What next for Red Bull? | Christian Horner discusses Red Bull's plans after Honda exit

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Miesiąc temu

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Christian Horner says Red Bull must find a new engine for 2022 with Honda set to stop their Formula 1 project at the end of 2021.
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GooglR Ratings
GooglR Ratings Miesiąc temu
PLEASE !!! Bring back V8 engines !!! The screamers!!!
Eric H
Eric H Miesiąc temu
F1 engines should have stayed 100% piston pumpers until technology allows 100% electric with ICE like performance. FormulaE is hard for me to watch. F1 needs to remain ludicrous performance on big tracks.
Ali Khadour
Ali Khadour Miesiąc temu
Bwaoh I hope this conversation of NA engines keeps going and turns into a movement where people peacefully protest online and in the streets. Don’t forget the grid girls. Change my mind.
y88lsc Miesiąc temu
Poor questions answered well.
PippaMoore Miesiąc temu
Put Perez in now and put Hulk into Racing Point. Give Perez the rest of the season to understand the RedBull car and get ready to challenge for constructors championship next season.
kieran Miesiąc temu
They will be now back to Renault engine as current Renault is doing good.
Simon F B
Simon F B Miesiąc temu
where are the good old times with the V10 and V12 engines those where the best times I think....
Simon F B
Simon F B Miesiąc temu
they should be V10 fack those e engines
Bethebest Miesiąc temu
Honda pulls out of f1 then signs moto gp rides past 2023 ? Going green hmmm more to this then we know
Jim Z
Jim Z Miesiąc temu
Horner often said "F1 has 0 - Zero relevance to road cars".... What's he saying now?
Imran Ahmed
Imran Ahmed Miesiąc temu
What about hydrogen fuel engines. No batteries and the only waste output is water
Connor Reynolds
Connor Reynolds Miesiąc temu
It’s so upsetting that Honda is leaving the year after their engine got good
John sweda
John sweda Miesiąc temu
No you could go supercharged two stroke diesel, will be more powerful let's see that 3-cylinder diesel just make it more difficult. Would be good for diesel production engines as well energy put into it diesel can be just as clean then any other fuel if managed correctly
junsengjs Miesiąc temu
They should have looser requirements for engines. Rather than dictating the engine type and design, why not just have guidelines that engines design must follow(having an anti-stall, etc) then let teams go wild with whatever engine design they want to use so long as it fits into their car and their car's size is within acceptable range. It'll be much more enticing for engine manufacturers to enter the sport if the engine requirements aren't so strict. How many engine manufacturers do we have now? Honda(who is leaving), Mercedes, Ferrari, and Renault. As the world moves towards electric cars there will be lesser incentive to invest into F1-specific engines. Make engine requirements looser, but tighten rules on other parts of the drivetrain(weight of car, fuel tank capacity, size of the car, etc).
B Nav
B Nav Miesiąc temu
Bring back the V10s!
Matt Miesiąc temu
Back to Renault 🙃
adib z
adib z Miesiąc temu
Funnily enough, Toyota CEO said that he didnt want to see Toyota brand to be "boring" again. Maybe F1 could help with that..🤔
Ethiopis Abrahamovich
Ethiopis Abrahamovich Miesiąc temu
Redbull let every one believe that they were potential champ team. Lol
Stephen Gibb
Stephen Gibb Miesiąc temu
Yes i agree we should also reduce the variability in aerodynamics between the cars or wait is that not something that will be an advantage to redbull?
Reece Kersten
Reece Kersten Miesiąc temu
Bring the V8 back with no hybrid. Cheaper, sounds better and more appealing for manufacturers
Matt Bolt
Matt Bolt Miesiąc temu
This sums up everything I'm feeling with Formula one with regards to their engines. Such a great and succinct conversation on the topic! I really think the biggest problem is the noise and keeping relevant yet cost effective. But don’t underestimate the noise. If you have an incredible noise then you get incredible fan turnouts because one of the best things of being there is hearing and FEELING them shake you to pieces. If it went electric I would never go.
Warthog1976 Miesiąc temu
Wish they would stop calling it F1 ... its damn computers running the races anyway. But for the driver keeping car on track everything is almost computer run...thats not racing. Go back a few decades and have a look.at what real racing is.... the Real Formula 1.
kybuschfan4 Miesiąc temu
3:37 Some of the wisest words from a leader: Balance
woody Vallallellalunga
woody Vallallellalunga Miesiąc temu
all that money, why dont each team make their own engines? just like the old days
whosAltoon Miesiąc temu
time to give NICO ULKENBURGGGGG a swift phone call
R H.M Miesiąc temu
22 cars burning 100 kilos of fuel each.. in exchange we get the biggest spectacle in racing. Like Christian says we have formula E. We're not frothing to see quiet low revving lawn mowers. We want to see the FASTEST cars with the BEST drivers. That is formula 1!
cody lawrence
cody lawrence Miesiąc temu
V8 turbocharged.... or diesel
Lewis Webster
Lewis Webster Miesiąc temu
We want naturally aspirated engines use me as a like button
marshgatelaneposse Miesiąc temu
Just bring back the V10 with kers make F1 a spectacle again rather than the diluted race series that it is now
MKR Cinema
MKR Cinema Miesiąc temu
Redbull Mugen I meam Redbull and Mugen Honda are already in relationship. It's just the F1 side
So Isaidtogod
So Isaidtogod Miesiąc temu
Next? Go away and try competitive skateboarding.
boznia Miesiąc temu
Bring back the V8s
inflatable2 Miesiąc temu
Lots of words, not much was said really.. Just a lot of political non-answers.. Which makes sense because there isn't much to be said yet.. Just vent trust and calm and go work on what options are available after 2021.. The final decision on what RBR will do in 2022 won't be made until well into the 2021 season I think..
Stuart Loakes
Stuart Loakes Miesiąc temu
Hydrogen all the way!
Adrian Locke
Adrian Locke Miesiąc temu
Lance Stroll will buy the Honda Engine Program and re-badge Austin Martin. Red Bull then become a customer team of Austin Martin along with Alpha _ ‘’Austin Martin Red Bull’’ now where have I heard that before? Austin Martin gains massive exposure for its road car products and Lance pockets more big money, fair play to the man!
Adrian Locke
Adrian Locke Miesiąc temu
Thats the one
NitricWarrior Miesiąc temu
*Lawrence* and *Aston*
Valentin Ströck
Valentin Ströck Miesiąc temu
Christian Horner does a great Job!! Red Bull is the best!!
John Kuhles
John Kuhles Miesiąc temu
⚠️ To all international journalists & sport presenters: 🌐 it is NOT Lewish ... it is NOT Bottash ... and it is certainly NOT Max Vershtappen!
dominicrusho Miesiąc temu
They should just turn it into a pedal car
moinul Islam
moinul Islam Miesiąc temu
And they will still win
John sweda
John sweda Miesiąc temu
Elastic bands could be good and it is possible
Kunt Miesiąc temu
Would bring Albon up to speed.
Cherios Miesiąc temu
Per FIA rules if RB don't find an engine Renault has to supply them as they're the least used engine
reon barrett
reon barrett Miesiąc temu
hes got no honda on him they are not happy honda dont need this crap f1 full on show no go honda is one best moter sport makers in world red bull make drinks which i dont buy haha
Logan M
Logan M Miesiąc temu
Horner to Seb: Ferrari took your name off the jacket already? Bit harsh Also Horner: Removes honda from Redbull jacket
Orxan Adigozalov
Orxan Adigozalov Miesiąc temu
Already?They have 2021 yet
blackflagqwerty Miesiąc temu
If I were in charge I'd takeover Honda's operation and Hire Andy Cowell.
Mike khoh
Mike khoh Miesiąc temu
F1 should use diesel engines to race,save money too
Sean B
Sean B Miesiąc temu
What about Aston Martin? Arent they becoming a works team
ROBS MODEL CARS Miesiąc temu
Bring back the NA high revving V12's, that is what F1 was all about, scrap the hybrid turbo engines
NitricWarrior Miesiąc temu
V12s are pointless too heavy the cars wouls be slower than the V8s.
Mike P.
Mike P. Miesiąc temu
I feel like they face a dilemma they don't talk about: they're trying to make F1 appeal to a generation that grew up with Priuses and which, not surprisingly, dislikes and/or is not interested in any form of car racing. At the same time they're losing their even their die-hard fans who long for N/A V8s or V10s (yes, please) in moving to these super-complex, super-expensive PUs. Manufacturers might be interested in using F1 as a technological skunkworks and training ground for engineers except that the "trickle down" of F1 technology into road cars just isn't a thing anymore. If anything, it's going the other way; the Prius hybrid pre-dated the current engine era by something like 14 years. F1 already rejects certain technologies that have been on road cars for decades (e.g. active suspension, ABS, active aero (besides DRS) etc) but keep pushing this hated, expensive PU. F1 will ultimately lose if they continue to chase after disinterested fans while alienating their "base."
Adam Petten
Adam Petten Miesiąc temu
@Pierre C Total emissions is about pollution. People need to have a sophisticated attitude. If a sports Star encourages 200 000 people to buy much more economical cars and stop flying.. that far outweighs the entire footprint of F1. If Al Gore discouraged 100 flying miles for every 1 he flew then it's fine. My problem with Veganism aside from its nutritional deficiency and extremism is its ineffective. They are clearing land in the Amazon despite vast areas suitable for Cattle in Canada, U.S.A, Australia and Argentina. Some extremism breeds its opposite. I told a relative that if cars went down to the proportion in Japan in North America and Australia that would be sufficient. He was angry and thought I was being an extremist environmentalist.
Adam Petten
Adam Petten Miesiąc temu
Efficiency is important but is one of many factors. I would ditch the 991 Turbo and SF90 etc and continue the 812 type car GT3 RS. McLaren could make a NA Hybrid faster than the 720 S. A modern 600 bhp 4 liter V8 or V12 with an electric motor would be astonishingly fast. You could have a 1200 kg mid engine with 600 from the ICE and a very light 50 bhp electric motor. Ultimately the high end is about experience. Only bench racers care that Lamborghinis and R8's are not as ridiculously fast as a McLaren or 992 Turbo. Turbos rev at glacial pace but will remain useful for Mustangs and Camaros. Any ICE compact should be 70 mpg. Even with the U.S. power grid that would be a disadvantage...more so in Europe.
Adam Petten
Adam Petten Miesiąc temu
@Pierre C Efficiency can be improved in any configuration. NA Hybrids need not have left the station. I was thinking 2.5 liter V12. With modern technology they can be more than efficient enough. Ruining the experience in pursuit of false awareness is silly. I was not aware the V8's were Hybrid. I don't think they were but technology has advanced a lot since 2013. An 812 engine has advanced much beyond a 599 GTO. The Achilles heel of a small V10 or V12 is torque....hence the electric motor which will have a bigger role than with turbos. This will incentivize more powerful and lighter electric motors. That is very relevant.
Pierre C
Pierre C Miesiąc temu
@Adam Petten Making sense here is the correlation between the money Manufacturers invests in F1 and the income they get, be it Media coverage, Technology Display, Supercars/Hypercars sells and so on and so goes. How many V8s ? Maybe there are a lot of them in the USA but in Europe that's not the case. According to the F1 Broadcasting statistics, most of the viewers are from Europe and Brasil where there's clearly not as much V8s as you think. I mean, even an Audi A8 is sold with a 4 cylinder now. And yes there's correlation between F1 and your average car : F1 is the laboratory for the future technologies that powers everyday cars. It led for the creation of Traction Control, ABS, Disc brakes, Adaptive Suspension, Turbochargers, ECUs, Paddle Shift Transmission, Dual Clutch and so on and so goes. Cosworth has made some amazing innovations indeed, but how much of their V12s will they sell ? Less than 300 (150 Astons and 125 Murrays). As for Honda, it is easy to justify their approach : Being competitive in F1 today costs you about $400.000.000, whereas a competitive IndyCar Program costs you $15.000.000. That is 26 times cheaper ! And it's even more important to Honda as the USA is their biggest market, with almost a third of their annual production sold there. Meanwhile, Europe is far less profitable for Honda which explains why they don't wan't to invest millions in a market that doesn't buy their cars. As i would agree about the total emissions, you might seem to forget that F1 is regarded as the "pinnacle" of motorsport (Be it true or not isn't my concern though), therefore they can't mess their approach when it comes to carbon emissions. If F1 is regarded as a polluting sport then there's great chances of other series being targeted and possibly banned. That's something FIA is trying to avoid at all costs which is why they stick to hybrid. I know the term 3.5 NA V12 sounds more appealing than V6 Turbo hybrid but unfortunately it isn't as efficient. A Turbocharger alone helps increasing thermal efficiency by 10%, add all the hybrid technology used in an F1 Car and you get 50% Thermal efficiency which is very impressive given an ICE is mechanicaly limited to 43%. In that regard they won't switch back to NA Hybrids as it would mean less efficient engines and therefore less Technology Displaying for Manufacturers, Especially now that most of them only sells Turbocharged cars (Even Ferrari is ditching their NA V8 for a Turbo Hybrid one). Formula 1 already had gone through Hybrid NA V8s between 2009 and 2013 but it was nowhere as efficient and reliable as the current engines (Keep in mind current F1 cars goes with only 4 engines per season and 35% less fuel in the tank than before despite making more hp and racing more GPs). I think the NA Hybrid train has already left the station. On a positive side, there's still ways to improve sounds and experience : one being the diversity among engines. We can alerady see that in Endurance where people enjoy the differences between all the cars. Maybe rewriting the regulations to just 1.6 Turbo Hybrid would lead to different engines configurations and therefore more "exciting sounds", who knows.
Adam Petten
Adam Petten Miesiąc temu
@Pierre C Making sense means what exactly? There are plenty of mid price big engine cars still. Usually V8's. I know this isn't the 90's . Even a very efficient pure ice engine would be too heavy or underpowered. Saying there has to be some correlation between mid level cars and F1 is nonsense. It will be a shame when the mid level v8 muscle cars disappear but the reduction in emissions will give Room to other developments. People driving 50 mpg econoboxes loved V12's and V10's 20-30 years ago. In terms of development Cosworth has made remarkable strides in larger number of cylinder cars. When the Focus and Golf GTI are electric they will be covered by Formula E. Turbo 4's will decline to an upper middle performance niche. Honda seem to justify their IndyCar investment in IndyCar. It's about total emissions. Besides...F1 cars are about 0.000002% of cars not those supposedly irrelevant 0.2% that many have posters of. The Prius is great but it would be the rare Evija or other electric supercars that generate interest. A NA hybrid would have many components that are relevant to many production cars.
1st Name Basis
1st Name Basis Miesiąc temu
What is next Helmut and Christian both have to crawl back to Renault .... KARMA 101
glenniz1 Miesiąc temu
I must disagree with Mr. Horner, Formula1 has absolutely NO responsibility for being a leader of future technology. You do however have a responsibility for producing a reasonably affordable, fan oriented, and most of all...... Entertaining Sport! F1 needs to understand that they must not get "Too Full of Themselves", or yes, they will go the way of most racing series from the last fifty years. There will always be a replacement racing series, for those that go away, the reason being, that one series forgot to listen to the fans, and the other did!!!
Rahul Agarwal
Rahul Agarwal Miesiąc temu
Why not contact Elon and cut a deal
mahadevovnl Miesiąc temu
F1 just needs to have rules in place that make it increasingly difficult for any team to having winning streaks. We watch to see them race, not to see the same choo-choo train going 'round a track. Make it so that if a team wins a race, they'll get 100ms shorted on their qualifying next race. That should add up over consecutive races; Mercedes wins 3 races in a row? Then the next race their qualifying time is reduced by 300ms. Same for the WDC. Your team wins? Good job. Next year you're going to have to make do with 5KG less fuel for every race. Win again? Next season you'll do with a total of 10KG less fuel. Benefits: races become more interesting, and technical innovation actually leaps forward because a team like Mercedes who already is leagues ahead of the rest of the field has to innovate more and more just to stay ahead of the curve. They then don't win a WDC? Cool. The next season they can now add 5KG of fuel or up to the maximum that other teams run with. At some point, we might see races where Mercedes is competing with 70KG of fuel and other teams running 100KG, and Mercedes might still be winning. That's great, then their level of innovation is so crazy good that they deserve everything they get. Imagine their advertisements: "They reduced our power by 30% and we're still winning."
fetB Miesiąc temu
do hydro, keeps engine sound and is green
Phil Earl
Phil Earl Miesiąc temu
I've got an old Suffolk Punch engine if that helps
Martin Smidt
Martin Smidt Miesiąc temu
No turbo V8, V10, w/wo electric, bring on!! F1 without the sound of a beast engine, like formula electric, is booooring
Carlos Rumbo Pedreira
Carlos Rumbo Pedreira Miesiąc temu
Petrol engines are dead! F1 = Hi tech. F1 must go electric!!!
Mohamed Ally
Mohamed Ally Miesiąc temu
DAS - Red Bull protest... Engine modes - Red Bull request that the FIA considers banning them & they get their way... Honda announces departure - Red Bull : "lets change the engines in the future its not sustainable". It's amazing that F1 seems to be all about evening up the playing field for lazy Red Bull. Skysportf1 seems to also be pushing for Formula Red Bull when you listen to all the commentary through the weeks. It's all about Max and Red bull. Renault have made huge progress. Ferrari is slowly finding form and will return to a competitive state. And the narrative will still be about getting Max into a car good enough to challenge Merc. The driver has said so himself - "how about we focus on ourselves". It's up to SkysportF1 to make the show interesting for us instead of harping on the negatives all the time and using the fans as an excuse. There are millions of fans with different views. That midfield battle is so exciting this year and there's so much you can cover with better info-graphics. The commentary team went on a few side shows this weekend when the data we were following showed certain highlights that weren't picked up immediately. I hope this is seen as constructive. Those of us that turn up to watch deserve better than those who merely turn up to rant about a driver or team they dislike.
Oab Miesiąc temu
MR. You Know
KNK Yeung
KNK Yeung Miesiąc temu
They should surely get a deal for that IP and get a car brand as a sponsor, like what they did with AM. No way they should revert to be a customer team and fall back to what they had before Honda. Splash the cash and do some supercar project with the tech! And hopefully FOM and FIA sort it out for 2026 onwards.
Barry Blackmore
Barry Blackmore Miesiąc temu
How about a single engine supplier for all teams in the same way they do with tyres? One supplier for 4 years and then a new one with the next evolution of technology. Likewise switch tyre suppliers every 4 years. Chassis and aero would be down to the team. Just a thought......
David Hamilton
David Hamilton Miesiąc temu
Ridiculous idea. It is about the manufacturer competing. Not a monopoly. Imagine the Mercedes team with a Ferrari engine. How would that work?
André Francisco
André Francisco Miesiąc temu
If Formula 1 wants to be considered a world championship by FIA, it needs 4 manufacturers.
Bumhead Miesiąc temu
..............Have to wet myself laughing at how all the petrolheads will be watching Scalextric next year and they will still shout down those 'conspiracy nuts'. The phonyvirus has been a cover for an agenda to change EVERYTHING, including all those sports you love. Empty football stadiums with dubbed-on cheering is hilarious to watch, whilst you listen to the fans whinging about how 'it's crap now.' After this will come virtual sports, with CGI football teams playing each other or computer-generated racing cars and cartoon drivers, though Lewis looks a cartoon at the best of times. Pat yourselves on the back as you lose your freedoms and your lives...
crazynannerman Miesiąc temu
You should seek medical help my friend.
Edward Byard
Edward Byard Miesiąc temu
It's getting real. 10% of all new car sales in European markets; 62% in Norway are fully electric. Horner is right to say F1 has a big decision to make. Hydrogen? What a joke. Terrible efficiency and made from natural gas. Let's not go there. Save it for rockets or ships.
Beyond Tourism Beyond Tourism
Beyond Tourism Beyond Tourism Miesiąc temu
Time for BMW to get back into F1
Stan C
Stan C Miesiąc temu
F1 has backed itself into a corner. They can't go backwards in technology now. If they want to be relevant to road cars they need an electric motor and a turbo charged engine. Not the combined hybrids they have now. If they developed a setup where the electric motor gave them the low torque for the start and exiting slow corners then a nice sounding engine for the rest I'm sure everyone would be happy.
Pratik Bhardwaj
Pratik Bhardwaj Miesiąc temu
He is saying Electric......Like i know that Formula E is a thing but to make it mainstream it has to be done in F1.
Vylkeer Miesiąc temu
If Aston Martin starts developing engines in 2022 (hopefully), that should be RB's first choice. It would really make sense. Alternatively it's going to be either Ferrari which doesn't shine engine-wise right now or good 'ol Renault. All of this is unless Red Bull goes all in and develops its own engine.
Vylkeer Miesiąc temu
VS Shiva how do you know? Btw I said *IF*
VS Shiva
VS Shiva Miesiąc temu
Aston Martin don't make their own engines...
Andrew Espiritu
Andrew Espiritu Miesiąc temu
Maybe redbull can bring Mugen as replacement of honda just my thought 🤔
Farrukh Ijaz
Farrukh Ijaz Miesiąc temu
Red bull should leave F1 with both teams if they can't secure a race winning engine
Stephen Gibb
Stephen Gibb Miesiąc temu
@Harish Mv well they are fine then as they used to run renault engines and they won races with those. And guess what that's the default supplier for redbull.
Narcésio Teixeira
Narcésio Teixeira Miesiąc temu
CGIPadawan Miesiąc temu
1:30 - With regards to future with electric mobility? There's no way Formula 1 can consider using main electric drives. Part of Formula E's deal with the FIA is that the FIA would not approve another electric series until at least another 25 years.
DaniH Miesiąc temu
MGU-H always the problem
Anthony charles
Anthony charles Miesiąc temu
Spoken like a true politician, they know exactly what direction they are going in, they are just keeping it secret. They know the next step for them is to supply their own engine, no one will want to supply them, the only option is Renault and we all know how that ended. The Honda engine program will switch to red bull. Maybe at the start of this era they had one company making all the hybrid stuff that all the teams had to use, that would allow teams to concentrate on the engine and gearbox side, thus making it easier and cheaper for engine suppliers to enter the sport, knowing that they didn't need to have that expense.
shubhromu Miesiąc temu
Why does Honda pull out just when they start doing well? Weird....
xzaz2 Miesiąc temu
Dino's Shed
Dino's Shed Miesiąc temu
I've been saying this since the very first round of turbo hybrid race in Australia. The sound of the high reving engines are what make the spine tingle, definitely not getting that from the current sewing machine sounds. I think teams need to develop their own fuels from responsible and cost effective means, no more hybrid garbage, too heavy, expensive and less entertainment.
RACE FIT Jake Royle Athlete Development
RACE FIT Jake Royle Athlete Development Miesiąc temu
Considering he's never told the truth in any interview, ever.. I don't see the need to interview this prick. Slimiest human in a slimey game
jeebah jeebz
jeebah jeebz Miesiąc temu
Its raining men
Mako 39
Mako 39 Miesiąc temu
There should be more open and clear rules in F1 now rules are too much complex and bureaucratic. and more to say I prefer to see the pilot's pure super driving techniques without too much technologies.
Rocinante Miesiąc temu
So Ted thinks f1 teams can just dust off the old v10 or v8 era engines and start racing with them?? Who gave this guy a job?? No engine manufacturer not even Ferrari will stay in f1 if that happens. F1 should look forward not to it's past. Make the racing better that's what fans want Ted!
Rocinante Miesiąc temu
@yfva123 Last time checked F1 was a motorsport not motor entertainment. Racing is also a form of entertainment.
yfva123 Miesiąc temu
Go watch F2 or F3 if you only want to see racing. F1 is about entertaining (racing, visuals and Sound)
Melinda M
Melinda M Miesiąc temu
He is right, they have to chose: 1) entertain and have loud, but not world leading manufacture engine or 2) go green. Or what we call E-Formula. Which already exists. 🤔😖
dco 101
dco 101 Miesiąc temu
or... go nuclear..for that cold war intrige and clear and present danger of nuclear reactors crashing into one another and radioactive exhaust fumes.
Mitchell Godkin
Mitchell Godkin Miesiąc temu
Did you mean to say high revving V12 Mr Horner ?
Alvin Chan
Alvin Chan Miesiąc temu
let the v10s come back. formula e already handles green power anyways.
lil Sebastian
lil Sebastian Miesiąc temu
Horner is the creator of Red Bulls chaos. He thought he could shoot off his mouth without consequences. Why would an engine manufacture wants to deal with him?
RuyLopezQB6 Miesiąc temu
@lil Sebastian 2016 RBR-Ren, Verstappen (from Barcelona on) 1x1st, 4x2nd, 2x3rd 2017 RBR-Tag, Ver 2x1st, 1x2nd, 1x3rd (168pts) 2018 RBR-Tag, Ver 2x1st, 4x2nd, 5x3rd (249pts) --------------- 2019 RBR-Honda, Ver (first season getting used to working with Honda) 3x1st, 2x2nd, 4x3rd (278pts) 2020 RBR-Honda, Ver (11 races) 1x1st, 5x2nd, 2x3rd Looks like RBR were right that Renault PU in '16, '17 and '18 was holding them back, doesn't it?
lil Sebastian
lil Sebastian Miesiąc temu
@RuyLopezQB6 Look what happened once they stopped supplying Red Bull....
Sheila Milne
Sheila Milne Miesiąc temu
Couldn’t agree more he has been a bit snippy !! from the sidelines and always sticking his nose in arguments with especially Mercedes . A lot of jealousy there .
RuyLopezQB6 Miesiąc temu
True, and yet, look how many customer teams Renault have next year, due to how they ran their F1 programme since the hybrid era. Not a ringing endorsement of Renault is it?
joel barcenas
joel barcenas Miesiąc temu
BMW Red Bull ehh
Jordan H
Jordan H Miesiąc temu
Go back to the old type engines, yes!
Resi Miesiąc temu
Next to a engin who can keep up you first need a 2e driver who can keep up.
Chuckie Miesiąc temu
They should buy the IP from Honda and see if Mugen can service/upgrade the engine.
Mathew Miesiąc temu
Formula 1 should be focused on making the cars as fast as possible. I think you'll find the largest engine doesn't do that. I don't know if an electric engine does that. But there is your answer: it should always do what is fastest around the track.
Mathew Miesiąc temu
@André Francisco That's false. Your ability to go around a track quickly is not limited to what engine you use. I didn't propose they start racing aircraft. Secondly, those who prove they can go around a track quickest also prove they know how to build the best cars. The main reason they have road technology is so they can build better cars; not because of marketing.
André Francisco
André Francisco Miesiąc temu
Formula 1 depends on manufacturers. Manufacturers want to be on F1 because it can be a good marketing to sell cars. So the technologies use in formula 1 need to be relevant to the road cars that manufacturers sell.
davidalt92 Miesiąc temu
A Hydroengine sounds good yer?
William Fence
William Fence Miesiąc temu
F1 is in the entertainment industry and some of the best memories are made at the track listening to the V8's V10's etc not the electric whine which is for another formula. By all means add the power boost of instant electric but the scream of the ICE is addictive and brings you back time and again.
eudofia Miesiąc temu
Christian Horner wants competitive engines. Well, if he had kept his mouth shut, he'd probably would have had Renault engines.
József Miesiąc temu
@Niko Moin it is
Niko Moin
Niko Moin Miesiąc temu
However now they have to run back to Renault. So ur right at that point
Niko Moin
Niko Moin Miesiąc temu
The Renault engine isn’t better tho
Mark Mitchell
Mark Mitchell Miesiąc temu
Let the clever guys work on hydrogen powered engines has to be the way forward
Daniel Collins
Daniel Collins Miesiąc temu
The question I’d pose is; if Honda are leaving F1 to concentrate on their road cars & technologies, why aren’t they leaving IndyCar? If that was the genuine reason, they’d be leaving IndyCar as that series is more out of touch with road cars than F1 is.
Daniel Collins
Daniel Collins Miesiąc temu
@André Francisco Different parts of the company, but still parts of one bigger whole company. The announcement came as if it was a change to the big company’s direction, you can’t justify one part of the company pulling out of motorsport because of the bigger company’s change of direction, if the other parts of the company aren’t doing the same thing. The real reason is because even after 5 seasons they’ve only got a handful of wins, they had much higher hopes (which I don’t blame them for) but maybe those higher hopes were unrealistic without pushing themselves and the teams they supply harder. They are a lot more successful in IndyCar than F1.
André Francisco
André Francisco Miesiąc temu
Different part of Honda. IndyCar is supplied by Honda USA. Also, cost of IndyCar are much lower.
Niels Miesiąc temu
Which engines are then still left? Not many, Mercedes, Ferrari and Renault?
JurrasicDinoX Miesiąc temu
Only Renault, neither of the other 2 will give RB an engine. People keep saying RB will buy the Honda engine IP but that will never happen because that tech is relevant to Hondas future projects and RB simply don’t have the facilities for engine development, nor the staff and besides RB have stated that they don’t want to be an engine developer/manufacturer they purely want a supply of ready made engines that someone else can tune and develop.
BUGSYGb1 [GANG] Miesiąc temu
Everyone gets merc engines, jobs a good'n
zeus 5029
zeus 5029 Miesiąc temu
Maybe time has caught up with Red Bull. They bad mouthed Ferrari then Renault then Honda. Red Bull’ s big mouthed corporate might be in for an “ edifaction “ lesson.
Jeremy Miesiąc temu
It's not Formula ones job to push for eco engines or even be any sort of development platform for road technology. Its a racing series we want to see fast cars racing hard. Pushing for road relevance kills the sport. Make the engines simple, Fast, & Affordable if you ever want to see real competition again.
Vaderboy Miesiąc temu
Great interview Ted and thank you Christian for being open.
Erika Walker
Erika Walker Miesiąc temu
Hi Boys 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️
valleywoodworker Miesiąc temu
V8 / V10 with kers and independent engine manufacturer, not constructor.
V Miesiąc temu
Unfortunately for F1, IndyCar has filled the gap the F1 left behind. If IndyCar had more "F1" style tracks that would be the final nail in the coffin.
The Forever Lasting
The Forever Lasting Miesiąc temu
Is there a clause that helps with grammar issues? Lol.
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