"It looks like that's it for me" | Kevin Magnussen uncertain on F1 future after Haas

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Kevin Magnussen, who will leave Haas at the end of the season, admits he's uncertain about his future in Formula One and looks back at his career.
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Eddie Tiller
Eddie Tiller 8 dni temu
Good driver, but crashed too much this year to put it bluntly
Kurt Pullen
Kurt Pullen 8 dni temu
good driver, just unfortunate with the car he was given. Better than Grosjean, ocon and latifi that's for sure
Ellis Goode
Ellis Goode 8 dni temu
richboy900 10 dni temu
I liked magnussen even though he got a bad rep. A harsh but fair racer from the old school imo. One of the best starters on the grid in that dog of a car also
Kenneth NSB
Kenneth NSB 10 dni temu
Very underrated driver maybe it’s because his personality doesn’t stand out. One of the drivers that should be on the grid
TheQuantumPotato 10 dni temu
Just remember that the fact he's raced in F1 at all already puts him in the top tier of drivers worldwide. He'll go on to do GT/Blancpain/Something like that, just as many have before him that didn't quite get a good season or two in F1.
cresshead 10 dni temu
hope to see him, in indy or formula e
James Harrison
James Harrison 11 dni temu
Good. The most unsporting driver on the grid who cannot handle being overtaken fair and square.
Jack 1996
Jack 1996 11 dni temu
People don’t like him because he has balls and he doesn’t get pushed around, he is a very fast driver and in a top midfield team he would do very well
Shut up
Shut up 11 dni temu
He's had to race with so many reliability issues and has been told not to use the brakes at times! He deserves a seat for Haas next year. I don't know who they are expecting to fulfill his seat at Haas.
Rob Tap
Rob Tap 11 dni temu
KMag for WEC
Nathan 9 dni temu
He might go the Indy route, he’s mentioned interest in it before because of his dad.
calicostrawberry 11 dni temu
Err time for a goodbye, farewell to Bottas.
Raymond Starr
Raymond Starr 11 dni temu
Such a pity give him a car which is a winning car and his confidence would be a hell of a lot better I don’t think Haas has gave him a reasonable good car it’s gone two steps back
TheMegaGamer 11 dni temu
It's a shame because he is criminally underrated. Just look at his 2018 season
Last Man On Earth
Last Man On Earth 11 dni temu
hes one of the dead wood i would have got rid of there are others of course
Johnathon Gambrell
Johnathon Gambrell 11 dni temu
He not got future in f1 ther better drive who still don't have a seat yet and there's only two seats left and he not going redbull or alpha tauri
Its MiD
Its MiD 11 dni temu
This is a ramble'errrr. But I wanna reminisce. Thinking of all the tantrums, the bitchin, the rookie mistakes people* have made while coming up thru f1 - and everyone makes some form of error(s) - has K. MAG always been relatively solid and dependable? If a small(er) f1 team needed a reliable driver then i think he is a safe bet. *until now ive never thought of the massive contrast between K. MAG and Big-Jean's early f1 careers. Poor Romain first only got a short first season then was cast aside again. Then on his return was ridiculed by pundits, officials, fans and even drivers, for often not making the first corner and taking out others in the process. I remember him not even making the grid at one race as he crashed on the way. Obviously when u take out the blue and yellow cars or ESPECIALLY those red cars, you get banned. He seemed to learn a lot in a short period of time alongside kimi tho and was real quick in that Lotus. KMag had an amazing entry (2nd in OzLand!) altho after that he seemed to stay relatively low-key. Massively low key in f1 2015 ;) but I wish i could see him up against someone like Ricciardo or Vettel now. Such a shame. Hope everyone's doing good.
ant1georgiou 11 dni temu
They’re outside, why wear masks?
ma x
ma x 11 dni temu
It’s pathetic
Funds 1
Funds 1 11 dni temu
The sport needs more teams
jaguar skills69
jaguar skills69 11 dni temu
Kmag should try INDYCAR, better chance of getting good results,wins, not saying it's easier out there.
Tydan JM
Tydan JM 12 dni temu
Say what you want but to get a Podium in your first race in F1 you have to be quick and highly adaptable, it's a shame his career just didn't take off, I guess it's all down to money K Mag doesn't bring a lot of sponsers
Leon DeSilva
Leon DeSilva 12 dni temu
solid driver. never had a car underneath him
Milos Radusinovic
Milos Radusinovic 12 dni temu
This guy is actually a good driver. It’s so so sad. Grojsean is awful.
Tyrone Tyroneson
Tyrone Tyroneson 11 dni temu
Grosjean has a similar record in quali and races, so either they're both good or both "awful", not one or the other
Tim L
Tim L 12 dni temu
They don't get along, him and team principal. Found one clip where kevin and Romain are getting shouted at by Guenther
Abuzar Aziz
Abuzar Aziz 11 dni temu
To be fair he fooksmashed his office door
- spudman 2.0
- spudman 2.0 12 dni temu
David Brown
David Brown 12 dni temu
All K Mag has to do is marry a billionaire and easy peasy he stays in F1.
colin Brown
colin Brown 12 dni temu
He will land on his feet. E racing will offer up a seat.( Suck my balls )Magnusson. That's a catchphrase that will stay with him.👍👍✌😂
Theo Perrin
Theo Perrin 12 dni temu
We always feel bad for drivers like this, who 'under achieve' versus what we think of their skills, before leaving the sport for good. At a certain point I think it's good to embrace that it's this way for *most* drivers in F1. At least K Mag had a long career and one where he gained a reputation for being a strong, hard-headed racer. What more can you really ask for in a sport dominated by one or two teams over the course of a decade? Likeable guy, fierce driver, and I bet he'll have plenty of fun elsewhere in the future
Shelley C
Shelley C 12 dni temu
That's a really good way of looking at it, and puts my thoughts into words better than I could. Yes it would be nice to see loads of drivers get cars "they deserve" and get to stay in the sport until they're done, but it's not how it works. Magnussen even got a podium on debut, not what most manage.
Max Kendall
Max Kendall 12 dni temu
Kmag to redbull
Dean Gibson
Dean Gibson 11 dni temu
To be fair Hulkenberg has been linked with the RedBull seat and when they were both in a competitive cars, Hulk and K-Mag would often trade best of the rest finishes. In the same machinery there would be little to split them. It’s a real shame that it looks like neither of them are going to be on the grid next year. Perez too also looks like he might be out of a seat. Shame to lose them from the grid.
Max Kendall
Max Kendall 12 dni temu
@SneakyEel correct
SneakyEel 12 dni temu
In your dreams 😂
Sleeper Cell
Sleeper Cell 12 dni temu
1:00. Drivers today are total pussies. Remember back in the mid 90's every time the car changed gear the driver's head would slam forward and back. Now these guys have got DCT transmissions and seamless shifts, if it breaks they decide to quit the race because it gives them a headache.
Tyrone Tyroneson
Tyrone Tyroneson 11 dni temu
5g's plus round corners, which drivers "back in the mid 90s" never had to contend with
Kai Clarke
Kai Clarke 12 dni temu
Finally, far more talented drivers out there without a seat. F1 should be the pinnacle of Motorsport. Rest in Piss, won't be missed 👍
Jason Patrick
Jason Patrick 12 dni temu
Haas getting two new drivers on the grid won't help them at all. As much as I admired Gunther Steiner in the past he is completely at fault for all these wonky pitstops and quite frankly the worst F1 car on the grid. He never takes responsibility and always tries to put the fault on others, he lacks complete leadership and team management thinking he is the boss when in reality he wouldn't be in F1 if it wasn't for Gene Haas . Honestly for Haas to finish 5th in 2018 was all down to K mag and not Grosjean so he actually over performed in a seriously under performing car coupled with bad pit stops. Haas did K Mag dirty and for that I wish to see him back in F1 again hopefully in a better car.
Oof T
Oof T 12 dni temu
Please stay Kevin
Jimmy Jazz
Jimmy Jazz 12 dni temu
I feel bad for him, deserves an F1 seat for sure, hopefully mazepin doesn’t work out for haas and they bring magnussen back in for 2022, he’d be a great teammate for Schumacher.
Chuckey Chort12
Chuckey Chort12 11 dni temu
Bit harsh wishing bad luck on a youngster don’t you think?
Matthew Dix
Matthew Dix 12 dni temu
haas said they wouldnt sign 2 rookies so probs not mazepin
h bethune
h bethune 12 dni temu
With his poor record of obstructive/unintelligent driving, let us hope a new star will take over his seat!
C O S M O 12 dni temu
hope we see him move onto indycar or endurance racing
yakashi 12 dni temu
would love to see him in indy. seems like it can provide some good racing.
Libyan Soup
Libyan Soup 12 dni temu
Guenther Steiner's door will be safe - so long as he doesn't ask KMag to close it on his way out.
Gas Gang opinions
Gas Gang opinions 12 dni temu
Get Perez in
JonoPono 12 dni temu
Poor Kmag, lets hope he doesn't focksmash any other doors in the future.
Jay jay
Jay jay 10 dni temu
good comment Jono
Monsieurturmoil 12 dni temu
They meant he is too aggressive .... He & Grosjean were the dream team if you wanted the most dangerous crash happy fools 😵
Noel Kavanagh
Noel Kavanagh 12 dni temu
It's sad that you need money and sponsors behind you to progress instead of just your talent but that's modern Formula 1.
Brendan McCallion
Brendan McCallion 12 dni temu
There's a reason why someone like George Russell has a brighter future in the sport opposed to someone like Kmag. At 28 you'd expect Kevin to be a bit more matured but he still feels very raw. At 22 George Russell toes the line very well, and is infinitely more mature so I think it's disappointing Kevin won't have any opportunities after this season.
yakashi 12 dni temu
Russell got no character. he lives on promises.
Ricky Scott
Ricky Scott 12 dni temu
Kmag is a fierce driver. In a fast car he'd be dangerous in a good way.
Billy Block
Billy Block 11 dni temu
Exactly. That's why hes one of my favourites. Such a shame.
Mountain Man
Mountain Man 12 dni temu
Sikker på Kevin kan ansøge arbejde med Jack & Jones. This or back to welding
azapro911 12 dni temu
Like Grosjean, he has his moments but is very inconsistent and has had many years to work on that. Tough business, there are only 20 seats and eventually some new blood will replace the (relatively) old.
Chazza534 12 dni temu
Yeah it’s unfortunate for kmags generation that f1 teams are putting confidence in younger and younger drivers. It’ll mean you only have a short window of time to prove your ability before a new Leclerc or verstappen comes through.
Alex Mc Keown
Alex Mc Keown 12 dni temu
At least he won the most unsportmanship by nico lmao
delbroox 12 dni temu
You really can't help but feel sorry for these guys when you hear this kind of interview. Too bad. And I am surprised by the lack of empathy shown by some people here in the comments...wow...
Its MiD
Its MiD 11 dni temu
Remember drivers like Will Stevens, Lucas Di Grassi, Karun Chandock, Jerome D'Ambrosio, Giedo van der Garde, Rio Haryanto, Alexander Rossi, Roberto Merhi, Sergey Sirotkin, in the last ten or so years, that got pretty much 1 season or less for them to impress. I'm just comparing them to KMAG to think, is he better than all of them? Maybe, but definitely not one of those down below. ...... the chuffin legends, whos positions in history are secure. Yuji Ide- for his style, his car control at Melbourne... mirror, signal, reverse manoeuvre..... Dammit! Who stole reverse? (i realise finding reverse could be tricky... But he should've just gone forwards). O and his undoubted erm 'flair' - ask Albers about that. Markus Winklehock- for racing like a legend in his one race and me wanting to see him back the next race. Andre Lotterer- for being a legend, but not racing in his one race and coming out of it looking like a bigger champ! Alex Yoong- for being Malaysian. Its not a joke. It was great to have an East Asian driver way back then. Edit. Apologies for spellings.
Tim Tyber
Tim Tyber 12 dni temu
well the toxic F1 community strikes again. Pay no mind, anyone who says KMag or Grosjean has no pace have clearly only started watching F1 the last couple of years.
big cheese
big cheese 12 dni temu
agreed, these guys have put everything on the line
James Rowland
James Rowland 12 dni temu
poor driver and one of the most unlikeable, rude douchy people ever to drive in the sport. He has the absolute worst attitude and ethic. He would never have made it or survived in any other era than this one. Good riddance won't miss you.
bailey feller
bailey feller 12 dni temu
Never been a fan
John sweda
John sweda 12 dni temu
Yeah I hope he carries on find a seat Ferrari looking aren't they Williams is a good team to go to probably not for couple years but then be up there
Spicy Calamari
Spicy Calamari 12 dni temu
Just as good as Hulkenburg and potentially equal to Perez in my book!
yakashi 12 dni temu
I think he could be better but we'll never know. would like to see him in Renault next to DR. but sadly that will never happen.
M Lees
M Lees 12 dni temu
Wouldn't say the sport will miss him. Definitely not Grosjean.
Tyrone Tyroneson
Tyrone Tyroneson 11 dni temu
Stefan rhys
Stefan rhys 12 dni temu
Well he’s never really stood out, just a run of the mill driver .. can’t say he’ll be missed
Aman Ismail Habib
Aman Ismail Habib 12 dni temu
Nice to see Kevin mature over the years. Initially really didn't like him, felt like his racing was quite dirty but eventually I think he learned from it, in the later seasons his defensive driving was some of the best, it was hard but no longer dirty, close to the limit but never quite past it and frankly really entertaining to watch. You could argue there could've been some times where had he fought less and let a car through it may have been better for his race results but I like his fighting spirit and gave me an insight into the older style of racing that I am too young to have seen for myself... At 28 I still think Kevin was improving, I actually think he would've done pretty well in a front running car like a Red Bull for example as a support for Max. Hopefully he goes on to have success in another series!
Tim Brewin
Tim Brewin 12 dni temu
Never liked him. Good riddance.
Tyrone Tyroneson
Tyrone Tyroneson 11 dni temu
We asked Tim
Yuri Navti
Yuri Navti 12 dni temu
Definition of Mediocre .
AnthonyMcs 12 dni temu
@delbroox forgot you needed to be a professional or somewhere in life to pass judgment on the performance of a driver
delbroox 12 dni temu
still he's in F1 among the 20 best drivers in the world. Where are you?
AnthonyMcs 12 dni temu
@Guinness Harvey mediocre relative to the other drivers
Guinness Harvey
Guinness Harvey 12 dni temu
No one who gets to F1 is mediocre. They’re all elite drivers
Nthn Hbsn
Nthn Hbsn 12 dni temu
Imagine bleeping Kevin saying "suck my balls mate". No point showing the clip if you're not gonna show what was said. Pussies.
JB 02
JB 02 12 dni temu
Kmag was really underrated. 2018 prove