Hamilton and Bottas discuss Mercedes' struggles after tough qualifying | Turkish GP

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19 dni temu

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Lewis Hamilton and Valterri Bottas discuss their struggles after a tough qualifying in Turkey which saw the Mercedes qualify in 6th and 9th respectively.
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Josef Cvaniga
Josef Cvaniga 10 dni temu
Sam Lancaster
Sam Lancaster 16 dni temu
Please tell me that you didn’t kneel down to worship Marxism before the race began - again .
BlackJack Productions
BlackJack Productions 16 dni temu
Even though Lewis is not my favorite driver I still admire him and I gotta say. That’s a well deserved win and a well deserved 7th championship. My favorite is Sebastian vettel and I have been a fan since I first say f1 (2010s I barely watched racing then but I heard him and I loved him because is first name is same as mine) also Poor valtteri hitting that one spots kept on screwing him over
Madd Maxx
Madd Maxx 16 dni temu
Lewis could start in the pit lane and the Merc would be in the top three by half distance ,it's just racing without racing for Hamilton he's got all the equipment to win every race ,all other drivers haven't
Madd Maxx
Madd Maxx 16 dni temu
Merc and ham can't moan or complain got best car racing and without a mistake or puncture they are guaranteed the win F1 is getting boring and predictable
Black Girls Rock
Black Girls Rock 13 dni temu
Awww...need a bottle or a diaper change?🍼
Lionel Bunker
Lionel Bunker 16 dni temu
As if they need it...
[ MB ]
[ MB ] 17 dni temu
Persistent *+* Accurate *+* Patient *+* Control *+* Agile *+* Experience *+* Intelligence *+* Confident *+* Optimistic *+* Striver *=* the best of the best *=* Lewis Hamilton Hail to the KING
Scots Grey
Scots Grey 17 dni temu
Greatest of all time, starting P6 and then dominating and cliching the 7th title by a P1 finish. No other racers can match him on icy/rainy conditions
Dawn Sinegal
Dawn Sinegal 17 dni temu
Congratulations to Lewis Hamilton number 1 your are the best you deserve to be celebrated from Louisiana Im one of his biggest fans love you Lewis
Karthik Penumetch
Karthik Penumetch 17 dni temu
Well here we are, Hamilton wins 7th title
The KitOwl
The KitOwl 17 dni temu
Maria2412 Lolifee
Maria2412 Lolifee 17 dni temu
Lewis du hast wieder geschafft Glückwunsch zur sieben mal Weltmeister er hat verdient und kein Arroganter Typ sehr Sympathischer Typ
Brian Paige
Brian Paige 17 dni temu
How sad ...boo..hooo
dinesh shehant
dinesh shehant 17 dni temu
It seems like Lewis is so comfortable to race in midfield for this race,may it's there strategy..bcaz of the rain in start of the race when the front cars takes all water away and start spinning both of them can slowly move without any chaos... when others dry the surface it's easy for them to win as we all know Mercedes so fast they can easily clear them all and win the race...
caccaminguscia 17 dni temu
The goat of "I want everything laid down to me"
Michael Peters Fenwicks
Michael Peters Fenwicks 17 dni temu
It's not over until the fat lady sings....
Shane Ryan
Shane Ryan 17 dni temu
man if theres a few safety cars the restarts will be insane, constant sbinnalla
StormShadow 17 dni temu
Has anyone else noticed how Lewis is much more cheerful and humorous recently?
Steev 17 dni temu
Where is Hamilton in Q3 🤣🤣
Steev 17 dni temu
Lucky fella
Wrap Wiggle
Wrap Wiggle 17 dni temu
Lol he won the race
Paul J
Paul J 17 dni temu
Mercedes and racing point have simply seapped cars. !😂😂
atchaley its a Bentley. tiff
atchaley its a Bentley. tiff 17 dni temu
Ya can't do sim...with rain and new tarmac...if it was dry it wud be a 3 stop..these two are clueless...
edna de nicolas
edna de nicolas 17 dni temu
Don't count out Mercedes yet... You can never tell how the heart of world champions can work wonders😍 Go LH & VB😊
The KitOwl
The KitOwl 17 dni temu
I think we know how the heart of Lewis works. What a win.
Mahesh M V U
Mahesh M V U 17 dni temu
The F1 version of ‘first world problems’
K20civicsirturbo 17 dni temu
1:00 sure you dont know Valtteri 😂
CP 2077
CP 2077 18 dni temu
Nooldu lenn bileksizler 😂
CP 2077
CP 2077 18 dni temu
Frank G
Frank G 18 dni temu
gotta love days like this, showing lewis is overrated
Nico 17 dni temu
Those sort of results make the race result even more impressive. Lapping his teammate and winning with worn tyres in a car that could only get him to 6th in qualy.
Richard Hind
Richard Hind 17 dni temu
Would you like to retract that comment, or just delete it?
Wrap Wiggle
Wrap Wiggle 17 dni temu
Looking at this now makes me laugh
NobleStar Lion
NobleStar Lion 18 dni temu
Ferrari : *First time boys?*
Lachlan McMillan
Lachlan McMillan 18 dni temu
lewis seems happier idk
FP Villegas
FP Villegas 18 dni temu
Merc did it on purpose. They want the cars in front to put more rubber on the track. Their computer AI figured out the optimal spots to start. Unthinkable that Merc can't handle such a problem as a slippery track.
jaagmari 18 dni temu
Gotta love it!!!!
Vi Tang
Vi Tang 18 dni temu
Lewis: my tyres are dead Turkey: no, your tyres never alive
omer mohamed abdullahi
omer mohamed abdullahi 18 dni temu
at least lewis will secure the title tomorrow
The KitOwl
The KitOwl 17 dni temu
Certainly did.
Apophis STR
Apophis STR 18 dni temu
Is it just me? or is Hamilton seems to be a lot happier recently than usual?
Highlight Real
Highlight Real 18 dni temu
We all know Stroll has no “Race Pace”. Valteri and Lewis will be at the front tomorrow and stroll will probably spin out turn 1 trying to defend his position from the great Jos Verstappen JR.
Michael Adair
Michael Adair 18 dni temu
It’s funny how things change when you don’t have the ultimate pace on a dry track from pole. 🤷‍♂️
Michael Adair
Michael Adair 17 dni temu
@Richard Hind Best of his era..
Richard Hind
Richard Hind 17 dni temu
That didn’t age well!
Billy Block
Billy Block 18 dni temu
SKY are such pressure pressure pressure
Ryan Edwards
Ryan Edwards 18 dni temu
love to see it
thepymes 18 dni temu
Something doesn't add up. In the Styrian GP Qualifying Hamilton was 1.2 seconds faster than Verstappen in very similar weather conditions and I don't buy it that the Mercs don't work on a newly surfaced track either (ahem, Portimao). One thing I noticed is that Hamilton did very little running in any FP1 and especially FP3 when he ran just 3 untimed laps in the session that would have been most critical to preparing for a wet weather Qualifying! This leads me to wonder if Mercedes are managing an issue with the Power Unit or Gearbox... Russell had to change his and will start from the back of the grid - not something Mercedes want to do with Hamilton in the race that should see him crowned a 7x Champion.
Man Kay
Man Kay 18 dni temu
When the race day comes.... This is what will happen...Max, ALbon, Le Clerc and some others will spin their car,,,,Mercedes will take 1,2,3,4,
The KitOwl
The KitOwl 17 dni temu
You were half right.
ken yoneyama
ken yoneyama 18 dni temu
The cars are to fast for the track , keep the car n’ drive safe no matter standing positions !!
marvin lawrence
marvin lawrence 18 dni temu
I know people love that the Silver Arrows aren't on pole and for them that means qualifying was great.....That wasn't great or fun to watch. The weekend so far isn't representative of driver skill or machinery on a great track..... It's who can get tires to work while drivers tip toe around trying not top end up in the gravel. Intriguing comes to mind and it's fun because it's so different but in no way would any of you stick around to watch that every week.....I wanted to see turn 8 in these cars and instead we get the F1 on ice.
Andrew Marr
Andrew Marr 18 dni temu
"We were just checking who lifted..." = "We are fishing for a story and want to start a fuss for ratings..." Pot luck qualifying. Hmmmm. If random start-order is so "exciting" then F1 can just have a lotto with the car numbers and I'll start watching GT racing, or paint drying.
arvind v
arvind v 18 dni temu
The races with Mercedes struggling are always exciting ever since the V6 turbo hybrid engine era started.
METTASSI 18 dni temu
Lewis: "Congrats to Lawrence, excuse me, Lance" 😂😂
Kirt Hooper
Kirt Hooper 18 dni temu
Mercedes vented wheels and spacers came back to bite them this weekend.
Ramzi Juega
Ramzi Juega 18 dni temu
when LH and bottas are always on top is kinda good not seen them on top.. they drive like a game with cheat codes.. hopefully we would see a very different and fun race tomorrow!
The KitOwl
The KitOwl 17 dni temu
Not so different...Lewis still won.
rocko melone
rocko melone 18 dni temu
Turkish GP: Theres no grip here for you drivers All drivers: Wow its very slippery, even more than usual Mercedes drivers: NO GRIP? What is this?
Andreas Gunnarsson
Andreas Gunnarsson 18 dni temu
Verstappen > Hamilton
Richard Hind
Richard Hind 17 dni temu
@thepymes So true. The really excelled in showing how it “shouldn’t” be done today. Charles being an absolute idiot going for glory and allowing Seb through, which I was really happy about non the less. Experience won today.
thepymes 17 dni temu
Well, this comment didn't age well!
DG 18 dni temu
Advantage neutralized
Peter Fowke
Peter Fowke 18 dni temu
It is very bad Lewis and finished in 6th qualifying VB was 9th is was because as Lewis says the surface was like ice 🧊 so it said in the the sun newspaper 📰 about it as well.
cecil King
cecil King 18 dni temu
Forget the qualifiers, We all know Lewis loves driving in the rain.
Brian St Hill
Brian St Hill 18 dni temu
We bring first and second tomorrow
francowabongo 18 dni temu
That'll make the race so much more interesting...
Mick Magnussen
Mick Magnussen 18 dni temu
Rain, the great leveler. Merc problems same as everyone, many drivers could win in a merc.
Lakshay 18 dni temu
What's the surprise? E yo merc 6-9 Nice
penusliski 18 dni temu
Lewis, it's Lawrence...
jason bell
jason bell 18 dni temu
They are good! They are not going to try make there car work in those conditions, they have the advantage overall , they can just go with the flow on this race , every one is struggling terribly .
nvr2serious cc
nvr2serious cc 18 dni temu
this is just like the 2014 singapore gp when the Merc was not dominant, gotta spice it up a bit
Millennial Trucker
Millennial Trucker 18 dni temu
Lewis will be 1st by the end of lap 5
JK Visions
JK Visions 18 dni temu
If you didnt spin you didnt try enough;)
Justin Lariviere
Justin Lariviere 18 dni temu
This is shaping up to be 2020’s Singapore, where the Mercedes are way off their usual pace.
Christopher Smith
Christopher Smith 18 dni temu
Last years mercedes on pole
Enes Çalışkan
Enes Çalışkan 18 dni temu
I'm not a Lewis hater or anything but he didn't even try to get into higher positions to be honest. He only did so few laps during the practice sessions , he didn't even attended the FP3 except last few mins while even the most experienced man out there Kimi went out and put some laps in. And we can see it paid off for him and also for the Red Bulls. Even Leclerc on the radio kept insisting on going out on a track to get some crucial data for the quali and the race. All he does is keep complaining how bad the track is like come on man , you re the most paid guy out there and 7 time champ. Not cool
Folu Agboola
Folu Agboola 18 dni temu
This reporter is terrible. lol
vicospriteg 18 dni temu
Remember 2018 when Ferrari wasn’t as fast but their tires lasted longer then the mercs? That was the last year of good racing since the following year pirelli changed the compounds and merc ran away without any issues. F1 is getting boring.
Ollie Oligarch
Ollie Oligarch 18 dni temu
Next year, Lewis and co play with a Scalextric set.
Ollie Oligarch
Ollie Oligarch 18 dni temu
I t would be better and not so RUDE if they didn't wear those stupid muzzles. I know for a FACT that some countries they race in do NOT require outside face coverings, so why push the propaganda?
Richard Hind
Richard Hind 17 dni temu
The difference between genius and stupidity, is genius has its limits! Your comment is the epitome of the one that has no limits! Geez, you must be right winger, as they’re notoriously blunt instruments, like that loser Dump!
Connor Meulemans
Connor Meulemans 18 dni temu
Lewis: "I was 20th on Friday, so this is an improvement!" Lmao not exactly a LH fan, but that made me laugh
twoluckyone 18 dni temu
When circumstances are a bit more difficult Hamilton can not keep up with the more talented drivers who have a slower car.
The KitOwl
The KitOwl 17 dni temu
@Richard Hind 👍
Richard Hind
Richard Hind 17 dni temu
Ha, ha, the most talented and experienced drivers were on the podium, did you notice that?Talented drivers like Max and Charles showed their youthful stupidity today, didn’t they?
The KitOwl
The KitOwl 18 dni temu
You obviously didn’t watch the second race of the season.
Jamin 18 dni temu
Optikification 18 dni temu
Proof that Hamilton is nothing unless his car is way better than the rest. Verstappen gets the same result in the same car in any conditions.
Richard Hind
Richard Hind 16 dni temu
@Jamin Dream on lad!
Jamin 17 dni temu
@Richard Hind And I've decided that Max would destroy Lewis because he would play the championship. And Lewis would made mistakes because he wouldn't be on the same level...
Richard Hind
Richard Hind 17 dni temu
Which drivers lost heads today? The Young Guns! Well mostly, VB and DR had Sbinarella’s too. Max would not beat LH if both drove a Merc, that is something I’ve decided after today’s race. Experience counts for more than bravado! Max and Charles tossed away positions by being totally stupid!
Jamin 18 dni temu
That's why he won't leave Mercedes
Sanjiv Pradhanang
Sanjiv Pradhanang 18 dni temu
Haha, I guess Lewis knew earlier on he wasn't getting pole this weekend and finished last in third practice to make it seem like he did a great job in qualifying.
Tramaine318 18 dni temu
That Mercedes is a tropical car!!! It prefers hotter warmer climate😆
Ferdi Nand
Ferdi Nand 18 dni temu
🇹🇷🙋‍♂️Thank you F1.,go lance🚘
gaurab VR46
gaurab VR46 18 dni temu
schooled by billionaire kid. 😗
KingOfPurpur 18 dni temu
the fact he didnt spin or anything might be because he is not pushing the car enough
Christopher Brown
Christopher Brown 18 dni temu
I love how Lewis is getting in the excuses already. Maybe with some luck, this means he won't win the race tomorrow.
SANELE RUDOLPH 18 dni temu
If you're struggling the blame is on you, but when you win it because of the car...
Agent 9922
Agent 9922 18 dni temu
I don't like the smile on his face , he is to blow pass everyone in front tomorrow I have a funny feeling about this I see him winning this Race and the Championship.
Jamin 18 dni temu
@Corey Rod Bullshit
Corey Rod
Corey Rod 18 dni temu
@Jamin the redbull have caught up as mercedes stopped developing. the redbull is easily the fastest here
Jamin 18 dni temu
He has the best car by far
booptidyscoop 18 dni temu
I'm not happy that they aren't on pole I'm happy that Max is mad af
Man Kay
Man Kay 18 dni temu
Beyond the thunder dome
Abdulrahman Bello
Abdulrahman Bello 18 dni temu
Hahaha Mad Max
々Rahul77 YT
々Rahul77 YT 18 dni temu
Rain rain come again....
Ciência e Filosofia
Ciência e Filosofia 18 dni temu
What a sore loser, Hamilton is.
A or Ta
A or Ta 18 dni temu
Lewis , "i don't know". -lol, his extra 20bhp and cruise-control-button are useless this circuit... ;)
moosebiff 18 dni temu
Bad weather sorts out the best drivers.
Richard Hind
Richard Hind 17 dni temu
Plus experience! One just has to look at the podium, says it all!
Juan Carlos Cabrera Rodríguez
Juan Carlos Cabrera Rodríguez 18 dni temu
This conditions shows the best and the worst of everyone drivers and teams. Love it. Racing point shows someone behind the wall is was clever than everyone else, and smash the clock. I hope tomorrow will be the same raining conditions, to see a funny race.
Adnan Amin
Adnan Amin 18 dni temu
You never know boys. Hamilton might even recreate the magic he did back in GP2.
EPYONMS3 17 dni temu
He did lol
The KitOwl
The KitOwl 17 dni temu
Can you pick my lottery numbers next week 😎
MLS Traps
MLS Traps 18 dni temu
That would be a epic way to seal the 7th title
Griptopia 18 dni temu
I'd be giving everyone a rest.. if i ran the team.. botti and hams have their work cut out come race day tomorrow. But.. They'll be doing a Nikki L type race.. look after the car.. get to first pit stop adjust if needed. But should be an interesting race with a different grid line up... This might turn out to be a really cool race.
Pat176 18 dni temu
1:34 What's the surprise? HAHAHAHAHAH
Aditya Golatkar
Aditya Golatkar 18 dni temu
Hamilton is gonna win this race anyway💙......loved to see lance on pole...will be a interesting race...
The KitOwl
The KitOwl 17 dni temu
Great prediction.
Jamin 18 dni temu
Tu mouilles pour ton Lewis ?
Hilarius Fevriere
Hilarius Fevriere 18 dni temu
Mercedes have won the constructors championship comfortably. In the drivers championship it’s a Mercedes lockout in the top 2 with Lewis guaranteed to win the championship. So they’re giving the other teams a little hope for the weekend
MrTaftser 18 dni temu
Pointless Sky interviews as always
Karthik Penumetch
Karthik Penumetch 18 dni temu
Everyone is talking about how this year’s Mercedes has no clear cut weakness. But there is. The car is specifically designed to perform when conditions are normal and most favorable for racing with high grip levels. Fortunately for them most races fell in that category. But as soon as the conditions change there are nowhere near there regular pace. Just look at silverstone and this race. Both races had a severe lack of grip. Both times there getting beat. Interesting to see how it plays out tomorrow.
Charles Lepeely
Charles Lepeely 18 dni temu
Silver stone did not have a severe lack of grip, if it did, it wouldn’t put so much stress on the tires to blow up.
Man Kay
Man Kay 18 dni temu
But Mercedes sent their super car to work in wet condition.... The Pink Panther... hahahahahaha...They still win
Melvin Claßen
Melvin Claßen 18 dni temu
But doesn‘t that prove their point and concept: Don't focus on specific scenarios, focus on the bigger picture and the average racing condition.
Thr33 Wise Men Me Myself & I
Thr33 Wise Men Me Myself & I 18 dni temu
When the other teams are just barely getting on pole this season Merc is already thinking about 2021. 7th title for Lewis tomorrow. 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆
MandS T
MandS T 18 dni temu
Lewis does not give a **** , that much is absolutely obvious. Why would he ? Championship is done, most wins is done, pay is the same.
MandS T
MandS T 18 dni temu
@twoluckyone of course, he has never dominated in the rain before ? “Other drivers” what other drivers 😳
twoluckyone 18 dni temu
You bet that he gives a f*uck as he realises that other drivers are better at Bad weather .
Invincible Vettel 5
Invincible Vettel 5 18 dni temu
B is for buuuuuullshit. Hamilton knew exactly what he was doing. He's playing it safe for the race tomorrow. For him, this round of qualifying is a formality in these conditions. He knows full well there'll be a number of drivers binning it tomorrow. So long as he finishes in the top 10 AND 8 points ahead of Valtteri, the 7th world championship is his no matter what. You could tell by his eyes and nervousness he was bullshitting.
seleb 18 dni temu
At least one Canadian knows how to operate on ice 😂
Furkan selçuk
Furkan selçuk 18 dni temu
Istanbul is a very exciting place hey f1 every year
Mohamed Ally
Mohamed Ally 18 dni temu
This is what makes F1 interesting. Too bad some people complain about it being boring! Unpredictable conditions, blow-outs, driver errors, team errors, unexpected crashes ...this is F1! More drama on the cards tomorrow no doubt!
royaloreca 18 dni temu
And Mercedes still take pole, 2019 Mercedes
Char Rod
Char Rod 18 dni temu
Always when Ham has the race to become Champion,It’s when He finishes maximun in 4th , Remember Mexico 100 times
The KitOwl
The KitOwl 17 dni temu
He broke that today with a win.
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