Lewis Hamilton gives powerful message after clinching record-equalling seventh F1 title

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Sky Sports F1

17 dni temu

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Lewis Hamilton got emotional when speaking exclusively to Sky Sports after achieving a record-equalling seventh F1 title at the Turkish Grand Prix.
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Jairo Cesar
Jairo Cesar 8 dni temu
Lewis Hamilton rumo ao 8 título
Hatim Salim
Hatim Salim 8 dni temu
Lewis Driving Matter Movement 👍
Hatim Salim
Hatim Salim 8 dni temu
if you’re naturally born very talented in what you do then you’re magnificently a powerful champion, but if you aren’t born talented enough then you can only be just a winner,… not anyone can tame wild horses time and time again repeatedly but only those who are born with that special talent can easily do, and this explains the huge difference between Hamilton and Bottas in the same racing car Just like a powerful horse needs a special rider, the best car needs an outstanding driver, and obviously that driver is Lewis Hamilton not Valtteri Bottas 👍👌🤗
Josef Cvaniga
Josef Cvaniga 9 dni temu
Eddie Neil
Eddie Neil 12 dni temu
Lewis’s hairline is more powerful. Back from the dead.
Josef Cvaniga
Josef Cvaniga 12 dni temu
☸✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝. ☸✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝. ✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝. ❗❗❗
markus mirtti
markus mirtti 13 dni temu
Another lesson from F1 master. Onneksi olkoon Lewis👌 And make an effort for F1 race to Finland🇫🇮 please. 🙂 We'd liked that here. Kimi won't talk about it😅
WhyNot 13 dni temu
He's only a hero to the gullible fools that follow him. The rest of the world couldn't give a sh1t what he does.
Meme Raven
Meme Raven 13 dni temu
Nobody is talking about his Records: 1) 2017-2020 - 4 consecutive championships (Equaled Juan Manual Fangio, Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel's record from 1954-1957, 2000-2003 and 2010-2013 Respectively) only 4th driver to do so after Fangio, Schumacher and Vettel. 2) He has won 10 races out of 14 this year, if he wins last 3 he would tie the record of Most race wins in a season with 13 wins (Currently jointly hold by Schumacher and Vettel from 2002 and 2013 season respectively) 3) 2014-2015 - 2 consecutive championships, matching records of Ascari, Fangio, Brabham, Prost, Senna, Schumacher, Hakkinen, Alonso, Vettel. P.S. he possibly can match Micheal Schumacher 5 consecutive championship record next year. For Mercedes: If they win next 3 championships Mercedes engine would have won 16 championships making it most by an engine supplier currently Ferrari has the record with 15 championships.
They race me so hard
They race me so hard 13 dni temu
Lewis without a Mercedes is nothing... the greatest of fake champions!
Josef Cvaniga
Josef Cvaniga 14 dni temu
Josef Cvaniga
Josef Cvaniga 14 dni temu
✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝ ✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝. ✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝. !!
MuhamkrishArum Arum
MuhamkrishArum Arum 14 dni temu
Lewis Hamilton , F1 Best Racer . Brilliant Drive . Great skill shown by Lewis Hamilton. Bravo lewis .
serpico Phone
serpico Phone 14 dni temu
Good man...brilliant driver.
Frank WIGFALL 14 dni temu
Thank you brother for what you have shown as a professional and champion and a black man, proud of you!
NYASHA MUYAMBO 14 dni temu
well said Lewis Hamilton.. now I a fan
Nigol T.
Nigol T. 14 dni temu
It's not his fault and he only wishes he had some competition, but the ridiculous engineering advantage Mercedes has, plus the fact that 75% of the field of uncompetitive cars due to the Hybrid Era Fiasco, makes F1 unwatchable. It's just a disaster racing series.
INX 14 dni temu
Get in there Lewis!! but also 1:41 wholesome Seb moment :)
BackTo AttackMan
BackTo AttackMan 14 dni temu
Dont care what anyone says. Lewis is a class driver. Unreal wet weather driver. He has driven the poor cars and the top cars, worked to get to the top. He deserves to be where he is right now within the sport. GG lewis hamilton.
nuno gomes
nuno gomes 14 dni temu
tubehows4life 14 dni temu
I got goosbumps...from the cringe of it.
sircoynie 14 dni temu
If this was Roger Federer he would have a tracksuit with 7 embossed with gold on underneath his race suit ready to walk out and “humbly “ show all his Karen fans.......Lewis thanks everyone and gives kids a dream but gets less respect in sporting circles!
Tipper-C-P 15 dni temu
He drove so well and yes sometimes we don't always agree with his views, but who cares. He is a top driver and staying on intermediate tyres for over 40 laps is incredible. Deserves the win and the championship
Danny Chew
Danny Chew 15 dni temu
Congrats LH! Just wish you'd stop backing BLM... You don't know the reality of BLM. PS. You "were" (& could still be) a huge inspiration to me in my racing career AND my lifestyle :) I even started my career with the #44
Jenny Pounds
Jenny Pounds 15 dni temu
Marc Antoni
Marc Antoni 15 dni temu
Yes. One of the great ones that emerged a very easy decade for Mercedes and for him, without any team in the championship that could face the technological jewel created by the team. Hamilton in the position of first driver has been in a team of Englishmen since his arrival (mechanics, technicians and engineers) and to establish this lobby, the Headquarters is in England. It took Nico Rosberg two years to break this powerful lobby that works for Hamilton to be champion! Aware that he "screwed up" during a season with Nico, Bottas' contract hindered the possibility of having the same equipment, of being champion and even winning races, the difference in equipment is clear. As much as RBR and Ferrari have worked hard, they have not been able to match even one year. What Mercedes does for Hamilton, the others need to do using their arm. In that last race there would be nothing that the other teams could do against the 2020 Mercedes supercar! There's nothing that Racing Point team could to do! The copy of the 2019 car may have been authorized under contract, the clause being that the case of the Racing car present at the front, Mercedes would have priority in the position. When Hamilton overtook Checo, you can see that the Mexican didn't show any reaction, it was like taking a child's ice cream! Hamilton has been collecting titles because there is no car in F1 that can stand up to Mercedes technology with its buttons that increase power, etc. Only in the arm was it clear by the other teams that it is not possible. The lack of competition in the last ten years, with no real dispute for the title, just a few reactions from Ferrari and RBR, made F1 dull, pathetic. The season that Nico won was the best season of the Mercedes Era, when we saw the dispute, despite the team's preference for Lewis. In good times being bi, tri champion was very difficult due to the balance between the teams and drivers, it was necessary to literally show a talent (without the technological buttons) that it was the best that year. For decades I got up early to see a good F1 race, today it’s no longer worth it ...
Wasp Sting
Wasp Sting 15 dni temu
David Huff
David Huff 15 dni temu
Dunno what you'd call F1 but it's not a sport. Mercedes tech has dominated for the last 10 years. The disparity between Mercedes and the rest of the field is crazy. I would win the Tour de France every year if you gave me a motorbike to use, nothing to crow about.
David Huff
David Huff 12 dni temu
@Garrod Hutchison As I said in my previous post, I get it, you are a sweaty little fanboy (quite a pompous, self important one at that). For someone who can hardly contain their indifference, you sure are typing a lot. That's fine tho, I can go as long as you. It is not for you to tell me to basically shut up. It is you who is running out of steam- as sure sign of this is the narky tone and increased volume of insults. I don't think I will bow to your imagined superior intellect any time soon. F1 is a skewed corporate elitist farce, not a true sport. Finally could I suggest you check the arrogant tone, and go play with your toy cars, you might feel better.
Garrod Hutchison
Garrod Hutchison 12 dni temu
@David Huff Firstly please check your facts I did not in any way shape or form agree with you. I never once suggested that a Jockey is rendered useless, I said success is more likely attributed to the animal. However my point being is any analogy between animals and man made machinery is about as uniformed and meaningless as some of your other comments like the ridiculously ignorant analogy of using a motorbike on the Tour de France. I did make the point that if a slower car beats a faster car the credit is more likely given to the driver as opposed to his machinery a fact that you conveniently seemed to have missed. Your comment that “A great driver in a tail-ender F1 team has NO chance against the grandee teams” once again shows a complete lack of knowledge and understanding, or perhaps your short term or selective memory as to what happened in September when Galsy won in an Alpha Tauri………………….. F1 should remain the pinnacle of motorsport and a competition between teams and drivers. If you don’t like that or don’t think that is 'Sport' then go watch something else, quite honestly I can hardly contain my indifference to your repeatedly flawed, an uninteresting opinions. Please do everyone a big favour and keep them to yourself. Perhaps more to the point given that it appears you lack the intelligence and intellect to put forward a logical and constructive argument, I think it's time that you went to B&Q, purchased some wood, built a bridge and then perhaps you can GET OVER IT!
David Huff
David Huff 13 dni temu
@Garrod Hutchison Thank you for agreeing with me that thoroughbred vs donkey renders the jockey irrelevant. A great driver in a tail-ender F1 team has NO chance against the grandee teams, so that is nonsense. F1 is not a sport in the Olympian sense of the word. Liverpool aren't in the same division as Scunthorpe, There is no pretence they are on the same level. I get that you're a big ol' fan boy of F1 but you surely don't wish to see competition stifled? Let's not pretend 10 years of dominance isn't damaging in the long run. Viewing figures (outside GB and maybe Germany) have plummeted. Who cares who has the deepest pockets. The sooner cars become autonomous R and D platforms and drivers are removed, the better, because it is NOT A SPORT
Garrod Hutchison
Garrod Hutchison 13 dni temu
​@David Huff Once again, to use any analogy comparing an animal to a piece of man made machinery shows complete ignorance and a total misunderstanding of what you are comparing. If a Jockey riding a Donkey won a race against thoroughbred horses it would be all about the animals performance not the Jockeys. If however a racing driver won a race in a slow car against much faster cars it would undoubtedly be attributed to the skill of a driver. Yet again your analogy and argument is not a convincing one. Look at the last race with two drivers in Identical Mercedes cars that were certainly not the fastest cars in those condition on that track (So much for your comment on the crazy disparity you talk of!) . One driver wins by over 30 seconds and does not spin, and the other driver in an identical car finished 14 and spun 6 times. You seem to think it is unfair that Mercedes have the fastest car, yet each team starts equally with the exact same rules for producing a car to the exact same specifications and the exact same regulations. Where is the crazy disparity in that? F1 is a TEAM sport, and if Mercedes happen to design and build the faster car that does not give them an ‘unfair’ advantage. The Mercedes 'Team' built the car. It just so happens they built a better one and faster one than all the rest. The ‘crazy disparity’ you crow on about is because one team is better that the others! Is that not what competitive sport is all about? If you are going use that excuse you might as well complain about the disparity between Liverpool football club and say Scunthorpe United as being just as crazy. Does that give Liverpool an unfair advantage because they are the better team and perform better than everyone else? There are ‘unfair’ advantages in just about every aspect of every sport. Does an 8 foot tall basketball player have an unfair advantage over a 4 foot tall player? Does a 20 stone, fast, muscular rugby player have an unfair advantage over a 9 stone thin and weak player? The best teams want the best drivers and the best drivers find their way to the best teams and in case you had not noticed that is why players like Messi and Ronaldo don’t play for Scunthorpe United. Their will always be disparity. Maybe its a good thing your interest in F1 has been killed off by Mercedes domination, perhaps that means we wont have to read any more of you ill informed comments on it .
David Huff
David Huff 14 dni temu
@Garrod Hutchison Meh, not convinced, not ignorant of the subject BTW. For an individual to excel in a sporting endeavour, every competitor must have an equal chance based on their ability. For that reason, F1 is not a sport, is a tech arms race. You didn't like the motorbike analogy, ho here's another. You can have all the skills and talent in the world as a jockey, but all for naught if your rivals are on thoroughbreds and you are on a donkey. Kudos to Mercedes for crushing ithe technical aspect tho,although they have killed any interest I had in the thrill of F1
Ciaron Smith
Ciaron Smith 15 dni temu
Lewis does NOT deserve a knighthood. Getting knighthood incorporates several factors. First, Lewis pretends he's American. Second, he doesn't pay UK taxes. Third, he simply doesn't act in a manner becoming of upper royalty or British values, and was apparently quite rude when he met her majesty at Buckingham Palace.
Garrod Hutchison
Garrod Hutchison 14 dni temu
So Sir Mick Jagger is none of the above then....................
Ciaron Smith
Ciaron Smith 15 dni temu
@Hibiscus Rose They aren't knighted either! Get a grip! Lewis offended her majesty!
Hibiscus Rose
Hibiscus Rose 15 dni temu
Here we go with the taxes. Now listen up. JENSON BUTTON, STEWART, MANSELL, CAULTARD all live in Monaco and jenson BUTTON lives in Ametica as well. Lewis is among the 50 highest tax payers in the UK. An MP actually said Lewis Hamilton although he does not live here but in Monaco pays the highest tax in the UK and yet he is not acknowledged or recognised and here you are spewing rubbish. Go chase Jenson Button and the rest in the same breath you keep chasing Lewis for. Hi to flash 224 timestamp 33.06
Spiros Bouas
Spiros Bouas 15 dni temu
Great leader! Congratulations and well deserved. We need more role models like you in society. Bravo !
Redzy Rezali
Redzy Rezali 15 dni temu
His7ory 😊
silverace08 15 dni temu
"you can be a trailblazer, you can create your own path for others to follow, and id just say like, dream as big as you possibly can ...and dont let people tell you either way that you can or you cant, theres nothing you cant do if you put the time and effort into it and naturally hopefully have the support around you like i did." true words of inspiration from lewis for the future generation kids
Al S
Al S 15 dni temu
Mixed feelings, he is consistent now with age 35, but damn hey, this Mercedes car is unstoppable for how long now, 7 years? I still can't understand why the f1 organization doesnt mix up the rules. Even this race Mercedes wasnt dominant all other races they will be. All backmarkers need to take risk to do at least something to spice it up.
Giannis Tsoukatos
Giannis Tsoukatos 14 dni temu
@Brockside Obviously a lot of people here love mediocrity.Why it is always a case that the one that strives for excellence fully committed on his goal and manages to become the difference maker has to be hated because as it is his fault that he excelled and not a fault of the others being unable to follow.I guess the majority sees themselves in the mediocre guys and they will always badmouth and hate the one that got away and has risen to the top. Actually Hamilton evolved as a driver from mid 2018 until today more at 35 than the youngsters of the grid!!! He mastered the use of tyres from being his only questionmark to his best asset!!! The man was part of Senna, part of Schumacher and he also mastered Alain Prost ability to feel the car, the tyres, maintain them to the fullest of their ability. He has entered God mode. He may very well be at his very best ever right now. A complete master driver at a top 3 level ever. People that are blaming him for making things look predictable and boring will see the emptyness on the grid when he decides to quit.Mediocrity will rule. Is this what they want for F1? Or we have to put him in the worse car so that others may win? This is no charity!!!!!!!! YOU HAVE TO EARN IT. IN MY BOOK HE HAS EARNED THE RIGHT TO BE TOP 3 EVER AT THE MOMENT. HE MAY VERY WELL END UP BEING THE GREATEST EVER, HE IS NOT FAR FROM IT.
Brockside 14 dni temu
If you dumb down from the best you end up with a field of mediocrity and remove the ambition from every engineer & race car driver involved.
Giannis Tsoukatos
Giannis Tsoukatos 14 dni temu
He will beat everyone in a car that would be 90% of what Mercedes is. Built a grid of 20 Mercedes and give him last years model. He will still find a way to beat them.The car is great, but he is the one who elevated it to legendary levels.
K Cam
K Cam 14 dni temu
2022 Reg changes might make a difference, time will tell...
marshallmarthes 15 dni temu
God wanted to race so he came to the earth disguised as Lewis Hamilton
Ryan S
Ryan S 15 dni temu
Jackie Stewart enters the chat
neil 15 dni temu
well done mercedes another great car
First Last
First Last 15 dni temu
True legend... What a drive.... Telling the team to trust him and not pitting for new tyres... One of the greatest....
The Logical Left
The Logical Left 15 dni temu
from a kid on blue peter to world domination and a legend of the sport.. if thats not inspiring to other kids i dont know what is.. Good on you lad.
AstroVision Song Contest
AstroVision Song Contest 15 dni temu
Senna would have been so proud of you! GET IN THERE LEWIS!!! ❤️❤️❤️
V O 15 dni temu
The fastest woke/Uber driver on the planet!
Stefan Janssen
Stefan Janssen 15 dni temu
.... I know how you feel... See Ali, See Michael, See Millions of poor and dazed.... Another King 👍🌹❤️
bruce zulu
bruce zulu 15 dni temu
Legend 👊🏿
Curtis Blue
Curtis Blue 15 dni temu
Hamilton was one with the car especially saying no to pitting lane to slippery what amazing years experience played in he has proved not the car but him the driver unique with such hazardous conditions he drove a true 7 time would champion pasts critics that said in school he would never achieve anything eat their words plus the f1 criticised him past, Lewis is an out standing champion that has surpassed Michael 91 wins.
Jill Charnock
Jill Charnock 15 dni temu
A true ambassador for his sport and I like Toto said the best of his era . A rise Sir Lewis
Really89 15 dni temu
Brilliant driver, exceptional man, tremendous icon - and still a man of people. Prepared to risk the displeasure of some by challenging his sport and society to respect our inherent qualities as men and women irrespective of circumstance, or origin.
seeking the truth
seeking the truth 15 dni temu
Need to get rid of the masks,covid 19 is bullshit
John Donegan
John Donegan 15 dni temu
He is a woke idiot who claims to be oppressed because he is mixed race. Black Privalaged talking crap. What an utter cock this guy is. I hope he gets senna, d
Shimeih 16 dni temu
Great driver. Great human being. He deserves it. I remember when Lewis signed my white t-shirt in China. He was rushing to the track for qualifying but he stopped to say hie to us. I took that shirt off and never washed it or wore it again. It's in a frame in my living room haha. Even after the race when he won, I met him in the paddocks with my friends and took some selfies. A day to remember, I also got my cap signed by Sebastian. We barely made it to the track, I couldn't afford the ticket but my friends spoiled me as a birthday gift and the best part was that we had paddock access. 🙌🏼 I'll never forget that day.
Tridell Transportation
Tridell Transportation 16 dni temu
This is the kind of man the world needs. Dream your dreams, work hard, fight hard, respect yourself and others, build friendships, earn the respect of others. Get a bulldog. Stay humble. Stay human. Embrace your friends, overcome your detractors.
AC BC 16 dni temu
Did I say Lewis is my inspiration? He is . I live in Austin Texas and I root for him as if he’s my cousin . Cheers, mate ! Well worth it .
nebi seme
nebi seme 16 dni temu
I'm so grateful to witness this
y5e 16 dni temu
A great Human being and an incredible Driver. May we all one day GET IN THERE LEWIS!!!
BELA GURUNG 16 dni temu
Great F1 Driver and a human being. Go on Lewis get 8th next year. Bravo . Congratulations. Big hugs. Bless you.🤎💜💛💚🙏🙏🙏🙏👌👌👌👌👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏
RawLu 16 dni temu
Wish I could celebrate it with him like I did previous championships.... But I just don't feel welcome in his Black American fan club any longer as a Non-Colour Human Being...
sammydoger vlogs
sammydoger vlogs 16 dni temu
Not focused on F1 this year. But Lewis Hamilton if not one of the best drivers in history
sammydoger vlogs
sammydoger vlogs 15 dni temu
@b&srbckAh ok
PJ Sinohin
PJ Sinohin 16 dni temu
Yeah, don't just dream big. As Lewis said, put time and effort into it.
Bruce Ali
Bruce Ali 16 dni temu
Icon, Ispirational, Legend. G.O.A.T.
Anwar Latip
Anwar Latip 16 dni temu
Humble..inspiration,not only to sport but in life u can achieve m be what u want to be.. if u dream the impossible dream..n Focus on it..u wl achieve it..just as Lewis H..shared. A true champion..i love it..kl malaysia...pls coma again to kuala lumpur..Lewis..tq 15.11.2020
Tom Phillips
Tom Phillips 16 dni temu
Congrats LH! That drive to seal number 7 proves you should be in the company of the greats. Thank you for a brilliant career!
Fiona Noel-Charlery
Fiona Noel-Charlery 16 dni temu
Lewis there is never a dull moment. This is what we call a momentous win, well deserving. If only the car would drive and take you to the finishing line. But you have proven over and over that you are an incredible driver. You strategies have been rewarding. Looking forward to an eigth👍🏋️‍♀️🍾
Corney Gray
Corney Gray 16 dni temu
Records was indeed made to be broken ur the tru GOAT LH44
Aubry Stone
Aubry Stone 16 dni temu
Would be nice to see Tiger & Lewis sit down and share their experiences with each other. Would also be interesting to see Lewis buy a team after he's done with competitive driving, maybe with Jordan or Tiger, or both.
Cos7a 16 dni temu
Remember the Letterman Talkshow, where he asked Lewis, if he wanted to beat Michael record of 7 World Championships.. He answered that he was ridicously determinated to do 5 more years at that time and to win at least 2 more Championships. What a class of man !! Truly inspiring person !! All the best Lewis !!
DDTV 16 dni temu
Lakersfan Forrest
Lakersfan Forrest 16 dni temu
Lewis is sending message that no matter your skin color you can achieve your dreams. Amen to that Lewis.
Nigel Carpenter
Nigel Carpenter 16 dni temu
what was everyone saying yesterday, he can't drive in the wet, yeah right, any other snippets of wisdom, lmfao 🤣🇬🇧
Infinity Gaming
Infinity Gaming 16 dni temu
Congratulations to Lewis Hamilton and congratulations to Mecerdes for all your success
Speed 16 dni temu
Giannis Tsoukatos
Giannis Tsoukatos 14 dni temu
If it is so easy name one driver that would beat him driving the same car. Championships given by team as in the case of Rosberg don't count. After all Hamilton beat him in all aspects even in the year that he lost(team involvement). Still 2-1 and it would most likely be 5-1 today if Rosberg stayed. HE KNEW THAT HE DIDN'T STAND A CHANCE OF BEATING HAMILTON FAIR AND SQUARE. HE KNEW THAT SO MANY ENGINE PROBLEMS WOULD NEVER OCCURE AGAIN(MERCEDES TEAM KNOWS WHAT I MEAN).
Hibiscus Rose
Hibiscus Rose 15 dni temu
So Seb winning 4 on the trot with red bull was what?
Angelo 16 dni temu
Except that F1 is about cars...
Victor Alexander
Victor Alexander 16 dni temu
all week the red bulls was the best car but once again on race day lewis showed max who is the master and who is the apprentice and had nothing to do with horse power in these condition, it was about skill and a cool head
abandofbrothers/london 15 dni temu
b&srbck If if if if if, if is not reality .
NORI SESAY 16 dni temu
I think lewis and Michael Schumacher are great but Ayrton Senna is the greatest of all time and the both said it.
NORI SESAY 16 dni temu
@b&srbck performance and skill
Duncan Bleak
Duncan Bleak 16 dni temu
Chazas 16 dni temu
not a driver of the day? but a drive and driver of the year!
Naresh Kumar
Naresh Kumar 16 dni temu
Thanks lewis you done it for senna. I have waited for this moment from past 2010.
ayub ifza
ayub ifza 16 dni temu
Like for Lewis hamilton Reply for Michael Schumacher
AdinkraArtsCollective 16 dni temu
More than just a driver...We Salute u from South London!
Lawson Gray
Lawson Gray 16 dni temu
Anyone know where to buy what Lewis was wearing today?
Mishael Trivennios
Mishael Trivennios 16 dni temu
Mishael Trivennios
Mishael Trivennios 16 dni temu
HAMboring time zzzzz.
R'i-see the truth above
R'i-see the truth above 16 dni temu
#44LH no.7 title. Convid is just the seasonal flu fuelled by propaganda.
Natasha C
Natasha C 16 dni temu
Realm of greatness❤️❤️❤️
A Bains
A Bains 16 dni temu
Kathleen Tulkki
Kathleen Tulkki 16 dni temu
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AWAS 1969
AWAS 1969 16 dni temu
Bondy 16 dni temu
Turning a dream into reality. Awesome Lewis👏👏👏👏🇦🇺
mumihp 16 dni temu
Congrats Lewis, 7th time WC. How did he not get Driver of the day, from 6th to no.1. Plus he drove on those inter tyres for majoirty of the races. His car was not the best, but with skill, experience and tyre management, this is why he won the match and is WC 7th time 👑
nadeem khan
nadeem khan 16 dni temu
Still I rise
Tony Jeffers
Tony Jeffers 16 dni temu
Tony Jeffers
Tony Jeffers 16 dni temu
Black knight sir Hamilton
Blessed 16 dni temu
He turned his tyres into sticks and won by over 30 seconds, awesome 😀
scottyp1348 16 dni temu
I love a good stick tyre
Greatest Of All Time
Greatest Of All Time 16 dni temu
Get in there in Fine Hammer Style! Congrats Lewis Hamilton Seven-Time F1 World Champion!!!!!!! You kept your head when most around you were losing theirs, today and many times before. Long may You continue to set an excellent example to all those that you inspire and know that you have saved many that needed it.... Thank You. One Love.
Suba Subramaniam
Suba Subramaniam 16 dni temu
Simply the best Lewis. You’re a legend. Great message, I share it to my kids. Thanks Hamilton Sr.
Tullochgorum 16 dni temu
A drive for the ages, and a fitting way to break the record. I really don't get the haters. This man comes from a humble background, blazes a trail for black people in an elitist sport, achieves the greatest record in history through brilliance and hard work, is humble and beloved by his team, and uses his position to promote worthwhile causes. So what are you hating? You don't like his social life and fashion sense? Get over yourself - the whole thing stinks of racism. For anyone objective, Hamilton is one of the greatest sports stars of all time. Celebrate his genius while he is still around.
Brockside 15 dni temu
Like many ...isms, racism is a form of mental illness
Blessed 16 dni temu
The haters hate cos they're racists, simple as that!
Amanuel 16 dni temu
RVA 1908
RVA 1908 16 dni temu
Great driver. Big crybaby.
Rory Smith
Rory Smith 16 dni temu
What he said 👏
Blessed 16 dni temu
You're an idiot!
Saturday Josef
Saturday Josef 16 dni temu
Lewis Hamilton is just too good 💦
Msi Shoail
Msi Shoail 16 dni temu
Doesn't matter who is on pole, what weather conditions and which circuit...............GET IN THERE LEWIS
svogender 13 dni temu
Yes..!! Lewis is absolutely incredible..!! A true Champ..!! 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
allan three
allan three 15 dni temu
Lets gooooooo
Danny Simms
Danny Simms 16 dni temu
Well done Lewis well done my bro 👍🏿 now let’s get undisputed no 8. ✊🏿
Paul Thomson
Paul Thomson 16 dni temu
@Tony Jeffers wow . Im not even American. Think trump is a complete idiot , couldnt care less about the colour of peoples skin . It has zero importance to me what colour a person is , unlike you who mentioned it right from the start . If somebody had a car to challenge hamilton and he still won then I'd be cheering for him .
Tony Jeffers
Tony Jeffers 16 dni temu
Paul Thomson black is black my bro we are all one race human race he came in from sixth position you. Were not crediting car manufacturer when Schumacher was winning you sound like a proud boy trump supporter ✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿
Paul Thomson
Paul Thomson 16 dni temu
@Tony Jeffers he will get number 8 as lomg as no other manufacturer can equal mercedes dominance . Black Knight? Hes bi racial . His mum is white .
Tony Jeffers
Tony Jeffers 16 dni temu
Black knight sir Hamilton
Paul Thomson
Paul Thomson 16 dni temu
Of course he is going to get number 8
George mwamba
George mwamba 16 dni temu
this was an amazing race congratulation mate and every single driver that raced today cos they made it happen for lewis
Claire Heffer
Claire Heffer 16 dni temu
There should be a knighthood for Lewis sometime right? Surely one of Britain’s greatest ever sportsman and still so much left for him in the sport
Claire Heffer
Claire Heffer 16 dni temu
b&srbck thanks for calling me stupid. If you look though you can actually get honours for contributions to sport/sporting achievements. Many have received their honours for this very reason alone: Sir Andy Murray, Sir Chris Hoy, Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill, I could go on.. all received for what they did in their retrospective sports. I’m a big fan of Rashford (and indeed a United fan), but you can’t say he would deserve a knighthood for his sporting achievements alone (maybe one day you never know, but not yet! Whether he deserves one for his other achievements is another discussion). My original point was that Lewis Hamilton has arguably become the greatest sportsman in his sport ever and so surely deserves the recognition for it in this way of a knighthood sometime soon.
Samuel Medrea
Samuel Medrea 16 dni temu
Many congratulations Lewis
PK NEWS 16 dni temu
What a crash! plpost.info/chat/yNHSi6C4l6-igpw/wideo.html
Gabas #8
Gabas #8 16 dni temu
Mariana Becker ali no fundo
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