Will Formula 1's 'party mode' ban hamper Mercedes? | Skypad

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Sky Sports F1

2 miesięcy temu

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Sky F1's Karun Chandhok assesses whether Formula 1's 'party mode' ban will hamper Mercedes during qualifying for the Italian Grand Prix this weekend, looking at both Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton’s Belgium laps
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Puppi Doggi
Puppi Doggi 2 miesięcy temu
omg i love Arnold schwartznegga , why on earth isn't this movie rated the best movie ever??
Matt Emery
Matt Emery 2 miesięcy temu
Mercedes were using a lot more wing than Red Bull at Spa, so this isn’t very accurate.
David Roberts
David Roberts 2 miesięcy temu
Ermmmmm nope!
seanek9 2 miesięcy temu
Outcome. Mercedes have kept their advantage and have increased race pace as a consequence of that. Honda have lost qualifying and race pace vs Mercedes.
Hectors House
Hectors House 2 miesięcy temu
Hamilton only needs to beat his team mate. Easy empty championships!
Si Dog Ducati
Si Dog Ducati 2 miesięcy temu
Been like that the last 7 years
Luke Waring
Luke Waring 2 miesięcy temu
Let's be honest mercs have won with 3 wheels on their cars once this year already. So this ain't going to do much. Money talks always has, split winnings evenly and cap spending and then they can all develope cars so they will be closer. No more artificial gimmicks drs can go too.Anyway keep up the excellent content .
Niftified 2 miesięcy temu
Ferrari's engines are jammed on party-pooper mode.
Cricket England
Cricket England 2 miesięcy temu
Is this really legal that F1 can just ban something this quickly after all we all know the real reason they are doing it is to penalise Mercedes rather that to help the other teams, not that it will change anything anyway Mercedes will still win with or without it..
Chiller101 2 miesięcy temu
@Garvit Jain WHat did they introduce?? They didn't ban the double diffuser half way through the Brawn/ Red Bull season ...and they definitely did not hamper ferrari during their domination in the early 2000s
Garvit Jain
Garvit Jain 2 miesięcy temu
They did the same with Ferrari When they were dominating and with red bull when they were
Barnabas Mackay
Barnabas Mackay 2 miesięcy temu
This should have been done in-between seasons.
Charlie 2 miesięcy temu
Karen Horner strikes again!
Charles Mouse
Charles Mouse 2 miesięcy temu
Nope! Always good to see Karun - bloody good commentator, pretty good driver too.
Sean Sutton
Sean Sutton 2 miesięcy temu
F1: We're going to ban party modes for the rest of the season. It's going to bring the pack closer. Mercedes: Yes, but actually no.
Jack 'The Lad' Stevens
Jack 'The Lad' Stevens 2 miesięcy temu
The FIA are anti Mercedes
Elias Teng
Elias Teng 2 miesięcy temu
Garvit Jain It’s weird because I don’t think they’re anti-Mercedes because the FIA banned oil burning and trick suspension to slow them down but yes to me Canada last year was incredibly suspicious
Garvit Jain
Garvit Jain 2 miesięcy temu
You haven't seen the 2019 Canadian gp
sctmcg 2 miesięcy temu
So essentially all of Lewis’ Mercedes poles should be stripped from the records because he’s been using an engine mode to give him clear performance advantages over the rest of the field - such things were deemed ‘cheating’ back in the 90s
ab8jeh 2 miesięcy temu
Using different engine modes have always been completely legal. All engine manufacturers have done so, it's just that Mercedes use them better than the others. What Ferrari did on the other hand (burning oil or tricking the fuel flow system) was much worse and _was_ probably illegal. Thanks to FIA secret deal we'll never know exactly what they were doing, but you should probably direct your beef elsewhere.
sctmcg 2 miesięcy temu
Mountain Man silly billy, it looks like you leaned on the Z key whilst someone had you bent over the desk
Mountain Man
Mountain Man 2 miesięcy temu
sctmcg 2 miesięcy temu
Lewis M actually you are right - if they all had the opportunity to party mode then it was a level playing field regardless of whether they all had it or not. Fair point
Lewis M
Lewis M 2 miesięcy temu
sctmcg there is just not any way you could possibly implement this retrospective rule change, the rules were there and they all played by them. Now they have new rules to play by going forward so all the results will stand as they go forward.
Cricket England
Cricket England 2 miesięcy temu
Simple Answer NO!
J Rest
J Rest 2 miesięcy temu
Will forcing fast cars to go slower so everyone else feels better make them slower?? Who knows
Ponti Vids
Ponti Vids 2 miesięcy temu
We all hope so
Cricket England
Cricket England 2 miesięcy temu
But what we hope for don’t come true
bumdog 2 miesięcy temu
I'm good
Jangoballs 2 miesięcy temu
Can’t be first
Mountain Man
Mountain Man 2 miesięcy temu
And the answer is resoundingly No! Cannot stop the Champ. #TeamLH
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