Ted Kravitz takes a tour of AlphaTauri! 🤩 | Emilia Romagna Grand Prix

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Miesiąc temu

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Join Ted Kravitz on a tour of AlphaTauri, ahead of the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix.
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andres lopez
andres lopez 29 dni temu
Hi Franz ✋Can I have the side pods once season is over?I love it 🥰
J 29 dni temu
When you have one win and are the most succesful Italian team of the year
KingReece2000 -
KingReece2000 - 29 dni temu
The dislikes are from Ferrari engineers wanting to steal ideas but finding nothing!
Andrew Reid
Andrew Reid Miesiąc temu
So passionate about the engineering and manufacturing, I love it
V 4
V 4 Miesiąc temu
Nice bloke, and I love it he turns the lights off
Dennis Kwok
Dennis Kwok Miesiąc temu
They REALLY need to update that video playing in the reception area.
ajay5grapes Miesiąc temu
Alpha tauri has the second most amount of wins on the grid joint w Red bull
John Miesiąc temu
With the rulings on RP and Merc, can RB and AT just show up with four Newey cars next year?
Callum Hayes
Callum Hayes Miesiąc temu
Need me some alpha tauri gear.
gothic pagan
gothic pagan Miesiąc temu
Great guy, great facility a true car race team.
Niall W
Niall W Miesiąc temu
Anyone else notice Franz's mask is upside down haha?
Arthur Culshaw
Arthur Culshaw Miesiąc temu
Always when you leave someone's house it's just an exchange of awkward "Thanks, thank you, yeah, thanks again" until you finally leave
Earl Henerz
Earl Henerz Miesiąc temu
Now this content we want to see
Dean Gibson
Dean Gibson Miesiąc temu
“The cars must have a good view, otherwise they’re not motivated” That got me 🤣
#sv5 Miesiąc temu
They are getting good
Tarvu Tarvooti
Tarvu Tarvooti Miesiąc temu
Some teams don't mention their former incarnations but these guys just scream Minardi! Love it
Lofes Miesiąc temu
Even F1 Team Bosses Don't know how to put their masks on the right way around..
ZAK -1
ZAK -1 Miesiąc temu
Like ksi
Piers Osborne
Piers Osborne Miesiąc temu
This is frickin awesome!!!!! I love our sport. It has everything sporting drama, financial and political posturing, human organisation, truly cutting edge technology, bravery, precision, huge team work, mind blowing pit stops, speed, and bravado there’s nothing that comes close!
Ali Brindley
Ali Brindley Miesiąc temu
Cute cat
Billy Amann
Billy Amann Miesiąc temu
You can just tell Franz loves his job. Amazing to see such passion. 💕
bsheehy94 Miesiąc temu
4:12 Tsunoda will be no. 38?
JB 02
JB 02 Miesiąc temu
That’s their reserve driver number. Brendon Hartley used 38 for his debut race
James A Vickers
James A Vickers Miesiąc temu
Excellent ted so interesting informative I have never really seen what they do in the factory..I mean I had the idea but seeing it for real ..well done you grazie Mille ciao ciao
Ice Cream Tv
Ice Cream Tv Miesiąc temu
0:13 Cries in tifosi
Bilal Khalid
Bilal Khalid Miesiąc temu
Rafiki Miesiąc temu
Yeetus Delete
Yeetus Delete Miesiąc temu
Matt P
Matt P Miesiąc temu
Franz seems like such a nice guy
Into the Multiverse
Into the Multiverse Miesiąc temu
Fantastic team. Imagine what they’d be able to do with a Ferrari sized budget.... 🎣
Into the Multiverse
Into the Multiverse Miesiąc temu
@Al Hemmings the 2017 rules changes allowed Ferrari to show what they could do during a regulation change. Unfortunately they shifted concept for 2018 and then shifted it again in 2019. I think evolution was needed not continuous revolution.
Al Hemmings
Al Hemmings Miesiąc temu
Hopefully the budget cap and prize money distribution changes will advantage them. Great to see Gasly showing the class we all knew he had. Ferrari really are a joke now. They seem to turn all that extra money into noise.
TheCheekyChinaman Miesiąc temu
Daniel Hall
Daniel Hall Miesiąc temu
Most I’ve heard Franz speak. Clearly passionate
Amy Wilson
Amy Wilson Miesiąc temu
Anyone else love their logo or is it just me?! 😍
Mountain Man
Mountain Man Miesiąc temu
Great choice of soundtrack. Gorrilaz
Matt Crick
Matt Crick Miesiąc temu
JHGiove22 _
JHGiove22 _ Miesiąc temu
I love pierre
ZG F1 Miesiąc temu