Willy T Ribbs: Motorsport's Black Pioneer Full Documentary | The first black man to drive an F1 car

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Sky Sports F1

Miesiąc temu

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A profile of Willy T Ribbs, the first black man to drive a Formula One car and the first black Indy 500 driver. Inspired by few, inspiration to many, he helped break down the colour barrier in American Motorsport.
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Steve Mold
Steve Mold 3 dni temu
Just watching this on Sky before the Bahrain GP, he seems a real sound and humous guy. Odd people have thumbed this video down.
DMD 10 dni temu
Couple of drinks and the fists start swinging. That's GB OK. Fascinating guy
Omar Medani
Omar Medani 12 dni temu
Great stuff
Downshift & Pedal
Downshift & Pedal 13 dni temu
Great message. Thanks Ted
True Mexico
True Mexico 14 dni temu
Brilliant! It's a shame this important and interesting documentary has so few views compared to the channel average. I guess that's why so much F1 content is gimmicky and shallow, that's what get's the clicks.
chris jones
chris jones 15 dni temu
Ended up talking Lewis Hamilton. Was never a fan but he's won me over. That's Lewis for you. As much on track and even more off.
Simon Pedley
Simon Pedley 16 dni temu
"One thing that blew me away was how much fighting they do, a couple of beers man and the fist started swinging" hahaha - A real nice, charismatic and cool dude. Good job TK and Sky Sports.
Sam Shroom
Sam Shroom 16 dni temu
I was in a club in Soho and Dizzy Gillespie was playing... Ted - No reaction It was open while 3 am... Ted - Wow
Crown King
Crown King 17 dni temu
I think Ron Dennis owns lewis another mclearn
victor 91
victor 91 17 dni temu
Well Lewis is now 7 time world champion. The dream goes on!
PotholesInMyLawn 17 dni temu
Wow this was awesome!
Russ 21 dzień temu
Man I love that Ali story but yours is matching. I know how you feel. I made go carts when I was kid and dreamed of racing. You were never alone in the car you drove, just like Lewis you have a new fan list and I'm on it. Can I go jogging someday with you? Greatest! I was at Sugar Ray's retirement in Baltimore. Ali was there ran climbed over stairs to walk along side of him. I had my hand on his shoulder yelling out " Ali" We are all racers....
slylockdefox246 21 dzień temu
Ted is uncomfortable talking about race but I commend him. Uppity: Both! Ted... Yea it bin would've bin would've bin would've bin wouldn't it? 😂
Andy Yefimovich
Andy Yefimovich 22 dni temu
Great respect! Thanks so much for this video! Amazing...
peter thomas
peter thomas 22 dni temu
Wow, what a real intelligent and versed gentleman in his craft. I've watched F1 for years and it was only a decade or so later that i had some semblance of this titan in his sport . Just goes to show that money can't buy everything. Just like with Lewis, a massive talent, but he was just too good for his competition . Great examination of this proud great man.
curiosity 23 dni temu
It was sad that at the 14:20 timestamp he didn't credit his dad for mentorship and leadership. That's a fierce and conspicuous distinction between Willy and Lewis amongst knowledgeable black men.
#sv5 23 dni temu
He's an awful driver
Alex lacl
Alex lacl 10 dni temu
Stupid joke
#sv5 14 dni temu
@LostChances yes
LostChances 14 dni temu
Says the guy with a Vettel photo
#sv5 23 dni temu
Lol how are you doing willy
curiosity 23 dni temu
Great choice of opening song; really respectful.
j dogg
j dogg 23 dni temu
Shocking this only has 14k views 2many racing fans missing out on a great story
paul davidson
paul davidson 23 dni temu
Thank you for this.
Easy Kid
Easy Kid 25 dni temu
Everything is about race... only making the problem worse.
norman-m [KANDAGAIGO]
norman-m [KANDAGAIGO] 24 dni temu
Black people didn't create the system. Now, the system is what it is, and, yes, unfortunately, it is about race.
BillyGoatBoy 26 dni temu
14:53 says a lot about England 👍
charles antso
charles antso 26 dni temu
very nice, thank you 👍
son 26 dni temu
Ted Kravitz and Willy T are two GOATS in my eyes !
mr coal
mr coal 26 dni temu
he's a true inspiration to motorsport
Wayne Bynoe
Wayne Bynoe 26 dni temu
discodavid26 26 dni temu
Great interview but would off liked to hear Willy talk more about his current feelings on bill Crosby (probably very mixed) and the terrible accident involving him at a Indy car street race where a marshal trying to push a different stalled car got hit by Willy and killed …… how much was his fault? …… how much was indycar officials/safety standards to blame?…… and did it kill his career momentum in Indy cars although he made the Indy 500 a few years after did it cost him full season drives?
discodavid26 26 dni temu
Whatever Willy answers-to my above questions are..... he is a grade A human being …… I was aware previously of Willy due to my love off indycar books but probably as they were written by a white American writer I picked up on his “uppity” semi aggressive nature through their words and wasn’t 100% sure on him …… but hearing him in person I cannot believe more people in motorsport didn’t give him a shot.
Keith Powell
Keith Powell 27 dni temu
What a great watch Ted. Willy T is a very entertaining guy, lots of history I could relate to there also, thanks.
BBN 27 dni temu
This is what most people don't understand. As a black person you spend time trying to break unnecessary barriers while others are putting in this time to better themselves. You need to be perfect a black person to be accepted. Look at Obama for instance, the man was judged on/by anything. And along came Trump and all of a sudden the standard was lowered. Lewis Hamilton is criticized for anything that other drivers do and get away with.
PotholesInMyLawn 17 dni temu
Spot on BBN Spot on brah!
son 26 dni temu
This is a sport controlled by white elites. They're just living their lives and that's ok but they will never truly understand
daedralord1 28 dni temu
Why didn’t you make this video years ago sky? Oh wait I know. The next movement is bald men. Then sky will make a video on bald drivers to show they love bald men
Jenny 3000
Jenny 3000 28 dni temu
This video is underrated >.>
Adam Smith
Adam Smith 28 dni temu
What a top bloke
A B 28 dni temu
We don't care if u White,black,Indian, Asian or what..stfu n watch n educate yourself. Willy t ribbs great man✅💯🐐
juanito 28 dni temu
Thanks, Sky sports for putting this out there. Wish we could get Sky sports in America.
Marciano Demidof
Marciano Demidof 29 dni temu
Willy T Ribbs🙏. Great interview Ted.
Pascale Loiseau Joachim
Pascale Loiseau Joachim 29 dni temu
Why do white people always have a problem when people of color excell in a certain domain
Karlyx Bosikoro
Karlyx Bosikoro 29 dni temu
Is he also of a mixed race? .... funny he calls Ted "T-K" .... lolz
theworldismyoyster 29 dni temu
Fabulous interview!
krazykarl 29 dni temu
Why do so many similar movies come out so close together?
JMcdermott 29 dni temu
What a guy. A massive shame that Sky felt the need to put 'Black' in the title, attributing some of this guys success to his race. This guy did everything off his own back, inspiring.
Mr e Mr e
Mr e Mr e 29 dni temu
Hamilton needs a one to one ✌🏾✌🏾✌🏾
Stephen Boyd
Stephen Boyd 29 dni temu
A great interview with a truly inspiring figure. Telling it like it, not what he thinks people want to hear.
Mark 29 dni temu
How anyone can dislike this video is beyond me. This was spectacularly made and such a journey, from where it started with Willy, to the now with Lewis to the unknown but hopefully better future because of all involved.
BBN 27 dni temu
Probably those that wrote those letters.
GIJ GIJ 29 dni temu
Now watch the film of his life, Uppity - I bought it on PLpost. What a man.
Hamisxa 29 dni temu
"We need to stop racism"....... "But we'll keep talking about race when it benefits us"
LostChances 14 dni temu
Yea cos no one is doing anything
Alfonzo Curry
Alfonzo Curry 29 dni temu
Awesome job Ted!! Willy you know what you mean to us. Enuff Respect!!
Baron R
Baron R 29 dni temu
"Uppity"... If your from America you know what is meant by that. Willy is a fearless one.
leongt1954 29 dni temu
When you look at his record in Eng and the US it sucks and most of his success was in the american tarns-am series winning 17 races
Duane Aguilera
Duane Aguilera 29 dni temu
What a great interview. I loved the opening song Fitting.and Soulful . great respect Willy
David Jones
David Jones 29 dni temu
Really enjoyed watching this, he is a real character for sure.
SlacKerZ1 zzz
SlacKerZ1 zzz 29 dni temu
You can really hear the sadness in his voice when talking about ali towards the end. He really lost a friend. This is very inspiring.
Dave Koffman
Dave Koffman 29 dni temu
Excellent documentary and great job by Ted, as usual.
Rodney steele
Rodney steele 29 dni temu
Great interview
Plymouth Rock
Plymouth Rock 29 dni temu
I thought the music sound track was a bit stereotypical of this gentleman
Molly L. Wiltshire
Molly L. Wiltshire 29 dni temu
Willy T stating the fact that Lewis is standing up and speaking out for what is right and good for humanity, not for his own financial gain and quite likely to his own detriment 💪💪💪💪👊🏻👊🏻
B4dd3r5 29 dni temu
Someone should put Willy in the current Mercedes W11, see what he makes of it. I'd watch that.
Mark 29 dni temu
only if he's miked up 🤣 poor man will be sore afterwards, but I am sure it would be absolutely worth it
Marcus Gotti
Marcus Gotti 29 dni temu
SALUTE!! real guy!!
Alex Vanburen
Alex Vanburen 29 dni temu
Thank you for sharing this interview with American viewers. Love Sky and Ted’s commentary.
Jake Morand the Momoz
Jake Morand the Momoz 29 dni temu
Isn't the white guy that guy who has fear of riciardo milos
kabelo tshita
kabelo tshita 29 dni temu
Someone is gonna misinterpret this and cause an issue like always
Jamaal Yousaf
Jamaal Yousaf 29 dni temu
Legend him and Lewis
Orangesherbert71 29 dni temu
Love Willy T.
robin chamberlain
robin chamberlain 29 dni temu
I followed Willy t all the way through his career from formula Ford,through to Indy, the man is a legend.
John Kenny
John Kenny 29 dni temu
A fantastic documentary & well worth a watch 👍
RottieShep CALIBRE
RottieShep CALIBRE 29 dni temu
food ready.. comfortable... SHOWTIME
Adam Potter
Adam Potter 29 dni temu
Great TV Ted ! thanks a million for this fascinating documentary.
Rick Smooth
Rick Smooth 29 dni temu
Thanks guys! I remember Willy T Ribbs when I was a kid
Rigsby Rigged
Rigsby Rigged 29 dni temu
Thank you for this, Ted.
Molly L. Wiltshire
Molly L. Wiltshire 29 dni temu
thank you!
TerribleFire 29 dni temu
Have a lot of time and respect for Willy. Hes a real person.
Boxing Technique Videos
Boxing Technique Videos 21 dzień temu
@curiosity no his a ginger bread
curiosity 23 dni temu
Naw, Willy's an android.
Jonno M
Jonno M 29 dni temu
What a remarkable racer, so humble but so smart 👍
AngryWelshman 29 dni temu
Ted delivers the best content for SkySportsF1. Thanks Ted!!
Steve Mold
Steve Mold 3 dni temu
Ted is one of the reasons I have sky F1 and Martin of course !
Jamaal Yousaf
Jamaal Yousaf 29 dni temu
Jane Gavin
Jane Gavin 29 dni temu
Senna is the GOAT in F1 but overall I think there's to many great drivers to say whose the GOAT.
alwishy 29 dni temu
The documentary on Netflix is amazing
Reggie Austin
Reggie Austin 29 dni temu
@joseph is awsome it’s called “Uppity”
joseph is awsome
joseph is awsome 29 dni temu
Which one?
Tenesha Anderson
Tenesha Anderson Miesiąc temu
Thanks Ted this was great
ArcticGamer Miesiąc temu
Wow, this was so inspiring. What a legend !!!
Saahir_ep3 Miesiąc temu
Great interview, Willy is such a cool guy! Love his stories
son Miesiąc temu
Yes it's annoying to make everything about race, but Willy T is a true hero. He was threatened to be killed in America just because he was successful and black. He just wanted to enjoy racing like the rest of us. Living in a hostile environment is never nice...So if you're frustrated because you don't like him for whatever reason, try to understand the context. Thank you everyone
PotholesInMyLawn 17 dni temu
The truth should not be annoying... It should be a reminder that if we are not vigilant we can return to a place far worst then just talk. We can choose to look forward without looking back... and ignore the roads we have once travelled. But history is one of those things that can go both back and forward. To know where you want to go... you have to know where you have already been. If you don't, you may find yourself back where you started.
son Miesiąc temu
Willy T!
donald tracey
donald tracey Miesiąc temu
Great interview Ted . Love it . Respect Ted for bring this .
donald tracey
donald tracey 29 dni temu
@Teo Vokes 03 No worries . Respect .
donald tracey
donald tracey 29 dni temu
@Teo Vokes 03 wasn't having a dig at you . Just that our emotion can sometimes blind us .
donald tracey
donald tracey 29 dni temu
@Teo Vokes 03 Yes it can be , if you watch it with emotion .
Kirpa K
Kirpa K Miesiąc temu
Would be great if you could interview Willy, Lewis and his dad together. #pioneers
GGFCHMMAL 29 dni temu
@Skyy Interceptor Racing Yes, next Austin race would be perfect.
Skyy Interceptor Racing
Skyy Interceptor Racing 29 dni temu
@Sky Sports F1 ... make this happen
David Sandham
David Sandham Miesiąc temu
Nearly 10% of people disliking the video (8/99). Wonder how they fit into the theme behind this video...
donald tracey
donald tracey 26 dni temu
@bsrlbck2013 My comment is what it is , a comment if you have issue with it , that's your problem . For me the matter is Closed There is many more comments for you to focus on .
donald tracey
donald tracey 26 dni temu
@bsrlbck2013 That's not really important to me how many people like or dislike . I like it , even if I'm the only one . "Believe" is for those who don't Know!!
donald tracey
donald tracey 29 dni temu
Yes , that 10% is not a member of the Human family .
Erel H L
Erel H L Miesiąc temu
Some people are just hard to please.
Mountain Man
Mountain Man Miesiąc temu
Love this and going to watch this when I get home.... Ted Kravitz is all around well versed and is the right person to cover people with different background and path. That James Brown soundtrack is the icing on the cake.
Troy Lewis
Troy Lewis 18 dni temu
Soundtrack is Curtis Mayfield, Rolling Stones not James Brown.
Mountain Man
Mountain Man 29 dni temu
@Teddy Graham His presentation and personality makes him very relatable.
Teddy Graham
Teddy Graham 29 dni temu
@Cricket England I mean how does he come from a different background. Middle class, went to Exeter, then had a career in journalism.
Cricket England
Cricket England 29 dni temu
@Teddy Graham so who would you do it then?
Cricket England
Cricket England 29 dni temu
What Ted don’t know about F1 ain’t worth knowing, because he always makes sure he does his homework
Pvt Parts
Pvt Parts Miesiąc temu
Next week: How F1 is inherently White supremacist
Levi Stewart
Levi Stewart Miesiąc temu
This guy was my hero when he qualified for indy 500 in 92!
Enes Batur
Enes Batur Miesiąc temu
Emek var çok güzell
Cash Only
Cash Only Miesiąc temu
Awesome Documentary!
Bilal Khalid
Bilal Khalid Miesiąc temu
Thumbs up for all the black Motorsport pioneers.👍👍👍👍👍😎😎😎😎😎
Bilal Khalid
Bilal Khalid Miesiąc temu
Nearly first 😎👍
andyracksthecams Miesiąc temu
Will watch this on the big screen and not on the phone. Thanks.
Chris Gee
Chris Gee Miesiąc temu
Is this the same one on Netflix, or a new one?
Mista V
Mista V 26 dni temu
A new one. The documentary on Netflix is more detailed.
The champ
The champ Miesiąc temu
rhys mcgovan
rhys mcgovan Miesiąc temu
we dgaf if ur first or last, just enjoy the vid m8
Jorrel Julius
Jorrel Julius Miesiąc temu
Jennifer Adzadu
Jennifer Adzadu Miesiąc temu
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Among Us live Miesiąc temu
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