumbnail not using a photo of Toto.... clap clap Conservative Murdoc Media
Jair Ramos
Jair Ramos 14 dni temu
The only way to beat Lewis is being as selfish as he is, but it would break the team, it would be just like the situation with Rosberg
Chris O'Riordan
Chris O'Riordan Miesiąc temu
Mercedes have a real star of the future in Russell, it’s time for Valtteri to make way
Roosevelt Davis
Roosevelt Davis Miesiąc temu
I like BOTAS and feel like he’s getting a bad wrap! He’s a fair racier and not dirty like Nico. However if Lewis wasn’t there and the battle was between him and Max, you would see why Lewis is so great.
Angel Ramirez
Angel Ramirez Miesiąc temu
Eres más peor que sevastian vettel balteri botas te odio 😡 👿🤬🤬🤬🏎☠
Pete Richardson
Pete Richardson Miesiąc temu
Great interview, thanks
Sanna Kullvik
Sanna Kullvik Miesiąc temu
Can you please publish the content with ”the twitch quartett ”?? I’ve waited for it in weeks, and missed it when it aired?😭😭😭😭
elijahmodnar1 Miesiąc temu
This is sport, so you’re up for judgment opinions from people who watch you in said sport. He just needs a streak, perhaps soon as Hamilton wins the drivers championship?
jagvette1 Miesiąc temu
perfect team mate, race each other learn from each other, Lewis (I hope) is not selfish
jagvette1 Miesiąc temu
Yes I am a Lewis fan but Valtteri is amazing, but up against Lewis is a hard battle hang in there buddy
SuperDemonBlood Miesiąc temu
Rattus Norvegicus
Rattus Norvegicus Miesiąc temu
Sadly only one person of the non-sheep variety seen during what I saw of the vid. I walked past a TV shop today, stopping briefly on seeing a man near a touchline wearing a mask. Cameras then quickly panned to 20 men in white bent over, sans masks, with their heads stuck up each other`s jacksies, fondling each other. I saw the Rugby....and I saw the Union... that generally what it takes not to have to wear a mask? I must be exempt...I`ve yet to wear a mask.....and not had to get touchy-feeley on a pitch.
Nadia Passarelli Carvalho
Nadia Passarelli Carvalho Miesiąc temu
Man looks COLD in this Interview
nigel nuj
nigel nuj Miesiąc temu
So long as he’s no lower than #2... He’s keeping his job because he’s doing a great job, good driver.
Jeandré Kaptein
Jeandré Kaptein Miesiąc temu
Bottas is the only driver in F1 that causes Hamilton to worry.... Give him respect! 💯
Fergie Gee
Fergie Gee Miesiąc temu
Bottas, the Barichello of this era, nothing more. Best wing man to have. Hamilton is lucky to have him.
CYBIT CENTURY Miesiąc temu
6:20, Netflix crew working in the background
Carlota Navarrete
Carlota Navarrete Miesiąc temu
Why does the guy on the videos cover thing look so much like Toto Wolf
R Noodled
R Noodled Miesiąc temu
Really good interview and enjoyed that it finished on lighter terms - "I think you look like a little jacket potato wrapped in foil" :D
Old Street Doc
Old Street Doc Miesiąc temu
Valtteri Bottas, the one Mercedes driver who cares enough to give a moment to the media & thus the fans. The one who can even be bothered.
Junior Rosberg
Junior Rosberg Miesiąc temu
You people need to get a life
Mrinay Swargiary
Mrinay Swargiary Miesiąc temu
I don't like those questions... Why people wants to know about their personal life ??
wildmanmike100 Miesiąc temu
This guy is a multi millionaire who drives F1 cars for a living. A winner by all measures of success in Life! And life has an element of randomness beyond our control. You can only do your best performance. Without Hamilton Alonso, Rosberg, Vettel, Kimi, Versatppen and Valterri all have more chamionships.
Jenny 3000
Jenny 3000 Miesiąc temu
Bottas deserves to be where he is, I hope he stays with Mercedes :)
shut up Meg!
shut up Meg! Miesiąc temu
Lewis wins because Valtteri is there, if it was Verstappen... lewis would be fucked...
Justin Sane
Justin Sane Miesiąc temu
Got to be the least exciting driver on and off the grid. yaaaaaaaawn
TheUncivilWhaleShow Miesiąc temu
I like Valtteri I think he is very fast and talented but deep down he knows Lewis doesn’t rate him. I don’t understand the people saying that they are close, they aren’t. Lewis is so far ahead, he cuts his head off everytime Valtteri tries to do something. Lewis knows very well when he needs to send a message and when he can chill and let Valtteri have his moment and that’s what always happens. Valtteri on his part is a beast on one lap pace, everyone should be impressed by that but Lewis is just so much better, it’s not even a debate. I hope for Valtteri that after Abu Dhabi the gap is not too big because if that is the case I don’t see him recovering to well next year
Dan Crowley
Dan Crowley Miesiąc temu
I like Natalie but most of the questions put to Valterri are about Lewis
Ali Khadour
Ali Khadour Miesiąc temu
She kinda indirectly 💩 on him here and there. Little droplets lol Valteri taking a swipe at Hamilton having no “real friends” to share his happiness with 😅
Luna Miesiąc temu
Little jacket potato :D
Alex Lenas
Alex Lenas Miesiąc temu
This dude has no personality
The KitOwl
The KitOwl Miesiąc temu
Perhaps that’s why his wife left him .
First Miesiąc temu
The best team player in F1 history
John Burfield
John Burfield Miesiąc temu
What a lovely man very genuine
Cholo Valdez
Cholo Valdez Miesiąc temu
The pole man faster than Lewis but unlucky in race 😪
ashburn50 Miesiąc temu
Valtteri is such a class act. I have followed his career for a while. He is a super driver. For some reason he has not been able to extract everything from that car. If he manages to achieve that sweet spot of being at one with that car then he will be extremely competitive.
Kelvin Ng
Kelvin Ng Miesiąc temu
Hardest jobs in F1: Lewis' teammate Max's teammate Alpha tauri drivers when a Albon's driving next to it
Awo Mangala
Awo Mangala Miesiąc temu
I can't get over just how twitchy Albon is, especially at corners...sad/mad
Musky Performance
Musky Performance Miesiąc temu
Leclerc's teammate as well. He definitely is making it difficult for Vettel
Lost MySocks
Lost MySocks Miesiąc temu
hahhaha nice joke about albon he might be not in F1 next season! if alpha picks the japanese driver!
Hector Villanueva
Hector Villanueva Miesiąc temu
Holy crap, the comment sections here on PLpost are so much better than on Instagram or Twitter. Starting to gain a little bit of faith in humanity back, so thank you guys lol
TOTV13 Miesiąc temu
Bottas actually has the hardest job in F1, what ever the next best driver, Max does, he always did well, Valteteri is always the the driver that failed to beat Lewis.
paulyishere Miesiąc temu
Such a witch !
Scott O
Scott O Miesiąc temu
Great interview. She leads to the tough questions in a way that seems like it is easier to answer.
kieran warner
kieran warner Miesiąc temu
After this I love bottas even more even tho im a hamilton fan. The guy is so humble and honest , what a guy 👏👌
FinTz Miesiąc temu
Why is this guy in the thumbnail that IS SUPPOSED TO LOOK LIKE TOTO WOLFF???
Effy Stonem
Effy Stonem Miesiąc temu
dude same. somebody tell me who he is
Christopher Robin Garrish
Christopher Robin Garrish Miesiąc temu
1:50 asinine questions answered politely: Val Bottas
Gabas #8
Gabas #8 Miesiąc temu
5:05 HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA What a nice joke
Max0072 Neal
Max0072 Neal Miesiąc temu
He was gifted the race in Russia, shut up dude.
Sheila Worrall
Sheila Worrall Miesiąc temu
It seems like the people at sky not Natalie included would be happy if Bottas beat Hamilton to the title talk about backing your countryman Lewis is British and when he's gone we'll be waiting along time for another Brit to win I think I don't think Norris is good enough Sainz is better. All hopes are with George Russell
The KitOwl
The KitOwl Miesiąc temu
@John Burfield Hamilton is the 5th highest tax paying sportsman .
John Burfield
John Burfield Miesiąc temu
When Lh pays his tax and shows respect to the Queen when standing on the podium only then can he call himself British
Anoop Bains
Anoop Bains Miesiąc temu
99% of the humanity will be blessed if they were in Bottas position
Jade Cairncross
Jade Cairncross Miesiąc temu
I like this guy.
Jo A Sh
Jo A Sh Miesiąc temu
that petronas jacket, wo! need that plz!
Caffers Miesiąc temu
Bottas is a great driver, just because he is teamed with one of the all time greats doesn't make him bad. In fact, he is doing well to keep the pressure on lewis.
tww08 Miesiąc temu
think it's about time Mercedes ditch bottas and get Verstappen in there, so we can see a real battle.
tww08 Miesiąc temu
@Ironmaaid inn all teams want the best driver and it ain't George Russell he still has a lot to learn and won't learn much been in last most races.
Vongani Khosa
Vongani Khosa Miesiąc temu
Did he say he's better than Lewis?
The KitOwl
The KitOwl Miesiąc temu
QuietStormX Miesiąc temu
meursault42 Miesiąc temu
Sadly, this interview was rendered obsolete not too long after it was conducted, with his DNF and the subsequent death blow to his championship hopes....
Pavel Kotsev
Pavel Kotsev Miesiąc temu
A true lady and a true gentleman!
Siyanda Jola
Siyanda Jola Miesiąc temu
I'm not buying it. I'm sure he's a cool guy, but he doesn't seem to have much good to say about Lewis. He comes across as a little jealous and envious. He didn't really give much praise to Lewis as Lewis gives him praise. Hmmm.. something is not right here🤔
Siyanda Jola
Siyanda Jola Miesiąc temu
The KitOwl lol😂😂😂👍👍
The KitOwl
The KitOwl Miesiąc temu
He might have taken a leaf out of Nico’s book and got some therapy.
Kaye Loop
Kaye Loop Miesiąc temu
I think this is what makes Lewis a better champion the fact that his teammates have all been given the same opportunities to win as him. Especially after the constructors championship has been won. Lewis just out performs them. Even Max’s teammates get held back with their cars not having the same upgrades. Mercedes keeps things equal which is a quality I like to see in a team.
The KitOwl
The KitOwl Miesiąc temu
I’m glad you noticed Mercedes give both drivers the same opportunity.
Rishi Naik
Rishi Naik Miesiąc temu
That's why they are so close in Qualifying , but sometimes Lewis just smashes the laptime.
parker k
parker k Miesiąc temu
Valterri is a great man
sjagy sjagy
sjagy sjagy Miesiąc temu
Max is better
Muneeb Tariq
Muneeb Tariq Miesiąc temu
wajoo tube
wajoo tube Miesiąc temu
VB it's good for your comp mindset to believe you better than LH but no1 is buying that, try to hold on to that 2nd place max is coming
Aaron Fearon
Aaron Fearon Miesiąc temu
Bottas is a serious driver but it’s hard to appreciate him because of how special Lewis is
kieran warner
kieran warner Miesiąc temu
@#sv5 haha mate you clearly just a hater of lewis and have 0 clue what you talking about.
#sv5 Miesiąc temu
Lewis is brilliant at cheating
kieran warner
kieran warner Miesiąc temu
Nahhh. As a lewis fan I think bottas is lewis best team mate he's had. He pushes lewis to the limit and I think Bottas can win titles .
Andy Glastonbury
Andy Glastonbury Miesiąc temu
VB is a very good driver, however in the world of F1 champions, you need to be a great racer as well. Which is why the likes of CLC, Max, etc are likely to inherit LH crown when he decides to retire. The problem for F1 and the rest of the grid is that LH is both a very good driver and an excellent racer. He can manage the car during the race as well as apply “Hammer Time” as and when required.
nigel nuj
nigel nuj Miesiąc temu
Ummm consistently finishing on podium and fending off Max, CLC etc is hard, he is a great driver and racer.
Vincent Leech
Vincent Leech Miesiąc temu
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣mate please your not as good as Lewis
The KitOwl
The KitOwl Miesiąc temu
I think all drivers think that way, perhaps it’s part of their DNA.
Saigon6 Miesiąc temu
Cmon valteri, it's been years you are saying that "i can beat him..." So far you are not even close...
Dimitar N.
Dimitar N. Miesiąc temu
No doubt Valtteri is a good driver, but so are most of the other drivers in F1 and being a good driver simply isn't enough to defeat someone like Lewis. He's got the skills needed on the track, but he's lacking some alpha-maleness in his character. Seems like he's too concerned about people's opinion of him. Fernando and Max are the only drivers who would be able to defeat Lewis in the same car as him.
The KitOwl
The KitOwl Miesiąc temu
2007 ?
Gareth Norwood
Gareth Norwood Miesiąc temu
Why do people go on about bottas. He is close to his team mate on every race or ahead of him. Then you have max and albon. Albon is running midfield with a top 3 car nowhere near his team mate he should be 1 behind him on every race and qualifying but nope nowhere near
Lockdown Miesiąc temu
apart from Stroll and Checo, Bottas is the closest to a teammate than any other driver on the grid. Look at Vettel and Leclerc for instance sure the Ferrari is a tractor but Vettel isn't keeping up and he's the 4 time world champion.
Joseph Robinson
Joseph Robinson Miesiąc temu
I do agree with you but red bull have a number 1 driver and is more prioritize and it max verstappening
100MPH Selfies
100MPH Selfies Miesiąc temu
the man, the legend... Can't find better wingman then Bottas.
F1Freak F1
F1Freak F1 Miesiąc temu
People need to stop being assholes to Bottas. Its not easy to have Lewis Hamilton as a teammate and to still be able to go out and race against him. I liked him from Williams and he is still the same racer even under the huge pressure he is under
Glenn Watson
Glenn Watson Miesiąc temu
@F1Freak F1 It would not have mattered if Barrichello and Massa could challenge him; they were both very good drivers, but not great, just like Bottas is very good, but not great. There are very few great drivers in F1 but lots of very good ones.
F1Freak F1
F1Freak F1 Miesiąc temu
@sai prem.n no he is not. The joke is the red pony riding in the back of the grid with the biggest budget and still being amateurs
sai prem.n
sai prem.n Miesiąc temu
He is one of the main reason Hamilton is going to win the championship.he is really a joke
Krish C.
Krish C. Miesiąc temu
People are quick to criticize and don't know the pressure that each driver faces
RB-WTF Miesiąc temu
Scott Atwater
Scott Atwater Miesiąc temu
Valtteri is a good dude. Lewis is the GOAT!
Scott Atwater
Scott Atwater Miesiąc temu
@N Rav ????????
N Rav
N Rav Miesiąc temu
You have some hate
ADITYA MEKA Miesiąc temu
Bottas is an excellent driver with very good race pace and race craft. The fact is we cannot compare him with Lewis . Honestly , we cannot compare any other driver(including Vettel and Verstappen) on the grid with Lewis at this time . The criticism that bottas faces is kind of unfair . Even those critics know that there is no driver or team that can stop Lewis . ( Lewis Hamilton is still in his prime ) . Note : My favourite driver on the grid is Max Verstappen.
Ashish Miesiąc temu
Yup , Can't compare anyone First I liked alonso , but then he was beaten by lewis , even though they were in the same car then I liked lewis , but then he was beaten by vettel in 2013 , even though lewis was in a mercedes AMG , shows you need the absolute best car to win , because merc was fast ,but it just wasn't the best Then lewis beat vettel in a ferrari Then nico beat lewis in 2016 even though they were on the same team , no good luck BS here , because you can get lucky for a race , not for the wdc Then nico retired , after beating lewis Then lewis dominated in the merc , and bottas joined him in his adventures
Sheila Worrall
Sheila Worrall Miesiąc temu
@P. G.M if Lando Norris says it it must be true then lol
P. G.M
P. G.M Miesiąc temu
@Caffers Vettel would never have got a seat at Ferrari if he wasn't fast. Look at him after he didn't have the best car beaten by every teammate from pillar to post.
Caffers Miesiąc temu
@P. G.M nah dude, bottas is fast, he would never have got Nicos seat when he retired if he wasn't. Bottas was quick in the Williams...
Vincent Ras
Vincent Ras Miesiąc temu
DWTG Miesiąc temu
Awo Mangala
Awo Mangala Miesiąc temu
Valtteri, Lewis Hamilton is more talented than we see. Don't blame yourself, and don't blame Lewis: you have done better than most drivers. Valtteri, you have done your best, all Lewis's team mates have tried to beat Lewis, but none of them had as much talent as Lewis: It would be interesting to allow Verstappen to see if he's talented enough to beat Lewis - we all already know the answer to that...LEWIS HAMILTON IS THE BEST DRIVER OF HIS TIME, AND PROBABLY THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME.
The KitOwl
The KitOwl Miesiąc temu
@P. G.M how the F would Lando know anything . Has he been teammates with either in F1. . . NO.
Awo Mangala
Awo Mangala Miesiąc temu
@#sv5 obviously you are one of those "no talent haters". I used to think that your condition was not of your own making, but you have just proven me invest all your time in hating, and no time in self improvement. The good news is that it's never too late to practice self-love, without being a jerk off. Good luck.
#sv5 Miesiąc temu
Lewis is 1 of the goats at cheating
P. G.M
P. G.M Miesiąc temu
Lando Norris says Max is better than Lewis. RedBull had 2 teams to find the best they obsessively analyse everything and now they have the best. Without the best car Bottas would be fighting the other slow drivers.
Brian Kitum
Brian Kitum Miesiąc temu
Marie Muckle
Marie Muckle Miesiąc temu
What a good lad
Nitesh D
Nitesh D Miesiąc temu
Come on Valteri, you can be a world champion.
Rattus Norvegicus
Rattus Norvegicus Miesiąc temu
Only if Lewis is stymied, as when his car and strategy was to allow a German champ so as to sell more Mercs in Germany, but mainly to show that Germany rules the roost, with a German driver in a German car.
Sumanth D
Sumanth D Miesiąc temu
I like Valtteri's personality a lot more, after this interview
irwan haadi mahadzir
irwan haadi mahadzir Miesiąc temu
If he's keep fighting like the way he did in turn 01 in nurbugring, and learn from the mistakes this year, I still believe he can emulate his hero mika hakkinen next year.. #DREAMDOCOMETRUE
Sheila Worrall
Sheila Worrall Miesiąc temu
You can dream but can't see it happening over 20 races but you nether know
Marcel Kretzschmar
Marcel Kretzschmar Miesiąc temu
even though he may be on the backseat compared to lewis, he in no way does it make easy for him to take wins, so lewis needs to be at his peak to beat Valtteri
Marcel Kretzschmar
Marcel Kretzschmar Miesiąc temu
@DWTG thats also what you agreed on but in wich way does this A justify what you said and B refute what i said i dont know what you wanna say with this. i dont know what you think but according to my logic hamilton has to be at his peak to beat bottas and when he is, he always does and if not then bottas may claim pole from him or win a race, its only obvious that if something bad happens to you that someone else wins
DWTG Miesiąc temu
@Marcel Kretzschmar if nothing bad ever happened to Hamilton he would win every race and get every pole by your logic
Marcel Kretzschmar
Marcel Kretzschmar Miesiąc temu
@DWTG if you look at the quali times its not like with other teams where teammates are half a second divided. its often a very very small difference between BOT and HAM and if ham isnt that little bit faster then he will lose pole and lets say valtteri doesnt have this engine failure and this lock up , then he wins. so yes lewis is stronger than bottas but lewis cant go any slower because if he does, he will lose to his teammate. and i dont know how you justifiy what you said, but i justify what i am saying with the quali time differences and i dont think you can judge that easily whether someone drives at his peak or not if its not clearly to be seen.
DWTG Miesiąc temu
@JOAKIM JEPPSSON exactly and even those are few and far between
@DWTG Even worse for VB is that Lewis has been relentless this season. One may even argue Russia (and even more so) Monza would have been easy victories if his team didn't screw up. VB just cannot capitalize enough on Lewis' off days
Jack Lee
Jack Lee Miesiąc temu
Valtteri is a good dude.
Daya Singh
Daya Singh Miesiąc temu
Yeah valtery people making millions by doing something fun that you are naturally good at is something we dont understand ,turns our stomachs and then hearing you sucks
charles ibekwe
charles ibekwe Miesiąc temu
Such is life, we human beings are not satisfied with what we have. We always want
Duskk Miesiąc temu
Lol what when did he complain throughout the whole interview? Stfu
John Mark Garcia
John Mark Garcia Miesiąc temu
Lawrence baretto’s moon boots at 03:23 👀
Awo Mangala
Awo Mangala Miesiąc temu
Something to stop him floating away, since Lawrence Baretto is wafer lite...
Julius Tjahyadi
Julius Tjahyadi Miesiąc temu
bottas need to keep his head down,, he is a very good driver but at this time he is not comparable to lewis, no one does, not even max verstappen,, all the critics is too much, bottas still can win few races,, they just try to find someone to blame because theres no drivers or teams can stop lewis right now.. remember lewis still in his prime,,
Julius Tjahyadi
Julius Tjahyadi Miesiąc temu
@Martin in your dream
Mikka Samuels
Mikka Samuels Miesiąc temu
@Martin you people dont stop do you. Your bigot mouths can say everything and anything but guess what speculations have nothing to do with reality so what you say has no weight. I know you all hate Lewis and you all crying out for a Hero too To see see a man of dark complexion on top is a thorn to all y'all haters eyes. You will do anything to discredit the ability of Lewis. SMH
Martin Miesiąc temu
Same car, Max would bulldoze lewis
Mikka Samuels
Mikka Samuels Miesiąc temu
For Real
charles ibekwe
charles ibekwe Miesiąc temu
You are really sincere 👍🏽👍🏽. Keep it up
John Mark Garcia
John Mark Garcia Miesiąc temu
Wonder how an Albon interview in this exact same setup will pan out...
Mario Adams
Mario Adams Miesiąc temu
@Ethiopis Abrahamovich it is more Max as all resources and energy are spend on him. How could one race back a driver?
Ethiopis Abrahamovich
Ethiopis Abrahamovich Miesiąc temu
Lewis broke Albon mentally in Hungary. Albon’s reaction was that Lewis was sore loser.
wayne1da Miesiąc temu
@Mario Adams I take your point, but I've never in F1 history seen a driver close a 0.500 gap to a team mate. He can do a lot to improve but he will never beat max over a season.
Mario Adams
Mario Adams Miesiąc temu
@wayne1da Lewis need to mentor him on the side just so that he may beat Max.
wayne1da Miesiąc temu
He would spend most of his time looking at the floor, his body language is so bad, its like he's asking for it. He need to puff out his chest and act as if. I think that would be a good starting point for him.
Jannes Krause
Jannes Krause Miesiąc temu
Look Valteri is still good of course like every one in f1 but Lewis is better and it will be all the time like this remember Hockenheim 2019 Lewis was ill and he trough it out
Kenny Ren
Kenny Ren Miesiąc temu
I don't quite agree with Valterri that he is better than Lewis when he is at his prime... but it's good to see that he's having no problems with the team and still has confidence in himself yet realizing his problem of consistency... Valterri is definitely a solid driver, especially this year, manage to keep the gap close enough with Lewis, the guy who is no doubt one of the GOATs of F1... things are gradually going better for him each year, I really hope he can reach his ultimate goal one day
Jeff Dayo
Jeff Dayo Miesiąc temu
Why is Toto's pose always like some greek statue waiting to have some action with either sexes?
Jeff Dayo
Jeff Dayo Miesiąc temu
@tambulee oh no, yeah the thumbnail. Thought it was Toto. Regardless, maybe all merc employee must have same pose.
tambulee Miesiąc temu
ummmm, if you are referring to the picture in thumbnail of video, it's not Toto 🙂
Mr Singh
Mr Singh Miesiąc temu
cant wait for Valtteri 3.0
Melissa Miesiąc temu
Fantastic interview
trailbossdan1 Miesiąc temu
So down to earth, great interview. Now that both titles are pretty much done, I really hope to see him be more aggressive and take some risks.
kabelo tshita
kabelo tshita Miesiąc temu
He will be a formula world champion i know it
The KitOwl
The KitOwl Miesiąc temu
@G Sav what about Russell. Mercedes are keen to get him in the team & he’s free in 2022.
Muneeb Tariq
Muneeb Tariq Miesiąc temu
One day #believeinbottas
kontinnuum Miesiąc temu
Valteri has been doing well since he manages to get P2 when Lewis wins. What can be poor is when your team mate wins and you are not on the podium. The harmony between the drivers is also good for the team but not for the fans
Rohan Kansara
Rohan Kansara Miesiąc temu
I love interviews like this. Go Bottas....
Adam Howard
Adam Howard Miesiąc temu
I still think after all this time he should be 50/50 competing with Lewis and he's not.
Left Mono
Left Mono Miesiąc temu
@Michael Thomas - just to add to your comment, Lewis has only lost out to teammates who were themselves world champions.
Michael Thomas
Michael Thomas Miesiąc temu
I think that's a bit unfair, which of Hamilton's teammates over multiple seasons have been 50/50 with him. Hamilton beat Alonso 1-0 (yes 2007 they ended on the same number of points, but on count-back Hamilton placed higher. Also Alonso was the reigning 2x WDC, Hamilton was a rookie); beat Kovalihnen (sorry for the incorrect spelling) 2-0; Button 2-1 (I'm not comparing total points scored over 3 seasons, where Button's total points score is higher); Rosberg 3-1 and currently Bottas 3-0. So Bottas is doing the best he can to push Hamilton, and not allow him (Hamilton) to relax.
Martin Gonzalez
Martin Gonzalez Miesiąc temu
This aged well didn't it?
2020 F1
2020 F1 Miesiąc temu
I think so. It's the same team, but because we have to compete. While colliding with each other, you have to fight each other for rank. The bottas will understand Lewis Hamilton's feelings. Bottas will try harder like Lewis Hamilton to beat Lewis Hamilton (Q1 Q2 Q3 always did well (although Lewis Hamilton is better, so it's a problem. You just have to go up to and win.. Maybe it's a sport that congratulates and encourages each other at that time.
blob872 Miesiąc temu
Who are you talking to
Mcloving McMuffin
Mcloving McMuffin Miesiąc temu
Did this man say he’s better than Lewis 😂😂😂
Vongani Khosa
Vongani Khosa Miesiąc temu
For 3 years 🤣🤣🤣🤣
charles ibekwe
charles ibekwe Miesiąc temu
@Moreen Love Goat?
Moreen Love
Moreen Love Miesiąc temu
Am also trying to get around that comment.🤣🤣🤣 Bottas put some respect on the Goat's name Lewis💯
The KitOwl
The KitOwl Miesiąc temu
@Parham Azadi cheers.
charles ibekwe
charles ibekwe Miesiąc temu
@Parham Azadi fair play
Fallen One 6Six6
Fallen One 6Six6 Miesiąc temu
Take that stupid mask off ffs
Parham Azadi
Parham Azadi Miesiąc temu
2:48 "How do you build on that momentum? You've cut Lewis' lead from 55pts to 44." Eifel GP : "𝘈𝘭𝘭𝘰𝘸 𝘮𝘦 𝘵𝘰 𝘪𝘯𝘵𝘳𝘰𝘥𝘶𝘤𝘦 𝘮𝘺𝘴𝘦𝘭𝘧."
MLS Traps
MLS Traps Miesiąc temu
@Rishi Naik 69 lol
Rishi Naik
Rishi Naik Miesiąc temu
Now the gap is 80 points , I guess ?
jca111 Miesiąc temu
He sounds depressed
jca111 Miesiąc temu
@Ulrik Five I've heard him before and he don't sound depressed then.
Ulrik Five
Ulrik Five Miesiąc temu
Nah just finnish
2020 F1
2020 F1 Miesiąc temu
Bottas Also said that this interview video was captured and posted on Twitter. (I'm kidding. Hahaha)
freedumb labowski
freedumb labowski Miesiąc temu
Literally the second time he's said that line now after a race...its obviously directed at someone!
Charlie Miesiąc temu
@freedumb labowski It’s just become his signature line after a tough spell tbh, especially as the 1st one was popular/widely’s clear it’s a general statement as he’s getting hate online
freedumb labowski
freedumb labowski Miesiąc temu
@mike mike to whom it may concern....F.U
freedumb labowski
freedumb labowski Miesiąc temu
@Charlie I completely understand that, he's just such a cool dude I would of expected another "line" out of him instead of a repeated one. Seems like its directed at someone in particular when he's said the same thing twice thats all
Charlie Miesiąc temu
It's just generally directed at everyone talking crap about him online, especially on Instagram where he replied to some people saying crazy things about him....The 1st 'To whom it may concern' last year in Australia was directed to a sponsor who just dropped him before the season started out of the blue.
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