Ted breaks down Lewis Hamilton’s record breaking 92nd F1 race win! | The Notebook | Portuguese GP

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Miesiąc temu

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Ted Kravitz breaks down all the action from a pulsating Portuguese grand prix as Lewis Hamilton overtook Michael Schumacher for all-time race wins with a stunning 92nd victory in
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Sean Rostron
Sean Rostron 29 dni temu
This is utter gibberish.
Matthew Clifford
Matthew Clifford Miesiąc temu
Sam is like a little puppy with a go-pro on. He wonders off and then Ted calls him back and stays there for a bit before trodding on back
Victor Kent
Victor Kent Miesiąc temu
Please some tell me why not practise in Italy
Hibiscus Rose
Hibiscus Rose Miesiąc temu
Love the camera man he just doesn't give a **** and goes a wondering😂😂😂😂
Koshmo Games
Koshmo Games Miesiąc temu
first minute if ted saying "that's the beauty of backstage" camera man looks at that women ass. LOL
Chris B
Chris B Miesiąc temu
I can barely put into words how little l regard Hamilton. To even mention him in the same breath as Sir Stirling, or Michael is beyond a joke. For someone in such an apparent position of privilege he has contributed nothing to modern society. Thete is a reason he isnt universally lauded. There is a reason he isnt universslly liked and it has zero to do with race and everything to do with simply being likeable. To accord him any honour whatsoever would be a travesty. There are countless individuals, even in my local area, who l would rate above him in both their achievements and their value to society.
Harley Sayer
Harley Sayer Miesiąc temu
Wow, that Ferrari hand sanitiser was even slower than their cars
V 4
V 4 Miesiąc temu
The Ted and Pete show, absolutely brilliant. When the race gets boring I turn it off and just wait for the notebook 🏎💨🙃
John Robert Del Prado
John Robert Del Prado Miesiąc temu
This is like Sky Sport's version of Unboxed. :) It's Good, Comprehensive of the previous race, and you get a peak of what happens behind the paddock!
John Robert Del Prado
John Robert Del Prado Miesiąc temu
YEYYY!!! TED!!!!
Liamplays Miesiąc temu
Big respect to mercedes they just want competition
Simon Cooper
Simon Cooper Miesiąc temu
Good old Ted we love 💘 you. The best part of an F1 weekend
Paul Nash
Paul Nash Miesiąc temu
Give it a rest Ted
a c
a c Miesiąc temu
A lot of people love car racing, but you can’t class it as a sport as its all about the car, the driver adds a little but not much, that’s why F1 are completely revamping as watching Hamilton win every week is boring, put him in a another car and he doesn’t win.
tan96 Miesiąc temu
Never heard so many excuses made for one driver. Everything from the car, weather, set ups, Gasly and everything else being used as an excuse to save Albon. He just isn’t good enough
lee deaton
lee deaton Miesiąc temu
What I don't get is I haven't seen any congratulations from anyone outside of formula 1,why is that I wonder.
Mj Razer
Mj Razer Miesiąc temu
Of course mercedes will agree on a engine freeze for next year They already have the advantage this year and will continue next year if most of the teams agree for the freeze,Then enter ferarri's veto power to kibosh that idea,either way still not looking good for RBR/AT or F1 in general but congrats lewis on a great achievement
Rory Nell
Rory Nell Miesiąc temu
He isnt the greatest of all time, you should win races if u have a car 1 second a lap faster than the rest of the field? I mean he is very good and one of the best of all time, but he just hasnt had to fight anyone since rosberg except vettel in 2017 and he’s such a baby and hypocrite ofc everyone hates him.
David Brown
David Brown Miesiąc temu
If anyone wants to know how brilliant Lewis is just watch the 1998 kart race at Larkhall, the 2006 GP2 race in Turkey, and the 2008 F1 race at Silverstone. A masterclass in motor racing.
fablewalls Miesiąc temu
4:00 ouch - some poor health and safety lifting / putting heavy weights down technique there...
fablewalls Miesiąc temu
@Joe Barthram - must be a ferrari insider...
Joe Barthram
Joe Barthram Miesiąc temu
Make sure to lift with your back with a twisting, jerking motion 👌
ba55bar Miesiąc temu
can't believe how shoddily you treat Ted. This should have all been shown live instead of being cut short for a recorded race. Also, Ted is one of your top assets yet you tried to get rid of him instead off offloading deadweight like Croft. Sort your priorities out
Johnny TYRRELL Miesiąc temu
TEDs notebook is the best part of the race day. Because F1 Race's are boring same team's at the front🏁🏁🏁 F2 and F3 has much better racing and Porsche super cup is better aswell.🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁
Jurgen Homola
Jurgen Homola Miesiąc temu
The PERFECT example of the BEST DRIVER EVER! @Hamilton is NO DOUBT the best driver EVER! @HAMILTON is the ONLY driver that reached the record books WITHOUT team orders. @SCHUMACHER and @VETEL were both privileged to #TEAMORDERS. This weekend was also a PERFECT example of how @BOTTAS is only in the position because of the car. BOTTAS is the #WORST #LOOSER of the team, and is on his way to be like #VETEL - a #sorelooser, always blaming his car, and the #WORST fan relations person ever. @BOTTAS ONLY wins when he's #LUCKY. SADLY, this was shown PARTICULARLY when he won 3 races ago and went on to say "F%@k" all the nay-sayers. The ONLY reason @BOTTAS won that race was because of luck that went his way and not due to his racing skills. I go as far as saying that if any of the worst drivers would be put in the Mercedes, they would beat @BOTTAS in the same car. Also, as a #marketing and market #authority specialist, @BOTTAS is 2nd to the #WORST Public Relations person. @VETEL takes the cake on that one! My opinion is that @Bottas is one of the worst drivers of the current #F1 Lineup - always making excuses, never able to convert his practice sessions, and then messing up his public "cry-baby sessions with actual proof he's not a capable driver - 2nd to @VETEL, who definitely takes the cake for #WORST driver...
Raptor7 Miesiąc temu
What a great track can we sack off Baku, Vietnam and Russia for more like this each year? Answer no why, money forget the track we can make this much.
Ashley Luxton
Ashley Luxton Miesiąc temu
nice bit of editting at 28:20 ted had originally been told end of show glad he was able to continue even if wasnt doing the rest live
sarahclairejames Miesiąc temu
The live version was heart breaking!
RoWdY The 1
RoWdY The 1 Miesiąc temu
Might design Pete the cameraman costume might get me free access around all the paddocks and it also looks like it comes with not being noticed by anyone as well which is a bonus.
Theomen Thorne
Theomen Thorne Miesiąc temu
Hamilton is not the best F1 Driver in history even if the history books say so.🤢
RoWdY The 1
RoWdY The 1 Miesiąc temu
I love to see Pete get arrested for trespassing in your next chat😂
Kaitlynn Allen
Kaitlynn Allen Miesiąc temu
Pete ~ I think he's pining for a little Film Noir job.
Rain Syix
Rain Syix Miesiąc temu
Why did ted not get in the pool :(
Ben Moorhouse
Ben Moorhouse Miesiąc temu
Ted's Notebook is the highlight of Sky coverage. Always excellent! 👍
JimL Miesiąc temu
So proud of a fellow ex-Stevenage boy. Lewis has been consistently brilliant, and often on a different level.
F W Miesiąc temu
Just the best....much more entertaining than most grand prix!
Chris Shute
Chris Shute Miesiąc temu
Loving petes tour de hand sanitisers of the paddock, please do a special on this!
STAGED MAN LIE Miesiąc temu
*Next year Lewis and co play with a Scalextric set!!!* *Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha......* *F1 is dead.*
Danny Miesiąc temu
start at 28:18 for people who missed the end live on the tv
Guinness Harvey
Guinness Harvey Miesiąc temu
The genius of Lewis is knowing exactly when to leave a team just before it loses its competitive edge and when to join a team just before it becomes the dominant force. Fair play to him. Also, the guy just doesn’t make mistakes. He doesn’t drive others off the track (unlike messers Schumacher and Senna) He even gave Alonso a run for his money in his rookie year. He’s some driver! Kudos to him
Doshinkyo Miesiąc temu
What happened las time Honda pulled out of F1?
random person
random person Miesiąc temu
12:30. so what Ted is saying is that RBR have screwed over their second driver and given Verstappen what he wants? sounds about right!
random person
random person Miesiąc temu
@Matty no matty, not true at all. the merc he drives has been designed with his driving style in mind. i guess thats the difference with having a bigger budget, you can spend more on your chassis for each driver.
Matty Miesiąc temu
Same thing happening to bottas tbh
Hitendra Patel
Hitendra Patel Miesiąc temu
Ted's Notebook is still the best F1 race after show.
joe king
joe king Miesiąc temu
Ted sounds very feminine, Hi ya. Lol.
Anita Miesiąc temu
This is a side note but who else has been so impressed with Gasly this season? Like even just in comparison with Kvyat. I hope he gets everything he deserves because he's clearly working very hard.
Jaaxe Miesiąc temu
Pete Is the GOAT with the great camera work, makes me laugh everytime🤣
The Old Bad Gamer
The Old Bad Gamer Miesiąc temu
Ferrari sanitiser is rather slow......................................
Shahan Naseer
Shahan Naseer Miesiąc temu
Knighthood for Sir Lewis hamilton - Love how mentioned Dog Roscoe being part win
Marty McFLY 1985
Marty McFLY 1985 Miesiąc temu
History books will read Lewis Greatest F1 driver ever Reality is been BORED SHITLESS every single race Bottas is no Nico so Lewis is totally unchallenged by anybody Bottas has made the last few years of F1 increadably Boring because he never attempted to race Lewis Nico and Lewis fighting each other every lap Bottas turn one then that's it
Connor _
Connor _ Miesiąc temu
ian Huntington
ian Huntington Miesiąc temu
Think they are cheating the sensors because I cudv swore blind they showed a lot more deg on hamiltons car before they were suddenly good again.........They should also disallow hamiltons CONSTANT red herrings to try to fool the others over team radio, that for me is lying and therefore cheating....he's started doing it every race....BAN IT same as they banned the false pit crews
ian Huntington
ian Huntington Miesiąc temu
F1 is done for pretty much, hence the new regs for 2022. Nobody whichever fan you are....wants to watch the most boring sport in history such as it has become, with every race a foregone conclusion, I could have gone the bookies, bet on the top 3, got 100-1 on, won, a quid for 100 stake, and done something more useful and I am an avid F1 fan of forty years, even when Schumi was winning the titles it wasn't this foregone...... We all know that for the rest of this season, and probably the next, we might as well just watch highlights afterwards bar from the odd incident. Put Verstappen in the other car and put Bottas in the Red Bull then we might have some interesting racing at the front. At the moment, it is all midfield
Kevin Scott
Kevin Scott Miesiąc temu
The best thing about F1 this year is the fact they’ve went back to some of the old style circuits in more traditional racing countries, it’s ridiculous that this was the first race in Portugal since 1996, I remember that race well, Portimao and Mugello have been better races and quite a few drivers have been caught out on off these off camber tracks and not just having asphalt run offs and and it seems like some people in the sport have realised that at last but it’s still papering over the cracks, yes the first few laps were good but it’s was too much about tyres and a new tarmac surface which wasn’t rubbered in and the DRS was too powerful on the straight, the driver defending his position didn’t have a chance and its artificial and not about skill, think Mansell and Senna in Spain in 1991, they didn’t have DRS, that was them driving on the limit. Speaking of limits this where drivers just run off the track is nonsense, what’s the point of the green parts, why do you need them? It’s just needs to be two tyres on the track and two tyres on the kerbs like it was for decades, strange but looking forward to seeing Imola again.
philip baker
philip baker Miesiąc temu
Ted, Lewis set an incredible new record and your review of the race is wondering drivel. There was plenty to focus on and Lewis Hamilton's success was the main issue of the day. Then there was the race story of the day on tyres which put Saintz in the lead for 5 laps and the pit lane in constant use, whilst the teams tried to make sense of the cool temperatures, weather, new track surface , new track for this era of cars, run off area's and overtaking opportunities. These variables, coupled to car design, reliability, pit lane routines and whole team performance make the probability of winning race after race so unlikely. That's why Lewis Hamilton is this era's undisputed Champion of great racing teams and drivers. So please Ted, less gabble and more insight to the race and the technology and politics that drive F1.
philip baker
philip baker Miesiąc temu
@Callum McCarthy you could learn something from Mercedes that you won't from the other teams That's how to become the best and it doesn't start with tribalism
Callum McCarthy
Callum McCarthy Miesiąc temu
yes philip, i would also love the notebook to be a mercedes ball-guzzling show.
Chris Cuthbertson
Chris Cuthbertson Miesiąc temu
If only the trucks would have had to stop at Paul Ricard and Monaco on the way to Imola.
Arif M M
Arif M M Miesiąc temu
My favourite part of a Grand Prix weekend. Best analysis by far across most content providers.
Kirpa K
Kirpa K Miesiąc temu
Ted for the next one you should go round on one of those scooters
gg bee
gg bee Miesiąc temu
Hiya! 😍🤣
Kirpa K
Kirpa K Miesiąc temu
Highlight: Ferrari’s hand sanitizer 😂
Akhil Dilip
Akhil Dilip Miesiąc temu
i love the camera man who wanders off like 5 year old in a candy store
Ironbuket Miesiąc temu
10:35 So the staff only put on masks where they think they may be caught by a camera?
Adam Shaw
Adam Shaw Miesiąc temu
Haas motorhome with the unfoksmashable sliding doors 😂
Miko Miesiąc temu
Pls Sky give those 2 an hour after each race rather than 30 minutes
Pamela Fearnley
Pamela Fearnley Miesiąc temu
Lewis is great and his dad is as great! Well done Hamilton's.
Bobby Hussain
Bobby Hussain Miesiąc temu
Ted, can you do a special on how they construct then un assemble these motor homes?
Zendal Darkman
Zendal Darkman Miesiąc temu
Anthony Hamilton makes me feel guilty (as a father). He deserves so much credit, and I'm glad they seem to have patched things up
Kieran Miesiąc temu
who is here for Ted ?
Hayden Hodgson
Hayden Hodgson Miesiąc temu
Now I will be the first person to say I don’t like lewis I really don’t but u can’t deny that he is an amazing race driver and is very very good at it he’s definitely one of the best of his generation, maybe one of the best of all time but no body in my eyes can compete with Jim Clark
Twarken Miesiąc temu
You just can’t help yourself having a dig at LH, can you Ted? You’re an embarrassment.
Khalid Hussein
Khalid Hussein Miesiąc temu
8:05 the cameraman took an L there LOL
Melinda M
Melinda M Miesiąc temu
So Redbull basically need a driver who can drive an unruly car. They should get Kimi.
Mitch Miesiąc temu
The car is fast not unruly
Tony Allenden
Tony Allenden Miesiąc temu
He has never been from Stevenage but from the village of Tewin just north of Welwyn garden city where he went to school. He never wanted for anything from such a.early age, great racer and recognised champion but don't let political ideals ruin your persona like he is doing!
Jim Brown
Jim Brown Miesiąc temu
Kimi made history as well don't forget but yes really glad for Lewis
Uncle M
Uncle M Miesiąc temu
Absolutely no way Vettles car is the same spec as his team mates. I'm not even a fan of his but it's absolutely obvious. Also, 'inadvertently' going away from Albon? Nothing inadvertent about it.
Dean Gibson
Dean Gibson Miesiąc temu
Ferrari has for a long time been a one man team. They gear themselves entirely to that driver and give that driver all of the best parts. Vettel is no longer their star driver so Charles get's the preferential treatment. If Seb and Charles were to swap cars then Seb would likely gain a few tenths a lap but he'd still be slow as the car doesn't suit him.
Twarken Miesiąc temu
Agreed. There’s nothing inadvertent about the guy not having the talent to go quickly.
Harry Banks
Harry Banks Miesiąc temu
Great race or a boring race. Ted’s notebook is a highlight of the weekend always
Charlie Jackson
Charlie Jackson Miesiąc temu
Poor pete can't get that hand sanitizer
Ignas Maciulis
Ignas Maciulis Miesiąc temu
08:04 Everything is slow at Ferrari...
0m Punjani44
0m Punjani44 Miesiąc temu
Whatever billy
Whatever billy Miesiąc temu
Lewis will retire with 135 wins
RoWdY The 1
RoWdY The 1 Miesiąc temu
Killerstream 23 Yea got to give him more credit than that 😂
Killerstream 23
Killerstream 23 Miesiąc temu
That abit too much
Lord Mick
Lord Mick Miesiąc temu
Teds notebook is my favourite thing
Plymouth Rock
Plymouth Rock Miesiąc temu
48 hours without stopping, it wouldn't take that long with breaks
MrFormulaOne2011 Miesiąc temu
Best in the biz
FullLoader Miesiąc temu
28:19 Is where Sky cut Ted off in the original broadcast
FullLoader Miesiąc temu
@SpottyCat666 No worries, I was watching it live and I remember Ted moving his left hand towards his headphones and that was when he got told he had to end it there.
FullLoader Miesiąc temu
@Charlie I think it was highlights of the 24 hour GT race at Spa, it wasn't even live. That's what makes it all the more baffling.
SpottyCat666 Miesiąc temu
I was looking for that, thanks
Charlie Miesiąc temu
Sky schedules are odd...they cut off Ted just to go back to replaying the same old features of Lando/Sainz doing some stupid stuff we've all seen a million times...Give Ted 15 more mins!
David Williams
David Williams Miesiąc temu
So happy no one said 'winningest'.
XxDARCXX XxDarc987xx
XxDARCXX XxDarc987xx Miesiąc temu
Congratulations Lewis 👍👍👍💪👍💪👍💪👍
Blazz13 Miesiąc temu
14:44 It tells you Merc have that much of a cushion they are comfortable with freezing the engines and running them at Strat1 while improving reliability. I'm a Hamilton and Merc fan- but careful what you wish for. Merc already have the best chassis on the grid.
UKTopGun Miesiąc temu
Stop putting the winner on the title please!
Chris Collins
Chris Collins Miesiąc temu
Sorry I stay away from everything including PLpost till I have seen the race. Because I watch so many f1 channels, I would know the winner just by looking at my phone.
Jasper Herridge
Jasper Herridge Miesiąc temu
@Chris Collins people who haven't watched the race and are browsing PLpost might not want to see the result yet
Chris Collins
Chris Collins Miesiąc temu
They done that for year's even before sky took over. What's wrong with it.
1x2x3xdk Miesiąc temu
Just watched Top Gear tribute to Sir Sterling Moss and David Coulthard OBE contributed. What does Hamilton need to do get on Britains honour list? Bit of a joke at this stage
Chris B
Chris B Miesiąc temu
Stoppung being an utter dickhead, stopping being naively "political", stopping being a self-intetested ego on legs, stopping being an excuse for a human bring would be a good start.
G S Miesiąc temu
@divinasion There are lots of people of colour with high honours etc but they will almost always be living in the UK paying taxes, why is it so hard for people to understand this, it's been this way since forever.
G S Miesiąc temu
@divinasion I saw it and context is everything, while she clearly makes the nazi salute where is the context, was it mocking was a genuine love of nazism? As for honours like a knighthood he will be ignored until he returns to the UK and starts paying taxes, this has always been the case.
Robert Allen
Robert Allen Miesiąc temu
@quantro65 Andy Murray was/is a UK taxpaying resident
quantro65 Miesiąc temu
Andy Murray got knighted after winning Wimbledon. Say no more. Go Lewis. Still We Rise....
Tyler Weedall
Tyler Weedall Miesiąc temu
Love the way Pete used the “FeRrArI hAnD sAnItIzErS”
YAFU2 Miesiąc temu
Why wouldn't Merc agree to an engine freeze? Right here, LH had 34 seconds over MV in 66 laps and around 1 second on the fastest lap time. Plus Mercedes already admitted they've stopped development on 2020 and are piling it into 2021, let's be conservative and suggest they've only found another 1/10th already, that's a +/-20% increase or ~41 second lead on todays form. Engine Freeze only helps those with the best engine; Mercedes in this case. Why wouldn't Toto agree? You only compound that advantage with the best driver.
Jonny Scott
Jonny Scott Miesiąc temu
Always a great laugh when Pete wonders off and has a peek about and sees what's happening.
Ed Miesiąc temu
The Red Bull bloke who shits himself at 10:35 when he isn't wearing a mask haha
FullLoader Miesiąc temu
This is what I love about Ted's Notebook, you see things you don't normally see and can hear Ted talking at the same time
Jonathan Helliwell
Jonathan Helliwell Miesiąc temu
F1 is so boring now
Chris Collins
Chris Collins Miesiąc temu
No difference from when shoemaker was winning every week.
0m Punjani44
0m Punjani44 Miesiąc temu
Everyone hates on Lewis but they don’t have a reason , success creates haters
Reuben Simmonite
Reuben Simmonite Miesiąc temu
Salt levels here, and yes I do not like verstappen either, sausages.
Anita Miesiąc temu
@andeyking I don't seem to understand...what do people want him to do about that? Slow down? lol
Josh A
Josh A Miesiąc temu
@Reuben Simmonite so you don’t like Verstappen either because he’s arrogant?
Myles Jeremiah
Myles Jeremiah Miesiąc temu
@Reuben Simmonite I hope you keep that same energy with Vettel, Verstappen and Schumacher.....
FallGuy1109 Miesiąc temu
@Reuben Simmonite i don't think you know what arrogant means. he seems like the least arrogant person around. i think there are many more arrogant drivers on the grid and to be fair, you need a bit of arrogance to get to the top of any sport.
DelphiPascal Miesiąc temu
Seemed like some serious shade from Ted to the Dorilton guys
Charlie Miesiąc temu
Peoples reaction to Ted is a good measure of trust/credibility in the paddock...Even Lewis's step mum Linda/Physio Angie seemed to know Ted.
Jonathan Legge
Jonathan Legge Miesiąc temu
Pete, tester of hand sanitiser...
Mr Singh
Mr Singh Miesiąc temu
Dear Sky Sports F1 please stop bending over for him!
harrapino Miesiąc temu
12:06 While Pete is not checking out Christians bags and goggling that camera, i notice a doppleTed in the distance
Peter Ellinger
Peter Ellinger Miesiąc temu
Piss poor that Sky couldn't broadcast this in full and live.
Smithy of 98
Smithy of 98 Miesiąc temu
What a shame that you can't watch it at your own convenience... Christ. Always going to complain aren't you
Jack Black
Jack Black Miesiąc temu
Doesn’t really matter does is though big fat dumb Pete. It’s their channel. You don’t own them. Don’t like it? Cancel your subscription. Nobody on this planet forced you to watch sky. Nobody comes round with a gun and makes you pay for sky. Grow up bellend.
Stefan rhys
Stefan rhys Miesiąc temu
Is it just me or does Ted look like Mark Ruffalo in avengers infinity war/endgame??
Bass Reeves
Bass Reeves Miesiąc temu
The kid from Stevenage who didn't have the financial backing that is the prerequisite, at that time just to get noticed in this sport, smashing records and showing the world that no matter where you're from you can do anything if you work hard! #GOAT
Phil B
Phil B Miesiąc temu
@roadwarrior max how many other young drivers who were in the McLaren set-up or similar programs that didn't make it? It's like a 12 year old training at a professional football club who never make it!
ab8jeh Miesiąc temu
@billy stagg because Jim always drove dogs
G S Miesiąc temu
Greatest of this generation probably, but not the GOAT, todays drivers are more car managers than racers, I cant decide on the GOAT, Clarke, Fangio, Senna, Stewart, Lauda??? Hard to say because of different times in the sport but simply in terms of what they had to work with it would be Clarke then Stewart or Senna, though I dont doubt Senna could've handled the cars that Clarke and Stewart were driving in the 60's and early 70's, today the sport is so different we can't compare the current generation to the rest.
billy stagg
billy stagg Miesiąc temu
Sorry, but your overrating hamilton. Has had the best cars during his f1 career.. jim clarke is way above
ab8jeh Miesiąc temu
@roadwarrior max yes, but he got put on the young drivers program for a reason you absolute tool. They don't just go into a school and say, hey you do you want to drive for McLaren?! Fool.
Adi_K Miesiąc temu
What is up with Ferrari motorhome classic Italian unreliability. Yesterday automatic door was not opening to Mattia and today hand sanitizer dispenser didn't work.
Zendal Darkman
Zendal Darkman Miesiąc temu
Ted "You haven't heard about Imola being a closed event" Horner "Do I look like the F***ing admin".
Andrew Charlton
Andrew Charlton Miesiąc temu
Watching Pete use the Ferrari hand sanitiser is an F1 Struggle
Taylor Ensley
Taylor Ensley Miesiąc temu
Works about as well as their car. I’ve heard Charles uses it just fine and Vettel spun and broke it.
Neutronic Beats
Neutronic Beats Miesiąc temu
Ferrari hand sanitiser wasn't very effective!