Who will clinch 3rd place in the Constructors' Championship? | Turkish Grand Prix

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Sky Sports F1

19 dni temu

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F1 is back and what better way to start a weekend at Istanbul Park than with a look ahead to the Turkish Grand Prix action with Welcome to the Weekend!
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Sam David
Sam David 16 dni temu
Feel they put max up way more than he should be . Yes hes good . But TBH what's he actually done rully ? Win few races yes podiums what rully else ? They make him as if he's best of the best he has decent car he could win with I know if Lewis was in that red bull he b fighting for the championship . Max was lucky enough to beat danny rick and team gave max better opportunitys why he left . What's he done to show he's the torch holder now ? . Ad say new drivers like Russel n noris is better
eSysman 17 dni temu
Great intro. When F1 cars didn’t sound like hair dryers.
Old Gregg
Old Gregg 18 dni temu
8:35 Sherle Leclerrrr
Peter Fowke
Peter Fowke 18 dni temu
Simon and Martin and Karun saying about history in f1 is interesting and they Lewis may sign up with toto team again.
Cricket England
Cricket England 19 dni temu
5:58 plpost.info/chat/vMndmGimraWrhaA/wideo.html
Lewis Brew
Lewis Brew 19 dni temu
What an intro 😆
Simon Robinson
Simon Robinson 19 dni temu
Nice green hair Martin.
Girvan Lyons
Girvan Lyons 19 dni temu
23 races in 2121 is good news for the formula one fan ? rubbish . It's good news for the coffers of F1 and I get that , but please in 2020 20 races MAX ! nearly a race every other week removes the magic IMHO ( And there is little of that as it is these days ) !
James Truth
James Truth 19 dni temu
The question isn't who'll clinch it, the real question is who cares. This is the Lewis show this year.
idh_ dutt
idh_ dutt 19 dni temu
Williams 1&2 for the final races
Cricket England
Cricket England 19 dni temu
Who really cared who comes third after all you may as well have come last as come third as it means absolutely nothing to anyone , ok you may get a little more money than coming last but that’s about it.
LordSeth1000 19 dni temu
@Cricket England it wasn't though, because it was redbull, then years of multiple different champions and then Ferrari so shut up
Cricket England
Cricket England 19 dni temu
@LordSeth1000 I mean all Mercedes have to do these days is just turn up and the track and they are almost certainly guaranteed pole,position and a race win with out having to do much. Not that it’s their fault they have no competition
Cricket England
Cricket England 19 dni temu
@LordSeth1000 but it’s always the same teams in the same places Mercedes always winning red bull always second and the likes of hass and Williams always at the back of the pack that’s the problem. Until someone can come and challenge Mercedes then they will keep winning and red bull will keep being second and it’s get boring.
LordSeth1000 19 dni temu
@Cricket England you don't care, the midfield race is exciting in any sport especially F1 recently for actual race fans otherwise you just care about the winner every race and don't care about anything else that occurs in the season.
Cricket England
Cricket England 19 dni temu
@LordSeth1000 thats what’s said it about the money but as for the fans no one really cares
William. 04
William. 04 19 dni temu
Imagine if Turn 8 was a banked corner.
D P 19 dni temu
20.24 rest is boring.
Cricket England
Cricket England 19 dni temu
And 20:24 is particularly the end of the video
Cricket England
Cricket England 19 dni temu
You need to use : it . for time stamps
iain mcIntosh
iain mcIntosh 19 dni temu
Must be cold , Ted's ditched the shorts
M Lees
M Lees 19 dni temu
Hopefully McLaren
Cricket England
Cricket England 19 dni temu
Meaningless who comes third anyway it’s all about winning the championship and Mercedes have already done that
Kirpa K
Kirpa K 19 dni temu
Finally a race to watch while in lockdown 🇬🇧😁
Sky Sports F1
Sky Sports F1 19 dni temu
Morning F1 fans! Bear with us while we trim the slate off the top, until then, coverage begins at 17:51 😀
Cricket England
Cricket England 19 dni temu
Actually dummy’s the video now starts at 0:00
Rowann77 19 dni temu
@Space X Updates thank you Thiago! When are you back?
Space X Updates
Space X Updates 19 dni temu