What's next for Red Bull with Honda leaving F1? | Christian Horner on Red Bull's engine future.

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Miesiąc temu

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With Honda leaving F1 in 2021, Christian Horner indicates that instead of switching to a different engine supplier, Red Bull will seek to continue using Honda’s hardware.
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benjicool2808 Miesiąc temu
RB are arrogant, karma eh... they should call back renault
Raph Walker
Raph Walker Miesiąc temu
The FIA need a lot more to do then just freezing the engine programs,when a mercades is lapping the rest of the field before the halfway mark ,serious things need changing.
Soren Ingram
Soren Ingram Miesiąc temu
Whatever Christian Horner says.. Helmut Marko is King and He "Takes no prisoners'" with a binary view.. Honda has rejected the F1 business model. An who is going to put a billion over years into ICU for NO benefit. Full e is the way
Temur Malishava
Temur Malishava Miesiąc temu
It kind of sucks that Vettel signed with racing point. Imagine him back in Red Bull
Andreos Tippereros
Andreos Tippereros Miesiąc temu
Whats next for RB with Honda leaving F1? A few years a the back of the grid would be good for a laugh.
Rehana Bukhari
Rehana Bukhari Miesiąc temu
Can someone ask christian horner this question at Imola. Of the 8 odd drivers that drive for u only two like you seb and max so clearly he is biased towards his lead driver and purposely brings down the others. Webber was told not to compete with Seb cuz he's better. Same happened with kvyat Gasly and now albon not to mention the star Riccardo. Is horner even least bit ashamed for ruining their careers? Does he take any responsibility? They won 4 championships not because they are a good team or lead by a good leader, they won cuz the car was superior same as mercedez now. If anything the credit goes to adrian. Horner has lost it. And he will not win the championship with Max. Shame on Horner, red bull gives only a few select wings. #shame
Josh R
Josh R Miesiąc temu
Maybe RB shouldn't have smugly burnt their bridges with Renault.
Peter Trower
Peter Trower Miesiąc temu
You should of took Sainz when Riccardo left, You took Gasly instead....Im still stunned how/why you did that Christian
Nover 05
Nover 05 Miesiąc temu
Hmm, Nico in a RedBull? I'd watch that.
Slapshot 007
Slapshot 007 Miesiąc temu
Er,that's not entirely why Renault don't want to supply you is it Christian . . .
mcl48YT Miesiąc temu
Let us all sit outside, 15 meters apart, wear masks and shout at each other. Because we're really responsible.
Chevy Chaze
Chevy Chaze Miesiąc temu
put Perez next to Max and put Albon with Gasly
Siqk Linx
Siqk Linx Miesiąc temu
Basically we have Hulk, Checo, Kevin, and Romain about to play that game called 'musical chairs'.. this should be fun
Zoran Milosavljevic
Zoran Milosavljevic Miesiąc temu
Horner is absolutely delusional if he thinks Ferrari and Renault will agree to an engine freeze, they would be left behind until the new engine regulations. The best Red Bull could hope for is to get Mercedes to agree to freeze their engine and allow Ferrari and Renault to catch up and then freeze their power units. I don’t get Horners math, between the RB and AT teams Red Bull spend around $630000000 a year that doesn’t include engine development, next year if they spend the maximum allowed on both teams that would be $290000000 that leaves them with $340000000 to further develop the Honda engine since engine development is outside the cap. Ferrari and Mercedes spend just under $500000000 a year to field and design their cars that includes the car and the engine development next year they can only spend $145000000 on the car and they probably would have up to $355000000 for engine development, since Red Bull inherits a Honda engine that Honda already did the heavy lifting on I think they have more than enough money to continue development. If Red Bull wants to be a full fledged competitive manufacturer team they have to spend the money, otherwise don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out of F1, you whining garageistas!
Brian Borgman
Brian Borgman Miesiąc temu
It will be a Renault engine. The freeze will be banned by Ferrari. Max only likes the environment because RBR is too much focused on him.
lohit bhambri
lohit bhambri Miesiąc temu
Perez will be at Red Bull. Challenges for podium awesome at tire management plus he gets sponsor that can be an added bonus . He ticks all the right boxes for Red Bull seat. Hulks record might get in his way for Red Bull seat tbh
Ndaru Arrow
Ndaru Arrow Miesiąc temu
Mugen VTEC
Dyl501st Miesiąc temu
I just can’t see Alex getting a red bull seat for 21 but I would really love see Alex stay in red bull
Ifti Ahmed
Ifti Ahmed Miesiąc temu
BMW should get back into F1... start supplying RB 🔥
notafanatic Miesiąc temu
Seems to be Hulkenberg is the obvious solution to RBs second driver problem. He's quick (but not too quick to give Max a headache), mature and experienced, thus unlikely to give the kind of fireworks that would be possible with Perez.
xtscarface M
xtscarface M Miesiąc temu
Bring perez!
Omega Gamer
Omega Gamer Miesiąc temu
Red Bull with merc engine might beat Mercedes 😂😂😂
hisham parveez
hisham parveez Miesiąc temu
2nd seat of RB is a cursed one
Aaron McGibbon
Aaron McGibbon Miesiąc temu
I really want to see Perez in that seat
Mayers Family
Mayers Family Miesiąc temu
@Aaron McGibbon good one. In the end they’re all multi-millionaires and don’t care what we think. But facts are facts..
Aaron McGibbon
Aaron McGibbon Miesiąc temu
@Mayers Family have a day off mate
Mayers Family
Mayers Family Miesiąc temu
Perez is not a team player and doesn’t like younger teammates beating him (Ocon) why would you put him in the car? Also Red Bull can compare Hulk with Sainz and Ricciardo both former RB drivers. Ocon is also further from Ricc but was quicker than Perez...
Suraj Parvatkar
Suraj Parvatkar Miesiąc temu
Convince BMW to supply engines
Sanjay Kava
Sanjay Kava Miesiąc temu
why the masks you are outside and a "safe" distance apart ????
Ryan Windridge
Ryan Windridge Miesiąc temu
Mclaren needs a Mercedes engine you can’t be mclaren without Mercedes
Ryan Windridge
Ryan Windridge Miesiąc temu
Renault like the old days red bull Renault sounds better
Ricardo V
Ricardo V Miesiąc temu
goodbye Albon....
Jace Purdy
Jace Purdy Miesiąc temu
I want to see BMW M sport get in on this so bad. This is a great opportunity for development if they continue to go the turbo v6 hybrid route with their sports cars. Plus, I want to see the BMW, Mercedes rivalry brought into F1
Andi Doci
Andi Doci Miesiąc temu
Absolutely right, Formula 1 is a multi brand team and not like other open wheel racing championships.
STAGED MAN LIE Miesiąc temu
Next year Lewis and co play with a Scalextric set!!! Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha......
Imre R Y Mulderij
Imre R Y Mulderij Miesiąc temu
Hondr engine
Sachin Hegde
Sachin Hegde Miesiąc temu
Just don't get it... If they were so open at looking outside the stable, why didn't they try picking up seb? 🙄 And brawn took over the ip for only 1 year... RB wants a freeze of 4 years approx... BS
Ricky Scott
Ricky Scott Miesiąc temu
Max is on another level to everyone else. The only driver I see on the grid who can challenge him as a teammate is Charles leclerc. Everyone else will be another bottas.
fela_soprano Miesiąc temu
but he is also a bottas to Mercedes. 😂😂
Mohamed Ally
Mohamed Ally Miesiąc temu
Everyone bashing Merc and Ferrari for not supplying RBR with engines need to remember that this is a request to supply 4 additional engines with a backup in place. That would mean Merc would have to have the staff in pace to cover 12 cars and if we consider it for Ferrari then that would be 8 cars. Aside from supplying the engines that would be a tall order in maintaining a high quality of backup service. Merc, Renault and Ferrari will always survive because they are essentially constructors and manufacturers. That's the sad reality. Maybe Max does need to consider moving? (unpopular opinion).
Dhuums Touch
Dhuums Touch Miesiąc temu
If rumours of Checo replacing George Russell at Williams are to be believed George could very well get that second seat at RBR
Pablo A. Rossi
Pablo A. Rossi Miesiąc temu
Plan b is retire
colin Brown
colin Brown Miesiąc temu
Albon oot Hulk in.
kabelo tshita
kabelo tshita Miesiąc temu
Just go back to Renault that power unit is far from just decent
Deogratias Saidi
Deogratias Saidi Miesiąc temu
Well, Albon is done for after Portugal result
Anmol Miesiąc temu
Perez with his consistency and experience is what Red Bull needs. However, if Albon steps up it be better.
K Ben24
K Ben24 Miesiąc temu
Perez should've had a podium today if Verstappen didn't punt him off the track. Going with Hulk over Perez & Gasly would be a huge mistake if they're serious about a championship push next season.
jamakasis18 Miesiąc temu
no way ferrari agrees to freezing
Tony Gunk
Tony Gunk Miesiąc temu
Sorry but after today albon needs to be replaced
Resi Miesiąc temu
well afther this race , alex been laped and came in at 11e i hope you take action , let Nico take a change the rest of the season, don't waste any more time, Alex is a nice guy but he is not going to make the seat for 2021, get on with it. Its not far to max eighter. If Horner of Marco today give a comment that Alex did oke they have to sak them to
The Goat
The Goat Miesiąc temu
I think going to at is gonna be great for Albon being a second driver to arguably the best driver of this generation is definitely not the best place to develop
Jorge Patiño
Jorge Patiño Miesiąc temu
Max & Checo !!!!!!
Jonny Scott
Jonny Scott Miesiąc temu
I've got to say is quite weird that both current and ex drivers for racing point are being mentioned as both are great ,safe pair of hands ,don't cause mischief and both are being mentioned to go to redbull
Adnan Amin
Adnan Amin Miesiąc temu
Albon is so trash that he gets lapped by Verstappen in the same car in Portimao. 🤔
Let's see to find out
Let's see to find out Miesiąc temu
Hey why does EVERYONE have to bully Albon
Desmond Huggins
Desmond Huggins Miesiąc temu
Get an American engine. ?
Wilfred "I Tapped Dat Ass" Kensington
Wilfred "I Tapped Dat Ass" Kensington Miesiąc temu
@Leopold Ford have a pretty good history in F1 albeit with cosworth
Wilfred "I Tapped Dat Ass" Kensington
Wilfred "I Tapped Dat Ass" Kensington Miesiąc temu
would love to see ford-cosworth back in the game, miss toyota and BMW too. :( BMW williams man :(((
SerPurple Miesiąc temu
It would be absolutely epic to see Hulkenberg in a Red Bull. It definitely sounds like its a possibility and not completely out of reason.
Pandit Thanos
Pandit Thanos Miesiąc temu
DannyRic the best personality in the F1 paddock. Martin Brundle the best sensible, knowledgeable voice and interviewer in F1
marcus ingram
marcus ingram Miesiąc temu
RB not going anywhere, Albons time is rapidly coming to an end at RB. RB will end up with a Renault PU. That’s my prediction
dtoften Miesiąc temu
I assume Russell is eyeing Bottas's seat however Reb Bull is another that can happen next year if chips fall a particular way.
Mohamed Ally
Mohamed Ally Miesiąc temu
That would make sense considering Bottas came from Williams. Returning to the team in a switch with Bottas will allow Williams to work with a driver who has gained valuable insights at Silver Arrows and young Russell to gain his promised seat at Mercedes. I can't see him agreeing to take Alex' seat next year because of their close friendship and the fact that he knows that RBR are at a potential dead end.
Vivek Krishnan
Vivek Krishnan Miesiąc temu
this whole interview was for Albon...
Emoticon RL
Emoticon RL Miesiąc temu
how can alex demonstrate his pace when red bull constantly ruin his lap on quali to help max??
Mark Reilly
Mark Reilly Miesiąc temu
And failing to admit the car isn't great
The Marauder
The Marauder Miesiąc temu
Perez is certainly quick enough, he's got the talent required to tame the Bull. He also brings valuble sponsorship too but i think he would clash with Max too much.
Jyotiraditya Sarangi
Jyotiraditya Sarangi Miesiąc temu
Tbh I think that RB have now realised that no matter whoever their second driver is they have to give both of them equal cars, and if Max and Checo get it, RB really have a good chance for the constructor championship
Mayers Family
Mayers Family Miesiąc temu
Harmony is important remember Ocon/Perez. Qualy is important as well. Hulk been on pole n had front row starts. If it’s pace and harmony with Max it has to be Hulk. If commercial than it’s Perez
Number One
Number One Miesiąc temu
Get George Russel in a Redbull... none deserves or even is worthy of that seat more than George.
Keke Hilo
Keke Hilo Miesiąc temu
Ferrari will not allow a freeze and we all know what FIA stands for...
Nikolaos Alexandros Theodorou
Nikolaos Alexandros Theodorou Miesiąc temu
Provided that they would acquire the IP from Honda and develop it with a partner such as Mugen or Cosworth, RB would greatly appreciate additional R&D capital coming in with a new driver deal. So you see them now building the "sometimes you need to look outside of our talent pool" narrative to justify their next moves. Those for me are Alex moving to TR (creating a very competitive support team with 2 non-necessarily-friendly drivers fighting internally and externally) and Checco coming to RB together with his sponsor capital. This will allow Hülkenberg who obviously is one of the commando drivers and is loved by all of us find his way in one of the other teams as well which is good news for F1. Having said that, in their effort to develop long-term value from their talent pool it would make sense to get Tsunoda in the TR seat instead of Alex. Japan is a great market for RB and it has been underrepresented in the last years. The only crazy scenario we haven't considered is Hulk joining TR with Alex or Tsunoda with Pierre moving to Renault. Ocon's main leverage is Toto who is managing him. Otherwise there is a strong talent pool out there that could fill his shoes quite easily. And Mercedes has an incredibly talented guy named George Russell waiting for the big chance.
Mills Shumps
Mills Shumps Miesiąc temu
RedBull is arguably the Worlds biggest Global Sports Brand and when you consider the success that an Energy drinks manufacturer has achieved in various Sports disciplines, they don't necessarily need F1 to stay relevant. It's obvious clear to their competitors that they have the best chassis in their current F1 car and if they had a competitive engine like Mercedes, they would be unstoppable. 2021 Season is gonna be one interesting shake up.
Arv C
Arv C Miesiąc temu
Red Bull have only themselves to blame for their relationship with Renault. They gave them an amazing world winning engine for four years and when things did not go well (as it does in life) they savaged them. Can't blame Mercedes or Renault for not wanting to supply engines to RB. They should make their own engines and that way they can't moan about it afterwards when things do no go their way.
Daya Singh
Daya Singh Miesiąc temu
Oh come on when has there been more than 3 engin manufacturer’s apart from now 4 wasn’t f1 a ford cosworth formular for about 20 years i mean ,bs after bs
Sam Miesiąc temu
People have to realize that if The engine freeze doesn't come into effect then we would be losing not just Redbull but also Alpha Tauri and also 4 more seats in a sport which can't afford to lose any more seats.
TT Miesiąc temu
Oscar Ashford
Oscar Ashford Miesiąc temu
Hulk would be a great bottas to maxs hamilton
Skazz the Terrible
Skazz the Terrible Miesiąc temu
Christian does rather look an idiot courtesy of making Daniel feel like leaving and Honda pulling out.
tyc00n Miesiąc temu
perez or hulk in rb, alex back to torro rosso on kvyats seat
Rushil Patel
Rushil Patel Miesiąc temu
i hope hulk gest the seat
Ethiopis Abrahamovich
Ethiopis Abrahamovich Miesiąc temu
RB and Chris Horner let everyone believe they were top gear team. At the end of every season for the past 7 years they will present rubbish upgrade then people in Holland shout Max is the anointed one to win WDC. Mean while 35 year old Lewis is laughing his ass off.
Ethiopis Abrahamovich
Ethiopis Abrahamovich Miesiąc temu
@Leopold Yes
Darren AM
Darren AM Miesiąc temu
I take two things from this interview...Albon is a gonna, and Red Bull are screwed for an engine. Liberty media and the FIA need to step up and encourage other engine suppliers to come into the sport...and they need to do it NOW !.
Mohamed Ally
Mohamed Ally Miesiąc temu
@Darren AM peace !
Darren AM
Darren AM Miesiąc temu
@Mohamed Ally Hey M, that is probably how it will go down....but F! does really need other suppliers to come in now...peace to ya.
Mohamed Ally
Mohamed Ally Miesiąc temu
I think you're correct but my guess is that RBR will be forced to agree to having a Renault PU at the back of that chassis after weighing up the cost and options around taking on the Honda IP to develop their own.
r c s x
r c s x Miesiąc temu
the shot at 0:01 is so atheistically pleasing
DW70 Miesiąc temu
Finally an interview where the important questions are really being asked! Well done, Martin!
eSysman Miesiąc temu
Porsche please supply engines for f1!!!
โก้ Miesiąc temu
Hup Alex hup!!! never give up,
John Smith
John Smith Miesiąc temu
Renault dont want to supply us engines - Christian Horner Oh how the tables have turned
John Smith
John Smith Miesiąc temu
@Leopold thats only because they have no choice, red bull doesnt want to take on the expense that comes with it hence they are lobbying for engine development freeze
Nathan Mandjes
Nathan Mandjes Miesiąc temu
Plan B should be Plan A. The engine supplier with the least amount of engines in the field, is mandatory to supply to the team without engines. Red Bull and Renault aren’t exactly friends, but Renault has no other option than to deliver if RB isn’t capable of buying / leasing the Honda F1 project.
Ketsune23 Miesiąc temu
we want a Red Bull Porsche F1 Team pls
Manosh Miesiąc temu
I'll pay to see that
ItsRapidz Miesiąc temu
i still see people hammering on albon and max, did all of you already forget that the rb car is very difficult to drive? both of them would destroy it in a car with mercedes-level handling
amanalfa1984 Miesiąc temu
100% pèrez to red bull 🤞
Steffighter144 Miesiąc temu
Why? I think Hulk will be there. Hulk helped Racing Point in the car development and was as fast as Ricciardo last year. For me it is Hulk for sure
Shankar Nadkarni
Shankar Nadkarni Miesiąc temu
I feel Hulk will go to red bull and albon will be demoted to Alphatauri, and kyvat will be out.
juda815 Miesiąc temu
i doubt red bull will be able to improve on what honda has done already, their only chance of winning the championship is partnering with merc and we all know that is not going to happen. looks like it's beginning of an end for rb and it makes me sad to see that
Arsenic Miesiąc temu
I really doubt FOM would allow RBR/AlphaTauri to leave the sport - that's just not going to happen. Merc isn't going to happen because they already supply a number of teams and they would not want to supply engines to a team that will surely beat them. Nobody wants a Ferrari engine at the moment, so that leaves Renault. Their engines are not bad and if the Honda deal doesn't materialize, I think both RBR and Renault will be pragmatic enough to work together. But there is absolutely zero chance of FOM allowing RBR to walk away.
Wilfred "I Tapped Dat Ass" Kensington
Wilfred "I Tapped Dat Ass" Kensington Miesiąc temu
its what happens when there is only 3 engine suppliers.. sad state of affairs really. no BMW/Honda/Toyota the list goes on.
MINDRIGHT Miesiąc temu
It’s a very tough predicament RedBull have themselves in right now. Their problems are even more compounded by Alex Albon’s lackluster performances in the last two races. I have no doubt they will solve the power unit issue but I’m more worried that Max will start to let his eyes wander elsewhere after 2021 if RedBull doesn’t give him a winning car soon. He can’t continue to carry the team on his shoulders all by himself. They had better pickup Perez or Hulkenberg soon before someone else does. There is already speculation that Perez will be racing at Williams. If the rumors are true then Hulkenberg is the best and only logical choice left. The clock is ticking...
MINDRIGHT Miesiąc temu
@Arv C Hulkenberg is both fast and knowledgeable. This is exactly what RedBull needs if they want to fight it out at the front of the grid with Mercedes.
Arv C
Arv C Miesiąc temu
I think Mercedes do not want a driver who is just quick. They do not need a situation like at Red Bull they favour of just one hyped-up driver. Imagine Max in a situation where there is no top dog and each driver is given equal treatment? Max is fast but is that all there is? Schumacher was fast and very knowledgeable technically.
Dwight Schrute
Dwight Schrute Miesiąc temu
Albon is out.
Damon Harry
Damon Harry Miesiąc temu
Flashback a few years. F1 were not at all helpful when Honda came in with McLaren. Development rules , testing rules etc were not relaxed for McLaren and their entry with Honda. And partly that was why Honda / McLaren failed. Why should it happen for Red Bull?
flemlion13 Miesiąc temu
The engine manufacturers: we have to bring the new regulations forward. Horner: we need a freeze Between no engine manufacturers or no RB, I'll be sorry to see you go Christian (Don't think so though, just Horner political posturing again)
Justin K
Justin K Miesiąc temu
Rosberg will come out of retirement and sign with Red Bill to challenge not only Max but Hamilton as well :D
Paul Perkins
Paul Perkins Miesiąc temu
This is what the beginning of the end looks like for F1. Honda is gone, Renault is not happy, Ferrari only exists because F1 subsidizes them and still can't be competitive, and Mercedes won't stay around if nobody watches the races any more. Is Formula E the future? I sure don't know. Will Liberty Media squeeze out what cash they can and write off the rest, or sack the whole management structure and invest what it would take to start over from almost scratch? I'd bet on option 1.
Hendrik P.
Hendrik P. Miesiąc temu
It really is becoming a dull affair. I hope some new blood will enter the sport both in engine suppliers and teams.
FI5H R1200R
FI5H R1200R Miesiąc temu
In hindsight Should’ve of been a little more respectful of Renault n appreciated Ricardo 🤷‍♂️easily said 😁I’m sure there’ll sort it out tbf 👍
ThunderTiger0801 Miesiąc temu
I hope that Nico actually gets a good RedBull, should he join the team, and not the a car that is mostly developed for max as it seems now
phil Miesiąc temu
naturally it has to be Nico Hülkenberg who gets that second seat. He has proven to perform consistently AND he gets a long very well with Max (both confirmed that). Additionally, bringing in money is not important for RB, so for me, Nico is to be favoured over Checo here as he brings everything in RB wants to have from a second driver.
Ad Pe
Ad Pe Miesiąc temu
Perez to red bull, its a fact.
Nick Pyne
Nick Pyne Miesiąc temu
I hope that RB sort out an engine. It would be a shame for them to 'settle' rather than get what they want. However I feel in some cases they have been unfair to Alex. Granted he might not be the best, but there have been times when they have put him at a disadvantage, in favour of Max.
Aamir Chaudhry
Aamir Chaudhry Miesiąc temu
The framing of this interview is surprisingly aesthetic
Roozs Miesiąc temu
Think it'll be Perez to RB.
MeltingRubberZ28 Miesiąc temu
@Steffighter144 me too but perez has the sponsors and money talks
Steffighter144 Miesiąc temu
I would rather have Hulkenberg
Pip Miesiąc temu
Max is an up and coming champion, but RedBull doesn't centre around him,(as he seems to think) they are after all, they are a huge motorsport industry. I hope they are able to secure a deal with an engine supplier for their F1 team sooner than later.
Mat Stanic
Mat Stanic Miesiąc temu
Yeh let's freeze f1 just for you christian
Andreas Gunnarsson
Andreas Gunnarsson Miesiąc temu
Hulken & Max what a great pair :D
gAgaN Porwal
gAgaN Porwal Miesiąc temu
Racing Point has already lost all the force india fans by sacking perez.. Redbull can take that fanclub with them and by looks of this interview i feel horner has decided to sign perez already
Emz Zme
Emz Zme Miesiąc temu
I'm having troubles with my TV, anyone know any online sites I could watch the Portugal Grand Prix?
Emz Zme
Emz Zme Miesiąc temu
TheBrass18 Sorry for the late reply...Thank you so much, I caught it just in time, whilst doing some math HW. Thank you kind sir/ma'am, enjoy the rest of your day.
TheBrass18 Miesiąc temu
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