Ted Kravitz takes a look back at the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix | The Notebook

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Ted Kravitz takes a look back at the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix in which Mercedes secured a record seventh straight constructors' championship.
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Wally Eng
Wally Eng 23 dni temu
And Ted is the best in the world at delivering post race content.
Larry Guerriero
Larry Guerriero 23 dni temu
Please always post the Notebook here we don't get it in Canada for some reason
Kevin Chua
Kevin Chua 26 dni temu
Plot twist: the "lucky Imola cat" was discovered to actually be a Ferrari mole.
Narrowgauge7.25 26 dni temu
I enjoyed the video but the title is misleading as you did not do one supercharged to the next one
Pet010011 26 dni temu
Mercs are killing f1
Brock Schafer
Brock Schafer 27 dni temu
This is the best motorsport program in the world in my opinion.
C M 27 dni temu
so we're just going to sit here and pretend that the trophy on the left isn't held together by tape?
Rik Kendell
Rik Kendell 27 dni temu
Kravitz sounds like he's having a slow existential crisis
D5Pasadena 28 dni temu
Love you, Ted. Great way to end race day.
Ryno’s Raceroom
Ryno’s Raceroom 28 dni temu
This is one of my favorite shows . Great job Ted !
csollermoller 28 dni temu
Ted is the best.
ZaffMan 28 dni temu
Where is Will!?!?!?!?
GeorgyQ 28 dni temu
He talks about Mercedes like he worked there for the past 10 years. How do you know, fatty? Also he talks about the company like it has a total of 10 employees. It's a huge corporation, I guarantee that you get butt loved if you screw anything up.
SmOgER 28 dni temu
Call me conspiracy theorist but it looked like this whole thing was blatantly orchestrated for Mercs to finish 1-2. Lewis being 1st.
A D 28 dni temu
Probably it's going to be Lewis. Yes, it's going to be Lewis!!
Edmund Edmond Edmonton
Edmund Edmond Edmonton 28 dni temu
Checo! Excellent racing car driver, he and Lewis of all are doing this season interesting and espectacular
Ricky Lazare
Ricky Lazare 28 dni temu
Perez is very good on tires so it didn't make any sense pitting him.
andy hegedus
andy hegedus 28 dni temu
WAs that Valteri or Keke?
House Station Live .com
House Station Live .com 28 dni temu
nice dog.
rccona 28 dni temu
I can understand Lewis's Dog in the Photo ! At 6mins +, what is Bottas's Dog doing in the Team Photo ??? Fake Gold Digger, Ladder Climber NPD trash.... !!! If it looks like Trash, acts like Trash... It is Trash !!!
Yvette B
Yvette B 27 dni temu
Lol, Rosco is a team member, awesome, the other is not and just getting the pic for an Instagram . lol
miele channel
miele channel 28 dni temu
Love teds notebook
Modestas Kaulinis
Modestas Kaulinis 28 dni temu
"Subasian" is to weak to drive for Redbull. With the "soft" mentality as a driver.
peter gan
peter gan 28 dni temu
Well said Ted thank you
Jessey Games
Jessey Games 28 dni temu
Keep making 👍👍👍👍 More videos 👍👍👍👍 Like this👍👍👍👍
Tony O
Tony O 28 dni temu
15:00 Riccardo fifth!??! I do love you Ted but that's surely some kind of fine :)
Kearon Reno
Kearon Reno 28 dni temu
Toto and his boys 🏎💨 🏁 #LH44
Alasdair Kerr
Alasdair Kerr 28 dni temu
Nice to see Bernie still has a job in F1 16:15
ThomasLaang 28 dni temu
Someone needs to put a leash on that camera man...
Sean Thompson
Sean Thompson 28 dni temu
stroll if he is not crashing he is knocking his team over because he doenst know how to drive the car!!! kick him out!
Sean Thompson
Sean Thompson 28 dni temu
sign perez to red bull hulkenberg has never scored one podium! perez is the one!
Sean Thompson
Sean Thompson 29 dni temu
another no points for vettle and stroll how embarrassing!! Perez scores yet again mr consistent thats who you want on your team!
Sean Thompson
Sean Thompson 29 dni temu
of course everyone is healthy mate! cant you see that we the people have been conned into this BS! Take the masks off on mass now! before we end up in a hunger games society!
Sean Thompson
Sean Thompson 28 dni temu
@bsrlbck2013 it’s a fact! The truth stands the test of time! This is fir and including you once u get a chance to think about it! And share before u end up in a concentration camp mate! Then u wld remember my msg and wished u had listened! We have serious situation here in this world! No offense but I’m here to help people see it! U think the people in the concentration camps believed they wld end up there?? Of course not they didn’t believe it just like you don’t believe it! It’s wakey time!
Alpha Anderson
Alpha Anderson 29 dni temu
visor tear off should only be allowed to be tear off in the pitlane by pit crew. This is not the first time I Heard tear off got stuck in break duct or radiator 15:50
Jane Gavin
Jane Gavin 29 dni temu
They have the best everything except swap Verstappen for bottas
Azifmikayre Gard
Azifmikayre Gard 29 dni temu
Ted's Notebook is the best thing ever
Joseph Murphy
Joseph Murphy 29 dni temu
Ted's note book: One of the only unscripted shows that sky f1 produce. I feel like I speak for everyone in saying that we need to see who Pete is! His movements are incredible
Bazza The Great
Bazza The Great 29 dni temu
Toto doesn't need a mask. He is so much taller he is naturally socially distanced.
Leo Streat
Leo Streat 29 dni temu
Arise Sir Ted of the Notebook
Leo Streat
Leo Streat 29 dni temu
Ted for a knighthood
Camyx 29 dni temu
God all the negative Albon comments are immensely stupid. People were saying the same thing about Gasly last year now everyone loves him. When Albon initially was signed he did great last year and everyone loved him. It’s obviously the car, it’s not great just Verstappen gets the best out of it and it is built for him.
Camyx 28 dni temu
@bsrlbck2013 no yeah he should definitely leave the red bull system, but he still should be in f1. In the right environment he’ll thrive, red bull is a toxic environment for all drivers
iShadow Marshall
iShadow Marshall 29 dni temu
Brilliant!!! Ted.
Lee Nux
Lee Nux 29 dni temu
Start at 10:50
Ronald Vallenduuk
Ronald Vallenduuk 29 dni temu
Feel sorry for Russell but didn't Valtteri do the same a few years ago? Not the end of the world then...
Ronald Vallenduuk
Ronald Vallenduuk 28 dni temu
@bsrlbck2013 He did the same thing - unforced error, spinning under safety car while trying to get heat into his tyres. Just the outcome was different.
Ronald Vallenduuk
Ronald Vallenduuk 28 dni temu
@bsrlbck2013 Yes, Bottas: plpost.info/chat/p7uldXivlp-Ff6A/wideo.html China 2017. Difference is he didn't hit the wall and got back on track.
SHN Vlogs
SHN Vlogs 29 dni temu
next race : Bottas retires because of a champagne bottle cap found in the intake
Paul Mason
Paul Mason 29 dni temu
Lewis Hamilton stepping away from formula one at the end of this season and Mick Schumacher taking over his seat. It's the end of an era.
Aidan Moloney
Aidan Moloney 29 dni temu
That Gene is some Haashole 😅
Charlie Robertson
Charlie Robertson 29 dni temu
Its strange that Albon was looked at as the new rising star
wilson suarez
wilson suarez 29 dni temu
Don't jinx it, jesus 'it will probably be be lewis' just shush and let him win.
Jeff 29 dni temu
Whoever made the call and pit Perez when he had 3rd should be fired and pissed on.
Matthew Clifford
Matthew Clifford 29 dni temu
Oh you just love to see it
Christine W.
Christine W. 29 dni temu
Why is Valerie's girlfriend in the team photo?
wesley W30
wesley W30 29 dni temu
champions champions mercedes champios! woooooohoooo
Zayn 29 dni temu
The lucky imola cat
Dean Gibson
Dean Gibson 29 dni temu
Mathematically Bottas can win the title. For that to happen Bottas must win all remaining races and Hamilton mustn’t finish higher than 2nd in any race. One 2nd place finish and Hamilton wins the title. So we can probably expect Hamilton to wrap things up in Turkey. If he can’t get 2nd there then he’ll take it in Bahrain.
ravebiaatch 29 dni temu
How disrespectful can you be to McLaren? 1 win behind? Really? If you don't know, don't say, might even look smart.
Simon Robinson
Simon Robinson 29 dni temu
Albon to red bull lorry driver now.
Scuffed Paul Denino
Scuffed Paul Denino 29 dni temu
That cat tho
Gábor Miklay
Gábor Miklay 29 dni temu
Broken record: - 92 instead of 91 - When playing vinyl record the pickup jumps back to the same place, because the vinyl is broken, playing the same part over and over again.
mark taylor
mark taylor 29 dni temu
I do love teds notebook. Ted's a dude.
Edward Mansveld
Edward Mansveld 29 dni temu
Boring merc win again. F1 is dead ,if RB don”t get a merc engine than they win 5 more
MrRamto13 29 dni temu
Justin S
Justin S 29 dni temu
Ted’s notebook is fantastic, thank you for uploading to PLpost! 👍👍
Peter Richardson
Peter Richardson 29 dni temu
Hilarious that Ferrari cheated and pushed Merc to build an even better engine. Then the Ferrari tricks got banned, but Merc still have their improvements. LOSERS! LOL
Lady Tan
Lady Tan 29 dni temu
alonso, standing on his knees: yeah im a kid, let me in on the young drivers' program
Kingin 29 dni temu
Tell me a better duo in f1 than Ted ~Pete and Lewis~Totto I’ll wait
Philip Green
Philip Green 29 dni temu
Well getting very boring 😴 F1
Aser6000 29 dni temu
Sky, please give Ted as much airtime as he wants. Apart from the race itself, Ted's notebook is the best part of the race weekend. It's criminal that you cut it short and then just show repeats of old stuff on a dedicated F1 channel.
V8Hilux 29 dni temu
1:19 Oh FFS F1... you finally knock out a trophy that looks half decent, isn't plastered in sponsors, you chuck a diamond in for Senna... BUT still physically make it cheap and flimsy to the point it's already fkn broken!!!
Rob B
Rob B 29 dni temu
Did Ted just call George an idiot?
i am Alive
i am Alive 29 dni temu
Mercedes Benz AMG what a team fair play to them.not like other teams who kill off drivers that are leaving or not performing they give both drivers the same tools no matter what and that is solidarity
Ann Daly
Ann Daly 29 dni temu
The best of the best bits from the F1 weekend.
Elbowz 29 dni temu
one name: Ericsson
Calvin Chann
Calvin Chann 29 dni temu
Notice they got Roscoe out of the way before the mayhem.
cat stevens
cat stevens 29 dni temu
Ted the debris Botas picked up was vetals offside front end plate which was broken off at the start on lap two. They returned it later after the pit stops. What was interesting is that after the debris was removed Botas was no faster and still couldn’t keep up with Lewis. Excuses or what?
Michael Sullivan
Michael Sullivan 29 dni temu
Ted is literally amazing. A wealth of knowledge and not a bit stuck up! And throws in appropriate Monty Python references like a master! Three cheers for Ted. Yay! Yay! Yay!
cat stevens
cat stevens 29 dni temu
Can you catch covid from foot sweat Lewis must have downed a load. Yuk.
cat stevens
cat stevens 29 dni temu
So special those trophies a little bit of duck tape needed to keep them together lol.
Sam Malloc
Sam Malloc 29 dni temu
Rosco being petted by a bunch of people like a boss at 1:46.
GtiGummer 29 dni temu
Teds Notebook best round up of the race, keep uploading SkySport F1!
UNCLE SAM 29 dni temu
Where is Bottas oh he covered his whole face
UNCLE SAM 29 dni temu
Aramco jealous at Petronas
C3 29 dni temu
Why do they give Ted such little time? This show is clearly the best on Sky's coverage. Give him the full half an hour at least.
Stu Holland
Stu Holland 28 dni temu
On sky this is a half an hour programme by the time the adverts have shown
Shankar Nadkarni
Shankar Nadkarni 29 dni temu
give that camera man a promotion.. that guy just went to every grey area possible..
TW 29 dni temu
Teds Notebook, more popular then the actual F1 show . Lord Ted.
BRAINSHACK 29 dni temu
That photoshoot in the beginning really showed who the star at Mercedes is. Took me a while to even find Bottas hidden away.
Micah Kiyimba
Micah Kiyimba 29 dni temu
Well I think I won't watch next season.... Tired of Mercedes dominating.
PhantomDraft GMS
PhantomDraft GMS 29 dni temu
exactly, what TEDs opinion about what Mercedes a unique environment to work is on spot. The things he discussed are the reason why the team is so sucessful.
SuperHellhawk 29 dni temu
Was it just me or did all the coverage feel rushed this weekend?
Michael Sullivan
Michael Sullivan 29 dni temu
Mostly rushed. It's becoming a bit upsetting actually!
Frankie Wilde
Frankie Wilde 29 dni temu
Probably with all the sessions squashed into 2 days instead of 3. Could be the way going forward.
nasigoreng 29 dni temu
I just had the feeling that this is last year for Hamilton in f1
nasigoreng 29 dni temu
Bottas just can smile look at the achievement but to beat lewis was so hard.
Aizat Sham
Aizat Sham 29 dni temu
wow, this just auto-played, without the "This is not available in your country for one stupid reason or another". Finally.
Dineo Mnisi
Dineo Mnisi Miesiąc temu
Lance is a pure nightmare 🥴
Dez Myson
Dez Myson Miesiąc temu
Thanks Ted .👍🍀🎙️🎤
Richard Dale
Richard Dale Miesiąc temu
You could never describe Bottas as the best in the world.
Richard Dale
Richard Dale Miesiąc temu
Be nice if you could see their faces. When are we going to drop this charade with the pointless muzzles.
Michael Sullivan
Michael Sullivan 29 dni temu
Fair question!
Richard Dale
Richard Dale Miesiąc temu
Loves Teds attempts at political correctness. He did it doing the race, it’s ok to say lads.
Melissa Miesiąc temu
What a team
PT 46
PT 46 Miesiąc temu
Albon out!
Richard Dale
Richard Dale Miesiąc temu
Must be the worlds best travelled Dog.
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