'It's exciting for Formula 1' | Lewis Hamilton reacts to Sebastian Vettel joining Aston Martin

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2 miesięcy temu

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Lewis Hamilton joined us to give his thoughts on the news that Sebastian Vettel will be joining Aston Martin for the 2021 season. The Brit also reflected on his disappointing result at the Italian Grand Prix last week although still managed to find the positives.
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Anni-Florence BERGER
Anni-Florence BERGER 2 miesięcy temu
What does it MEANS asone for you hum 🤔
amosng 350
amosng 350 2 miesięcy temu
Hamilton: Sebastian! Leaving Ferrari? Why? Vettel: *Sigh* I made alot of mistakes in Ferrari when I try to get my 5th Championship everything has gone wrong. We have some good memories together. I don't wanna forget.
Hot Wheels
Hot Wheels 2 miesięcy temu
This shows it’s not just the car. Lewis went from plum last and 10 secs behind last to 7th whilst Bottas couldn’t overtake Norris
Experiment Eight
Experiment Eight 2 miesięcy temu
Hamilton (in his head): "Finally I might have some competition again, don't mess this up Seb"
Tyler Knowles
Tyler Knowles 2 miesięcy temu
Tbh I can’t wait until Lewis retires and stops bringing this BLM bullshit into the sport
FQ 2 miesięcy temu
even Lewis himself wants a challenge , Bottas is really not doing much . We could use Rosberg right now who used to make things so interesting , take risks and push Lewis so hard. I started appreciating him now after seeing Bottas . As a Lewis fan , we want him to win the championship in a more challenging way. I actually enjoyed him fighting through the field showing just how amazing of driver he is meanwhile Bottas still didnt make any progress , I hope people realize its not just the car but Lewis is just at another level
FQ 2 miesięcy temu
they are becoming such close friends now , love to see it
donewithit 2 miesięcy temu
Now if you leave it will be much better.
Megsman 2 miesięcy temu
Of course Mercedes is happy and excited that Seb is going to Aston Martin... and not Red Bull. But that’s just me... and Mercedes.
90MinutenLangVoorOnzeClubUitAmsterdam 2 miesięcy temu
What would be exciting and good for F1 is with new rules and new cars the mercedes would drop back and be the 4th or 5th fastest car.
Michal Benyskiewicz
Michal Benyskiewicz 2 miesięcy temu
Yeah... but is he still a great driver?(Vettel) Was he ever? I like fella, he is really smart and funny, but were his world championships not a result of a great car more then great driving?
Minion Inc Gaming
Minion Inc Gaming 2 miesięcy temu
I am documenting my journey on F1 2020 My Team. I'm on season 2, and I'm going for the drivers championship this season. My team mate is not yet competitive enough to earn constructors points, so I can't really fight for the constructor championship this season. But in Season 3 my goal is to win drivers and constructors championship by getting a better team mate 😊. Follow the drama on my channel!
Dutch Peaky Blinders
Dutch Peaky Blinders 2 miesięcy temu
Hamilton is fake. Senna is a legend. Hamilton never.
SuperMillwall1885 2 miesięcy temu
The soon to be 7x World Champ showing love and respect to the 4x World Champ.
zylonis SVD
zylonis SVD 2 miesięcy temu
Lewis doesn't want Seb to retire because he does not want to be considered the oldest on the grid
Super Yacht Captain
Super Yacht Captain 2 miesięcy temu
Anyone know the brand and model of the sun glasses he was wearing?
Glib 2 miesięcy temu
@Ryan Lane Not really. It took me no time at all to come up with it. The guy is a hypocrite.
Ryan Lane
Ryan Lane 2 miesięcy temu
Glib ...you really thought this comment was the one, huh?
Glib 2 miesięcy temu
He's wearing hypocrisy shades by Paco Rebanne.
Spud nic
Spud nic 2 miesięcy temu
wonder if lewis will be late again to bend the knee for BLM. LOL
J T 2 miesięcy temu
0:42 - because you've got the best car on the grid.
Tim Lindquist
Tim Lindquist 2 miesięcy temu
Lewis craves competition in f1 even as he enjoys all the success and dominance. There isn’t the substance in victory without the fight. He needs competitors to give his championships meaning because he doesn’t get it from his team mate.
OCHIOOO MAMA 2 miesięcy temu
In a white shirt?? Oh my God Lewis, that's not blm!! Rais your fist eh!!
Flierman 2 miesięcy temu
F1 is Very boring for the moment, really bad but I can't not like Lewis. He is amazing as s driver and a very nice guy that always plays fair. Respect 👍
Havoc 2 miesięcy temu
After the new rules Seb and Lewis in same team.
Jordan 2 miesięcy temu
this guy dying would be the only thing to make f1 fun again.
MF JONES 2 miesięcy temu
Greatest drivers
valid bharde
valid bharde 2 miesięcy temu
Nothing is exciting in Formula 1.... For last 7 years we are seeing Mercedes as champion in both Driver and constructors.... And you call it as exciting..... Works teams killing sprit of racing in F1.... Ask Lewis to drive Racing Point or Williams, he will struggle the way everyone is...... Then what kind of a champion this would mean.......
FIFOU DUBLED 2 miesięcy temu
if lewis was not pussy he would take seb as teammate
abdi libaax
abdi libaax 2 miesięcy temu
The goat 🐐
Klingende Mynt
Klingende Mynt 2 miesięcy temu
Get rid of this idiot! F1 don’t need black drivers
nuno gomes
nuno gomes 2 miesięcy temu
Lewis the GOAT 🙌🏼🙌🏼
MrHabib 2 miesięcy temu
Audi should have f1 car
Eric Y
Eric Y 2 miesięcy temu
Respect. To Hamilton and Seb. Race on, 2021 !
Mike Jones
Mike Jones 2 miesięcy temu
I love lewis my mentor
Future Dude
Future Dude 2 miesięcy temu
Mercedes has even better masks. Watch Seb correcting his' 20 times per minute.
ChemDog 2 miesięcy temu
Hello F1 fans. I’m new to the sport, just learning about the drivers, cars and the teams. I’ve never met any of the drivers, and I’m not likely to meet any of them. But they’re all very good at what they do. Could someone explain to me why all the vitriol is aimed at Mr. Hamilton. As stated, I don’t know him and have never met him. He seems a competent driver with a fine car and team. What has he done to earn the ire of so many?
J T 2 miesięcy temu
@ChemDog Cheers, enjoy the race.
ChemDog 2 miesięcy temu
J T Thanks for the response. I don’t find any of what you say offensive. For me, it just raises questions about those who may actually feel how they feel based on these reasons. I have respect for all the drivers. What they do is exceptional. Appreciate your taking the time.
J T 2 miesięcy temu
- Some because they don't like black people. - Some because he's being really successful. - Some because he speaks half truths. - Some because he's part of the most dominant team in F1 history, with no one close enough to compete. - Some because he's bringing in politics (which might be disagreeable). - Some because he's breaking/broken most of Schumacher's records. - Some because he's the most regonisable face of a sport which needs change to survive. The way I've written this must be incredibly annoying. Some people may be offended.
Byron Garay
Byron Garay 2 miesięcy temu
He had to lose last race to regain his spirit, back with his chains and glasses and a bit more energy while speaking.
rvink5 2 miesięcy temu
Media: Vettle Signed With Aston Martin Lewis: MOmmy..... Both are legendary though
Ian Crossley
Ian Crossley 2 miesięcy temu
As long as he's not too far forward.
davyrs600 irvine
davyrs600 irvine 2 miesięcy temu
who care what hamilton has to say
chris mchale
chris mchale 2 miesięcy temu
The lad was robbed,only in Italy.
Tom B
Tom B 2 miesięcy temu
"I still don't know how I came back as much as I did".. You have the best car on the track Lewis. You can literally go flat out around corners where other cars have to lift. Come on.
vj_golf 2 miesięcy temu
man he looks like kendrick now
Brian Borgman
Brian Borgman 2 miesięcy temu
You can not have it all Lewis! Sometimes you have to learn to share succes with others....
esjihn 2 miesięcy temu
How the hell does he always keep his white clothes clean. Especially a hat.
Why O Why
Why O Why 2 miesięcy temu
Louis mentioned at a press conference not too long ago that the only real driver he actually kind of fears is seb in a good car because Seb can win races Ferrari actually doesn’t have that good a team there just Ferrari last championship was Kimmi in any one by one point
Darshan Shah
Darshan Shah 2 miesięcy temu
What about Lewis himself? Is he going to continue in 2021 with Mercedes or Retire ?
J T 2 miesięcy temu
I wondered about this. I feel if he can't extract enough money from his next deal, he could walk away, "undefeated" with 8 titles.
Gouthaman Guna
Gouthaman Guna 2 miesięcy temu
Both whiner and cry baby going to drive mercedes together..👍👍
nasomaz 2 miesięcy temu
Good man Lewis
Vir Ajmani
Vir Ajmani 2 miesięcy temu
I actually really like Hamilton. He seems like a cool guy. Only want him to lose for the sport to be interesting, but otherwise I have no hate towards the guy he is class.
wolfe1970 2 miesięcy temu
The only guy in the world who can talk whilst wearing a mask without constantly adjusting it
LostChances 9 dni temu
unlike ricciardo he doesn't have a big nose 😂
Tess Tickler
Tess Tickler 2 miesięcy temu
I think Seb has earned this promotion from backmarker to a front running team.
Aidan Wright
Aidan Wright 2 miesięcy temu
He's excited till he starts losing.
Pritisha Bagade
Pritisha Bagade 2 miesięcy temu
Awesome sportsmanship between Sebastian and Lewis they have a lot of respect for one another 😁
J T 2 miesięcy temu
Nah, it's phony.
whale oil beef hooked
whale oil beef hooked 2 miesięcy temu
STFU sham
LOS Farm
LOS Farm 2 miesięcy temu
Barely 15 seconds into the video and I'm already expecting comments from "fans" about how Lewis and Seb should switch roles. I find it usual for the comments section on all platforms. Yet again, they'd definitely deny "hating on whoever is the champion". Spilled the tea too much oopsie.
Algy Chin
Algy Chin 2 miesięcy temu
It’s been rather boring for the sport for the past few years. Mercedes is just too good, I bet I can be world champion too if I was driving one of the silver arrows.
Luke Taylor
Luke Taylor 2 miesięcy temu
does anyone know what mask Lewis wears? Looks like a good quality one
Luke Taylor
Luke Taylor 2 miesięcy temu
bsrlbck2013 shut up
Luke Taylor
Luke Taylor 2 miesięcy temu
bsrlbck2013 no bro just been looking for a good quality mask as I work in a supermarket, if you have any other suggestions of masks let me know
Manu K
Manu K 2 miesięcy temu
its actually a pretty crap one because of the valve you just blow you breathe out to anyone arround you instead if keeping back the aerosoles
gofur mia
gofur mia 2 miesięcy temu
Don't forget Alonso is coming to Renault which means we are going to see some battles between Alonso and Vettel
J T 2 miesięcy temu
@gofur mia Haha, I don't actually know. All I remember is as good as Alonso is, he isn't the quickest outright, although he is good in every area. Now Daniel Ricciardo is one of the quickest on the grid today, so if Ocon can match him - which he hasn't done so far - or raise himself a little for next year., things might be difficult for Alonso.
gofur mia
gofur mia 2 miesięcy temu
@J T lol keep dreaming. Maybe in first few races over the course of the season ocon will not catch Alonso
J T 2 miesięcy temu
Ocon will destroy Alonso!
Ashley Benson
Ashley Benson 2 miesięcy temu
#Still We Rise
Mohammed Fahd
Mohammed Fahd 2 miesięcy temu
Imagine the fake Mercedes beating the actual Mercedes next year.
J T 2 miesięcy temu
Unlikely, apart from in the event of safety cars or other disruptions. Maybe a 1/10 chance on a regular basis. Maybe ahead of Bottas by turn 1 though.
phinadelphia Hlongwane
phinadelphia Hlongwane 2 miesięcy temu
Lewis make interviews like he is the CEO of F1 and Team owner rather than a driver..
leanne vitale
leanne vitale 2 miesięcy temu
If only he would just drive and shut up about everything else. I follow red bull now.
GSA 2 miesięcy temu
From hero to zero !!! This sheep is the biggest hypocrite in F1 !
paulgoodwin81 2 miesięcy temu
Imagine that Toto has Principal, Hamilton as Chief Stratagist and Analyst and Vettel as Chief Engineer at Aston Martin in 5 years. Toto already has shares. Then the guys will buy shares too. Wouldnt that be something?
Bandile Sisonke
Bandile Sisonke 2 miesięcy temu
You’re the best brother!
Ejaz Ahmad
Ejaz Ahmad 2 miesięcy temu
I respect to Lewis Hamilton I love you
Barth A.
Barth A. 2 miesięcy temu
Lewis and Sebastian real friendship.
NIKHIL RAJKUMAR 2 miesięcy temu
I love Lewis ,vettel but i think there are other drivers that are more skilled and deserve a spot in a competitive car
devansh tulsiyan
devansh tulsiyan 2 miesięcy temu
Lewis and Vettel, the amount of respect and world Championships between these two, makes me cry
devansh tulsiyan
devansh tulsiyan 2 miesięcy temu
@J T tbh I don't think so cause Hamilton is a cry baby
J T 2 miesięcy temu
If the number of championships was swapped, would Hamilton show as much respect?
Ironbuket 2 miesięcy temu
Cant wait to see Vettel be beaten again by his team mate next year. Such an epic driver - not
J T 2 miesięcy temu
@Ironbuket I wouldn't rate Vettel as a great driver, despite still being very quick, because of how car dependent he is, which is clearly a problem. If he gets the car to his liking, he could still be good, but I don't see him winning the title again. Maybe top 3. Who knows, maybe he'll prove me wrong, but with the likes of Hamilton, Leclerc, Verstappen, Ricciardo and others around, very unlikely. He does nice overtakes sometimes, one around the outside of Alonso at Curva Grande in 2011, against Bottas in Spain '17, Hamilton in Austria '18. He is a largely win from the front guy though. I won't hold it against him that's he's never won from far down. Car and other elements need to come together. He came back from quite far after his disaster start in Brazil 2012 and last year in Germany as well.
Ironbuket 2 miesięcy temu
@J T and Stroll isnt even that good. Did you watch back in Seb's Red Bull winning days? Remember when Vettel won a race when he didnt start on the front row of the grid? I dont. Vettel even on his best day in a superior car, couldnt overtake. There are plenty of drivers in F1 that can drag performance out of a sub-standard car. Vettle cant, yet so many people still rate him as a great driver. Makes no sense to me. Search for 'vettel best overtakes' - not much there apart from outdrags due to superior car