Bottas outpaces Hamilton as Red Bull slip behind | The Story So Far | Russian Grand Prix

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2 miesięcy temu

All the latest news and analysis following the opening day of action from the practice sessions of the Russian Grand Prix
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Charles Mouse
Charles Mouse 2 miesięcy temu
Always good to see Karun. Good F1 driver, great F1 pundit.
marni ville
marni ville 2 miesięcy temu
Song name?
AdderSnake 2 miesięcy temu
Starts at 8:12. You’re welcome.
Fire Up
Fire Up 2 miesięcy temu
WTF, the on board footage of Lewis at 17:00 looks like a computer game. Was surreal to watch.
Sean Kirk
Sean Kirk 2 miesięcy temu
How Can Sky Sports Justify Their subscription?, you have to PAY to watch your channel but your also paying more for this cos your also paying category, things your not interested in plus never going to watch, just to watch the only channel you are interested in,............if you can't understand what I'm saying, it is that sky TV is robbing you blind
Mattventuring 2 miesięcy temu
I would like to see a track like this get rid of some/all kerbs, including sausages, and let them use whatever they want, wall to wall.
Mattventuring 2 miesięcy temu
Got to say Karun is the only one worth listening to. He knows his stuff
Sean Kirk
Sean Kirk 2 miesięcy temu
Then 3 minutes of nothing!
Sean Kirk
Sean Kirk 2 miesięcy temu
25.35 didn't look that good neither!
Sean Kirk
Sean Kirk 2 miesięcy temu
24mins in?....... sky TV is robbing the living daylights out of hard working people, lapsed footage today can not be blamed on the weather with the technology that is available that you pay for but don't receive!!!!!!!
Luke Bailey
Luke Bailey 2 miesięcy temu
Commentator : "For the first time ever Valtteri Bottas wins a Grand prix" Egineer : "Get in there Lewis"
Stu 2 miesięcy temu
Johnny still hasn't learnt how to put a mask on properly
Niz Mohamed
Niz Mohamed 2 miesięcy temu
Tagged start time 8:48
freedumb labowski
freedumb labowski 2 miesięcy temu
Great....another person with "ferrari at heart" in charge of formula 1...look out Mercedes
freedumb labowski
freedumb labowski 2 miesięcy temu
@Jack Challis without sounding rude, I am aware of what work he's done since he was last in formula, I think he's a great person to have back in f1, im just saying, its always ferrari people who seem to be in charge at the fia..John Todd, Ross brawn, now domincali...I doubt Mercedes would of just been allowed to cover up the details from the public if they were cheating with their engine like ferrari did last year...🤷‍♂️
Jack Challis
Jack Challis 2 miesięcy temu
@freedumb labowski Domenicali is a professional, he's worked for Porsche and was CEO of Lamborghini until very recently. He'll be good for the sport overall 🤞👍
freedumb labowski
freedumb labowski 2 miesięcy temu
@Marco Lai I know, hes a good dude really I was just joking...kind of 😂
Marco Lai
Marco Lai 2 miesięcy temu
It’s another person with motorsport at heart...
Cricket England
Cricket England 2 miesięcy temu
3 idiots who don’t like F1, and if that’s the case wtf do they bother watching