"We need a sport that represents the outer world" | Lewis Hamilton: My Race | Full interview

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Miesiąc temu

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Lewis Hamilton has just become Formula 1's new record holder for race victories and could, within a space of the next fortnight, also equal the record number of championships with a seventh world title.
The accolade of the most successful driver in the sport's history awaits but 2020 is about more than just simply sporting achievement for F1's leading star, as Hamilton explains in an exclusive interview with Sky Sports News.
As part of Black History Month, Hamilton spoke at length to Mike Wedderburn about the powerful stand he has taken against global racial injustice and the Mercedes driver's desire to help make his own industry a more diverse place into the future.
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stephania kazoun
stephania kazoun 5 dni temu
So young but extremely wise.and well spoken.Above been a great driver he is so charismatic.Breathtaken. A big thanks to his parents especially his dad who taught him real life values.Be for ever blessed and stay safe.The world is a bright place with you being present.
Lewis Appiagyei
Lewis Appiagyei 14 dni temu
Great interview!
Laremy 20 dni temu
How long til they find a "Noose" in the garage lmfaooooooooooooo
Monika Kwiatek
Monika Kwiatek 22 dni temu
john wall
john wall 23 dni temu
Made my day
Brett Butler
Brett Butler 27 dni temu
This was a great bit of conversation.
Nathaniel Perumal
Nathaniel Perumal 28 dni temu
..... And Lewis has not been given a knighthood.... Did he something wrong or something.
5 Red Lights
5 Red Lights 29 dni temu
A great upload. Never thought I would be thanking Sky for their content, but there you go.
Richard Dale
Richard Dale 29 dni temu
And why does this matter? stop making race an issue its pathetic.
jealva 29 dni temu
Do we need more white players in the NFL or the NBA? Fewer Latinos in MLB? More Asians in the Tour de France? If you look at everything through the racial spectrum, you will constantly find “injustices”. Let the best rise to the top and enjoy the amazing achievements of these athletes, regardless of race.
Remy Hors d'âge
Remy Hors d'âge 29 dni temu
Destin to Knighthood from the Queen. Sir Lewis Hamilton 🗡
j c
j c Miesiąc temu
Im sorry but George overdosed on Fentonadle
Tuhin Dey
Tuhin Dey Miesiąc temu
He is Not Going to retire 😞😞😞 ... Although F1 is getting boring its Good as Long as Lewis Uses the platform for these issues
Arthur Davis
Arthur Davis Miesiąc temu
WE SOLUTE YOU. BLACK REPRESSENTATION IS THE KEY But very sorry to say that many will not go out of their comfort zone to make the difference. And many don't tell the truth and turn a blind eye.. Why are all so surprised what going on the USA with Policy Brutality against BLACK PEOPLE. Lewis when you next in the United Arab Emirates, come connect with your fellow black brother from the UK whom has worked all over the world and I give you the template of how we as a Black People need to embrace a Black Nation and put the foundations in place for the next generation of black children... THE F1 GRID THEN WILL HAVE 4-5 Black Racing Car Drivers in F1 for 2035. Delroyal Arthur Davis
Darlington Nyikavaranda
Darlington Nyikavaranda Miesiąc temu
You broke barriers and made it possible to break barriers one day my child will be able to race on a level platform and that is a breakthrough for the duration of the sport but I am greatly appreciative for the effort you and the efforts your father put in to begin with and your belief
drrhysevans Miesiąc temu
Good one, Lewis!
Carolyn Miesiąc temu
Mercedes 🌎🏆🎈🎊🎉 VB#77 🇫🇮& LH#44🇬🇧 93+ wins plpost.info/chat/tK7bZ5Cn145mgm0/wideo.html
Jason Joseph
Jason Joseph Miesiąc temu
Outstanding, once again Lewis is showing that he is more than a fantastic racing driver.
Sat Nav
Sat Nav Miesiąc temu
Just the fact these vbids have , half the views shows you that the majority of people don't care... Also ,so many couldn't wait for BLM to be tarnished
Paul Cole
Paul Cole Miesiąc temu
The main barrier is the astronomical costs involved in getting started in motorsports! And the link between race and relative poverty, which then comes back to education. And at it's root creating an interest in Motorsport at an early age within minorities, then making the sport more attainable for all levels, talent over wealth.. However.... Funny when things like salary caps are muted...which would be a starting point towards this process, Hamilton seems less interested in equality... because it will damage his already bulging deep pockets..
Stephen Tuthill
Stephen Tuthill Miesiąc temu
Well said, Hamilton, I'm sure we will all agree on what you've said. More power to your elbow.
Yellow Tea pot
Yellow Tea pot Miesiąc temu
PLpost- Why cant I like a video more than twice~!?
Hamada El Mansour
Hamada El Mansour Miesiąc temu
When you start your business, Lewis, I’m in!
m sc
m sc Miesiąc temu
Credit to Ron Dennis for initially giving my fellow African 🏎 driver an opportunity to participate & excel in this great sport, more diversity needed indeed 👊🏾
Marinus Antonius
Marinus Antonius Miesiąc temu
Yes we need more white basketball players in the NBA.
AKASPEEDY cubley Miesiąc temu
F1Freak F1
F1Freak F1 Miesiąc temu
My respect for Lewis for Lewis is going through the roof. This was an amazing interview
DMD Miesiąc temu
Imagine how he must have felt when people have blackface, worn wigs, openly referred to his race when he had troubles with massa fans, ferrari etc. When he raised it he was considered as a trouble maker, having a chip on his shoulder... Quiet down boy just be grateful for your position and stop making a fuss. Interesting
harvey harvey
harvey harvey Miesiąc temu
D ChahtaMs
D ChahtaMs Miesiąc temu
Growing up in Los Angeles a car town, with races from flathead rails to drag racing every w/e I know Black and Brown teen car enthusiast dream of NASCAR but F1 isn’t on their radar. With only 1 US F1 in Austin, there’s no road to exposure to F1 on any level. Nearby Long Beach is losing its Grand Prix with Toyota moving to Texas. With so much talent in towns like L A, from auto design, engineering, data analysis etc etc from the Asian, Black and Latin communities here, FIA or successful teams like MercedesAMGF1 could facilitate apprentice programs in the US. Based on that matriculation, qualified people of color could apply for openings on the various teams.
Squigz J C
Squigz J C Miesiąc temu
Wonderful interview wonderful interview up I think Sky Sports need to employ this man I'm sorry I don't know your name / his name but bless you great interview need more of this man
Powaup Miesiąc temu
Chris Miesiąc temu
Great interview! Hamilton you are a great inspiration and continue with this expansion of consciousness. It is every day, showing what a Human Being means. May Love protect you in all your actions in your life. For the love of animals, the planet and people.
Artes Pintura Ana Estrela
Artes Pintura Ana Estrela Miesiąc temu
Terry Brooks
Terry Brooks Miesiąc temu
I'm fed up with so many black singers oh let me think that's because there good singers.every advert on telly now has mixed race couples in if we get anymore political correct we'll disappear up our own arse!!!!
Terry Brooks
Terry Brooks 24 dni temu
Have a think about how many adverts you see with Chinese/white Europeans mixed race couples in it you don't this massive political correctness has only come about since black lives matter which started in America where they have real problems with there police . And you didn't address the top part of my comment where I believe you get the jobs in life by the skill set you have not your colour .
Jenn 24 dni temu
So you’re basically saying you’re mad because adverts have an agenda?! 😂 Mad at advertisement because they are advertising something to their interest.
P. G.M
P. G.M Miesiąc temu
Empires built walls and defended their land for a reason. Black people in the UK get called names white people in Africa are killed. Black people these days know nothing about the slave trade Arabs still castrate black slaves today.
Andrew Gay
Andrew Gay Miesiąc temu
Nick Williamson
Nick Williamson Miesiąc temu
If I were in a position to nominate: www.nobelprize.org/nomination/peace/#:~:text=In%20order%20to%20be%20considered,in%20the%20following%20year's%20discussions.
Gabas #8
Gabas #8 Miesiąc temu
Lewis Hamilton é o maior nome da história da Fórmula 1. O legado desse cara é maravilhoso. Somos privilegiados por vê-lo construindo esse legado Lewis Hamilton is the biggest name in the history of Formula 1. This guy's legacy is wonderful. We are privileged to see him building this legacy
Brian Borgman
Brian Borgman Miesiąc temu
Why constantly onderline the racial issue. Politics should and racial difference not interfere with sports. This should not be solved this way.
Jenn 24 dni temu
Sports and Politics have always been hand in hand. Sports and sportsmen have always been at the forefront, the models. In the 90s, F1 drivers boycotted the South African GP because of segregation. What did you have to say about that? Spartacus fought for freedom. Mohammed Ali didn’t want to go to war in Vietnam... At all time in History sports have been linked to politics and vice versa. Politics use sports to suit their agenda, let the sportsmen use politics too.
Pedro Dormer
Pedro Dormer 29 dni temu
Well tough
Alpha Anderson
Alpha Anderson Miesiąc temu
how many asian are there??
Pietje Bel
Pietje Bel Miesiąc temu
You beter focus on African countries where corruption is rampant, you are the best earning driver in the world an you dont have to do much for it that is done for you an then so ungratful whining if you really care why dont you give your millions to Africa and give your seat to somebody else.
Jenn 24 dni temu
You don’t need to go to Africa to find corruption. Just open your eyes. Your government is probably corrupted too and is the one corrupting and taking ressources from Africa. Now you’re asking a racing driver to give his own money... If money was the solution to every problems then rich countries wouldn’t have problems.
Phil Crawford
Phil Crawford Miesiąc temu
Lewis is highly articulate and covered a lot of ground in this. I have a friend of Indian heritage who grew up in Kenya. He wasn't dark enough to be a black or white enough to be a white. Does Lewis need to expand his definition of diversity? Even white kids in white dominated societies get bullied.
Chesties Miesiąc temu
I dont want any athletes personal political agenda no matter what it is in sport. Sports are an escape from that i dont want it shoved in my face when im trying to get away from that for a couple hours. FFS
Chesties Miesiąc temu
@Z1_.Trappy The word needs to be spread? I think you're missing the point. Its all you hear in every single type of media outlet there is. The " word" is spread enough. Athletes should keep their personal and political agenda out of sports. If they want to make a change for whatever they care about do it privately, actions speak louder then words.
Hein van Vlastuin
Hein van Vlastuin Miesiąc temu
Very proud of him!
woodina medso
woodina medso Miesiąc temu
why are we acting like the barriers to f1 are racial rather than socio-economic?
Colin Webb
Colin Webb Miesiąc temu
Usual Hamilton bullshit, he says people of colour, he means black. Dosnt even notice the Asian, Indian, Spainish, Phillipino, and countless other nationalitys in the paddock. The bottom line is anyone from any background interested in motorsport will make it there if they have the determination and skill to. There are countless schoolerships and sponsorships out there that go to the best candidate with the right mindset to help finnancialy. If you want more 'people of colour' in motorsport then they need to apply themself to be the best option when opportunity knocks. If Lewis wants equality drop the BLM message and stick to the End Racism one the rest of the grid supports, fighting for one ethnic group is NOT equality.
Alberto Roveda
Alberto Roveda Miesiąc temu
Sorry but he’s british, why his accent is so thin ?
Jenn 24 dni temu
Nationality is not about accent. There are usually many accents and dialects in one nation. cqfd
Romi Arkan
Romi Arkan Miesiąc temu
One question though. Can Bottas have his white race suit back?
Jenn 24 dni temu
Have you ever asked him if he wanted to have it back? Check the back his helmet.
Christina Love
Christina Love Miesiąc temu
Yes and the change is coming. All those radical all white sports will come to a complete diversity and nothing will stop that.
Chetan P
Chetan P Miesiąc temu
I have never been a fan of Hamilton's driving for many reasons. However, as a person he is truly inspiring and the stand he has taken to leave a mark in sports is incredible. People of colour need an idol like him who has surpassed every human out there and left a mark on the sport for ever.
MD Miesiąc temu
Not every sport has to perfectly represent 'the world'....f1 is supported and liked in countries that are predominantly white...makes sense that the sport has majority white people. We dont complain when netball is all women or 100m finals are all black people, opportunity is good but we cant enforce diversity..
MD Miesiąc temu
@Nalo Kemah yeah it's not like people who work in f1 are qualified at all is it 😂
Nalo Kemah
Nalo Kemah Miesiąc temu
Black people in 100m got there through qualifications and not chosen.
concept physicis
concept physicis Miesiąc temu
No outer world has to find its own sport .
Paolo G. Spinato
Paolo G. Spinato Miesiąc temu
A race in Africa could be very important... Bring back Kyalami!
Mathias Ahlberg
Mathias Ahlberg Miesiąc temu
Wearing a BLM mask and saying "It's not about politics, it's about human rights." is just ignorant.
Colin 000
Colin 000 Miesiąc temu
Sounds like these 2 guys are the racists
Gandalf The Grey
Gandalf The Grey Miesiąc temu
QuietStormX Miesiąc temu
Nice... ;-D
Derek AKASmokey
Derek AKASmokey Miesiąc temu
Humble and introspective in greatness!! Love this guy!! 🙏👍❤️
Darth Boogaloo
Darth Boogaloo Miesiąc temu
No we don’t. We need a sport where the very best, no matter the colour of their skin, their religion, their accent or any other metric are able to compete.
Dennis van damme
Dennis van damme Miesiąc temu
Poor me! I’m Lewis Hamilton! Work hard, get the job
Mr S Shai
Mr S Shai Miesiąc temu
Lewis, u are a legend. Please visit South Africa and just take a walk through our country. I know u busy now. When ever u have time. Inclusion is not only people of colour but females in formulae 1. Clare Williams is out?? NO WOMAN OWNER ID AN ISSUE!!
Jody Ducasse
Jody Ducasse Miesiąc temu
Such composer, absolutely a power house of a human..... That same composer is what makes him the best behind the wheel..... He's been fighting so long, that being behind the wheel is probably like a weekend getaway... Much love & respect from 🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲